17 May: an LDS/Scottish Rite Holy Day

The most POWERFUL unregistered occult holiday on the planet is 17 May.

Here’s America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO…

This dumbfuk society is so lost on itself recovery from pathological stupidity is not going to happen least God himself resets evolution.

The numbers worshiped by the elite telegraph their statist agenda, the public baited to an insouciance stupor people falsely believe is haa-pee-ness nirvana. Laughing at the thought of it, bliss sanctuary city headed straight for San Bernardino, folks there being broke in on Mr. Dingle, a 6 foot replica of the feces covered knobby phallus of Jeff Epstein that regularly makes rounds through local public schools in the Apple Valley Area, childhood home of San Bernardino County’s statist appointed sheriff, John McMahon.

A couple of things before we get to 17 May.


27 September 2016, today’s date= 666:

27= 9
September= 9
2016= 9
999= 666 in the occult

Also, 27 September= 271st day of this leap year, 95 days remaining= 271/95= 1/5= 1/113= 1113, or leap year Satanic Fire Ritual. Numbers are added base nine additive sums.


LDS having thoroughly engineered Mountain Meadows over the 27 years between the 6 April 1830 founding of this noble faith masquerade through 11 September 1857 worked the numbers (in secret combinations) commemorative on Diocletian and 13. Mountain Meadows actually initiated 7 September, the dates producing 5 and 8, respectively, the sum of which once again= 13. This double 13 is significant in understanding the Mormon church was founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual, thus: 6 April 1930, 13 days ahead of the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual.

27 September 2016 identified as an occult day of importance is an anchor point that, in the same manner LDS elite manufactured Mountain Meadows, continue to celebrate their occult prowess telegraphing among themselves first, to the public second, they are entrenched with human sacrifice and have no intention of being thwarted. 27 September is therefor used to establish an occult commemorative timeline lining this day to the birth dates of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and William Wickham, this partly also to confirm Wickhams’ involvement in creating the LDS church in the first place, a fact left out of the historical pages of the origin on this church from Hell.


27 September 2016
> 23 December 2016 (Joseph Smith DOB)
> 87 days 12 weeks 3 days
> 87123
> 3
> 2 months 26 days
> 226
> 1
> 13 (23 February 303 CE, Diocletian)


1 June 2016 (Brigham Young DOB)
> 27 September
> 118 days 16 weeks 6 days
> 118166
> 5
> 113 (non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual)

WILLIAM WICKHAM (Redlands Temple Commemorative)

27 September 2016
> 11 November 2016 (William Wickham DOB)
> 45 days 6 weeks 3 days
> 4563
> 9
> 1 month 14 days
> 114
> 6
> 96
> 6
> 1113 (leap year Satanic Fire Ritual)


19 April 2016 (Satanic Fire Ritual)
> 27 September
> 161 Days 23 weeks 0 days
> 16123
> 13

17 MAY

So this day, 27 September 2016, used in connection with the birth dates of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and William Wickham, is an occult anchor for 666, 13 (Smith/Diocletian), 113 (Young/non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual) and 1113 (Wickham leap year Satanic Fire Ritual).

For the record, 23 February 303 (Diocletian)= 23233= 13.


23 February= 223, or radicalized 322= Skull and Bones.

The numbers 223 and 332 are then used to create an anchor set point for occult human sacrifice.

223 is already 2/23. 322 becomes 3/22, or 22 March. The period between 23 February and 22 March= 27 days non leap year, 28 days leap year.

Counting 27 days forward from 22 March sets 19 April as their Satanic Fire Ritual Holy day. It bears mentioning again that the LDS church was founded 6 April 13 days ahead of the 19 April 13 Day Satanic Fire Ritual.

Counting 28 days forward from 19 April produces 17 May. The significance of 17 May is  this is the 137th day of year, 228 days remaining on a non leap year, or 137/228= 2/3= 23, or 32; leap year= 138/228= 33, or 33.

17 May celebrates the 32nd and 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemasons and culminates the cycle beginning 23 February.

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LDS Occult Symbolism/Baphomet/San Bernardino

Mormon apologists are going to have a tough time dismissing this on their notorious mistake and misunderstanding thesis.

Baphomet appears at least twice in LDS symbolism. Moroni is a representation of this effigy (lacks male genitalia; numeric encryption= Baphomet).

Mormon Standard Works also encrypt Baphomet in a geometrical presentation of this literature laid out in a letter circle what dot to dot spelling manifests both the Orion Constellation and Star of David within.

The circle is an occult boundary of power, the symbol within a logo of the occult; it makes sense LDS elite would attempt to preserve their Satanic identity by means of secret combinations impossible to be recognized by the untrained eye.

