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San Bernardino District Attorney, Mike Ramos

The information contained in this bio is available online at the time of writing herein bearing one purpose only: to contrast the groomed biography of this man against the backdrop of who he actually is and his purpose in San Bernardino County, neither of which are solvent with the rule of law as we understand it. Mike Ramos, like Mayor Carey Davis, is Beverly Potts bloodline, the first of these, Mayor Davis, learned through current research.

On the other hand, the research OpEd is relatively new material.


Estimated DOB 1957
6 years following 1951 Beverly Potts disappearance

1976 Redlands HS
1980 UCR, BA/Social Science
1988 Citrus Belt Law School, Juris Doctorate
4th term DA

San Bernardino Probation Department
Probation Officer
Assistant DA
Narcotics Prosecutor
School Board
California Victim Compensation Board
President California District Attorney Association
Rep National District Attorney Association
Nat District Attorneys Association Board Dir
Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE)
Partnered DA, SBCSD, Prob, COE, DCFS, DBH
Proposition 35 Advocate
Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit
Human Trafficking Vertical Prosecution Unit
Partnered w/Human Trafficking JITF
Inland Empire Hispanic Image Award
CAPO Award recipient
POST appointed by Gov Jerry “JeeBs Brown
Cold Case Unit
MADD Prosecutor of the Year award
33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason

And after all of this, ONA/SABRA Lodge 13 human trafficking for torture asset on the 2013 LDS temple William Wickham/Elizabeth Short commemorative kidnaping and slaying of 23 year old Hispanic prostitute, Sylvia Marie Flores, the official mind fuck record of which falsely documents this ritual kill as a crime of passion.

On an aside, JeeBs SB227 was collective discipline for this researcher having asked him to resign for his involvement in solidarity pledging child sacrifice. SB227 mandates vaccination/medically assisted child sacrifice at a statistical rate of 6:1000 infants vaccinated, which was his way of saying fuck you and commencing the pharmaceutical slaying of
California’s infant population for revenge.


This researcher fielded one of this scum SOBs residential LDS networked provocateurs, one David Gutierrez, for three years, including death threats, this pervert breaking every moral and ethics standard in Ramos’ bio, Ramos himself pulling this CAST perp off subsequent to a DOJ redirect on my complaint of McMahon’s SL frat involvement in the same kidnapping.

Said information was forwarded to California DOJ in connection with the state’s investigation of child deaths in custody in San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. Bear in mind both counties were Scottish Rite/Mormon Zion projects late 1800.

Mike Ramos is sadistic psychopath and also Beverly Potts bloodline.

Beverly Potts was kidnapped from Cincinnati Ohio in 1951 by a SL rendition team using a Relief Society sorority