For the correct idea about how this works, the reader is referred to the circle of letters in the following image formed from the titles of LDS standard works: 1 Holy Bible, 2 Book of Mormon, 3 Doctrine and Covenants, and 4 Pearl of Great Price.

The word BAPHOMET has been carefully encrypted in the letters in such a way that when represented by a dot to dot form both the Orion constellation and Star of David represented similar to the Menorah. These are LDS sacred and highly secretive occult symbols.

This is revealing the Mormon church as an Orion construct identified with Satanic artifacts in secret combinations that contravene church literature.


Stupid is going to describe this phenomenon as an attack on LDS elite. Intelligence is going to recognize this revelation for what it is: fraud and racketeering. Least one forgets, be reminded that LDS elite operate one of the most prolific human trafficking projects on the planet: hybrid breeding via black mass, examples of which are many and include San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis (David O. McKay/Beverly Potts) and his administrative team, DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon.

As stated in a previous missive, LDS elite preoccupation with the inverted pentagram is the same type of encrypted logo message. The pentagram thus engineered is designed one point in contact with the ground, four points aloft, hence 1 and 4, or 113.

113= 109th non leap year day of year (1), 256 days remaining (13). Numbers are added base nine. The 109th non leap year day of year= 19 April, or the first day of the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual (SFR). This church was founded 6 April 1830, 13 days ahead of the SFR, hence LDS identification with the double 13, or 8 (Orion featured in the image above and Star of David).

For the record, and this is of particular interest for those wishing to understand the link between the Mormon church and Scottish Rite Freemasons, 13= 23 February 303 CE (23 2 303= 23233= 13). Scottish Rite Freemasons are motivated to collapse Protestant Christianity and are using the LDS church to do so with great success.


One other such encrypted symbol that bears explanation here is the San Bernardino Sheriff Department logo which is an inverted 7 represented by a folded ribbon bearing 7 black and 6 gold stripes, hence 13 (Diocletian). 7x 13= 91, or SFR 19. The Sheriff’s badge superimposed upon the inverted 7 is also 1 (point on ground plane) and 6 aloft. 6= 9 in the occult, so this badge likewise symbolizes 19. Is there a 113 encryption in this logo?


This sheriff’s badge is represented by seven features. From the center outward, these features are: 1 arrowhead, 2 background, 3 red circle (occult boundary representing SABRA Lodge 13), 4 decorative banner, 5 county logo, 6 gold background, and 7 blue outline. This translates to 7 (background, inverted), inverted 7 pointed star (badge) and 7 featured logo design. 777= 7x 7x 7= 7x 7= 49 (13) and 7x 49= 343 (1), or 113.

Since San Bernardino is an occult administration constructed upon SKIRTS hybrid eugenics, the exclusive perp agency of which is Mormon elite, such a disclosure begs the question: At what point will this insouciant community awaken to the fact that such an enterprise requires periodic culls examples of which are Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores, both of which were McMahon’s projects?


San Bernardino is a dubmfuk community, the only county in the US sporting a walking talking scale model of the feces covered knobby phallus of Jeffrey Epstein masquerading noble cause conservation mascot to local school children. Epstein is a convicted paedophile, Victor Valley Water District completely stealth with this project, for obvious reasons.

Radical perversion is the signature on Scottish Rite/LDS resourced administrations, scoundrels such as they are highly valued for their disposition to trade conscience for debauchery perks that are currently available through the school district and come in a variety of ages, colors and sex. San Bernardino county residents are obviously LOVIN’ it!


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The REAL Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints II



1 Sabbatai Zevi

2 William Wickham

3 Anacharsis Cloots et al

4 Simultaneous Creation of LDS Church and Scottish Rite Freemasons

5 LDS Economic Machinery

6 LDS Ancient Societies/Orion

7 Brigham Young French Paternity

8 Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just/Joseph Smith

9 Tubal Cain

10 Mountain Meadows

11 LDS Hybrid Eugenics

12 “We know what to do.”

13 So do we.



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Who is the Enemy?

The answer to this question is simple, albeit once understood people typically resign themselves from the argument.

The enemy is our own gullibility. Long as we remain unwilling to think, we will be preyed upon, the lesser intelligent of a species terminal 30K years hence.

Zone of life is our boundary. We can’t leave the planet, so we are going nowhere else. The elite know this. They also know God is a concept less any real protection from evil least we learn to shield ourselves from the latter or be prematurely destroyed by it.

Shadow govt= Skull and Bones troika statism controlled by scoundrel Crypto politicians owned and operated by Scottish Rite Freemasons and the Mormon church. The LDS thing throws people for a loop, but it’s 100% accurate.

The three enterprises of troika statism are (full spectrum all) economics, eugenics and recruitment of frat scoundrel/perverted leadership.

Statists make prolific use of spy networks the presentation of which in the US is SABRA (cohort MI6, CIA and Mossad). SABRA controls virtually all propaganda and is primary steering committee for special interests projects in DC an example of which is the the AIPAC.

There is a ONA/SABRA administration in Redlands, California, operating as unregistered Freemason Lodge, SABRA Lodge 13.

Statism= intelligence game. They suppress it. WE protect it. War is the middle ground, hence the 2nd Amendment which people do not yet understand this has more profound implications than simply owning firearms.

Then again, if the reader enjoys being simple minded, by all means join the LDS church. There are no geniuses there for a reason.

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The REAL Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


This FNCS project was initiated on a tip from a cohort researcher who noticed a name encryption in the LDS logo. Subsequent analysis produced some interesting narrative occult artifacts what manifestation upon the introduction to this organization begs certain questions about it’s purpose and authenticity confronted by what appears to be secret combinations and structures not apparent to a casual perusal of the logo.

Encryption analysis uses logo letters and base nine numeration to decrypt messages hidden in the logo itself what introduction of this Intel faith boldly lies to the unsuspecting reader and potential convert to Mormonism. This approach, to lie all the while indoctrinating in a code designed to hijack a mainstream belief system, oppresses human intelligence and maims critical thinking the consequence of which is acculturation to gullibility, insouciance and idiocy.

William Wickham couldn’t have chosen two more suitable scoundrels than Anacharsis Cloots and Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just to make his point to the American public what he had in mind with his Mormon church project. See for yourself.


use letters to form Anacharsis Cloots

1.2 French Revolutionary ideologue Anacharsis Cloots declared himself the personal enemy of Jesus Christ, his name encrypted in the LDS logo a fitting frame of reference of what this organization is actually all about: penetration on, collapse and disposal of Protestant Christianity.

use remaining letters to form de St Just

1.4 “The French people recognizes the Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul. The first day of every month is to be dedicated to the eternal.” LDS application is Fast Sunday.

1.5 The Mormon church promotes the establishment of a religious dictatorship where everyone outside the church is regarded as living in the absence of the presence of God, and of course this is soft language for the more critical verse of Saint- Just, “In every Revolution a dictator is needed to save the state by force, or censors to save it by virtue.”

1.6 Cloots and Saint-Just are core structural components of what is actually a religious dictatorship engineered by William Wickham with a two-fold purpose:

1.7 1) to penetrate and collapse protestant Christianity with scoundrel leadership typical of a racketeered domestic pirating scheme anchored on human sacrifice in the context that Saint-Just so eloquently stated, “A nation regenerates itself only upon heaps of corpses.” This researcher gives the reader Mountain Meadows, for example, and

1.8 2) hybrid eugenics, a process through which taking breeding Eves at will from the mainstream, LDS elite are raping and sacrificing these young women and handing their infants off to Relief Society surrogates to raise under a false identity the point of which is a repopulation agenda much like that described n Genesis 2.4 with the exception they are making this real in keeping with reification what interpretation by scoundrel leadership permits LDS elite to take and fuck any young woman they desire, two very good examples of which are Beverly Potts (1951/David O. McKay, produced San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis) and Laurie Lynn partridge (1974/Spencer Kimball, produced Pastor Steven Anderson).

use remaining letters to form cruet
Sacred Ordinances
proclaiming the gospel
perfecting the Saints
redeeming the dead

1.8 This is pretty straight forward. LDS ordinances sets some low hurdles to keep membership preoccupied with tasks they are easily capable of performing all the while taught to believe these responsibilities are divinely inspired. Mystification of this sort in repetition acculturates simple mindedness and diffuses critical thinking needed to perceive, discuss and document against the church. Deny the ordinances, or your programming, and you are out.

1.9 H H F H F TER Y I
use remaining letters to form reify

1.10 Easy enough. Reify means to make something abstract more concrete or real, the conceptualization of Jesus made to seem more factual through direct interaction with an alleged deity like Moroni. That’s one way to get at it. The other is to resource food, sex and entertainment via Deseret Management Corporation.
20 September 2016, LDS Encryption Blueprint, Page 2


2/Genesis 6: 2

2.2 Radicalization= eugenics kidnapping for breeding mainstream Eves to LDS elite. Hybrid eugenics is core LDS mission creep the ideological basis of which is Genesis 6:2.

2.3 HHH FT
888 62

2.4 Orion raped king Oinopion (Oenopion) of Khios’ (Chios) daughter, Merope. 7 is the proven base nine triptych derivative of the eight primary stars of Orion. The decryption produces 88, or base nine additive sum 7.

2.5 Also, Orion, Urion and Ourion collectively decrypt 7.

2.6 7= Freemasons.


3.1 LDS oppress (Anacharsis Cloots) and main (Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just) the collective mind of church membership, outlier groups and religions regarded much as they did their victims in the Mountain Meadows Massacre and the scores of young women they have trafficked for human torture since.

20 September 2016, LDS Encryption Blueprint, Page 3






Genesis 6:2
78555191 62
588 8
3 8

The REAL Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints II

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Pythagoras Base Nine Gematria; IV FNCS USS Liberty




4.1 USS Liberty FNCS






Origin of Identification w/13













Brotherhood of the Snake

19 April 1967

> 8 June 1967

> 50 days, or 7 weeks 1 day

> 5071

> 13



























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The REAL San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

While this missive may seem to deviate somewhat from DOJ’s investigation into the deaths of children in county custody in San Bernardino, the fact is these deaths are occurring facilitated by an administration that is identified with the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual via occult organizations Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church.

Sylva Marie Flores remains state of the art in processing such macabre in plain sight, the San Bernardino public completely having lost consciousness in these affairs.

Notwithstanding, San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies are unwittingly being recruited to shielding freaky Sheriff John McMahon and black mass cohorts Mayor Carey Davis (Beverly Potts/David O. McKay) and DA Mike Ramos from involvement in human trafficking for torture. All three of these demons are DNA linked to Beverly Potts.

It would take an insouciant and dip shit community like San Bernardino to pull this off, the blue shield more committed to their corrupt FPO/FBPO than the constitution or the civil rights of their rendition victims.

Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) was a bold project telegraphing this occult slaying as a SABRA perped Scottish Rite/LDS project, this administrative team having lined up on some witless dupe, writing Flores off as a crime of passion, albeit at the same time telegraphing to their elite she was indeed an LDS/William Wickham Redlands temple commemorative.

Wickham was directly involved in the development LDS literature during the French Revolution what ideologue authors and publishers were subsequently guillotined leaving very little evidence of their participation in creating at hybrid eugenics movement masquerading noble faith and lofting simultaneous in the US with the Scottish Rite Freemasons.

Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just was the then poster boy for the Joseph Smith myth. LDS elite are now using a photo-shopped image of George Hodel (c 1927), the prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying. This comes as no surprise, since Short forms one of the ley lines use to construct the 2.7 mile Redlands ONA geocartographic, this victim in fact having the appearance of being the first in the manufacturing of this LDS MAG encrypted logo.

Like it or not, Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS are a Brotherhood of the Snake confab, Scottish Rite elite the right fang of this Twilight Zone snake from Hell, LDS the left.

Flores’ sacrificed body was placed at the first point 77 Almond (7) Avenue in Redlands, California, what endpoint was LDS Melchezidek controlled Finchy Elementary School at 777 Tachevah Dr., Palm Springs, TDC the Redlands LDS temple on 5th and Wabash.

Base Nine Triptych Encryption: Almond


5th and Wabash= 5 and 1, 113 and 1 or 113 and 1113. The latter two numbers are also 19 April (Satanic Fire Ritual), the non leap year 109th day of year, 256 days remaining, 1/13, or 113, and leap year 110th day of year, 256 days remaining, 11/13, or 1113. Flores was a Scottish Rite/LDS Satanic Ritual Sacrifice.

The Sheriff’s Department logo= Satanic Fire Ritual encryption. The Arrowhead= inverted one side of the Egyptian Pyramid. Four arrowheads up-righted (encrypted as four letter N in the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department logo)= a completed pyramid structure. Inverted= Brotherhood of Satan.

For the record, although the peace sign (see image) is believed to have originated in 1958 engineered by Gerald Holtom, this information is only partly correct, albeit Holtom’s ’58 manifestation presents 113, or non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual. In reality this symbol dates to 150 CE and may even be associated with Diocletian’s bifurcated assault on St. Sebastian, the former the ideologue “Orion” the correct sexual orientation of which is the radical homosexual, Sebastian one of his former lovers. Of course what this also points to is Scottish Rite and LDS elite hatred of female children and women, although they masquerade hetero sexual to maintain the public’s trust.

These organizations are in fact Diocletian, and wanton killing via mystification such as their Satanic Fire Ritual (date actually identified with the birth and death of Diocletian) make them haa-pee.

blankSS= 33

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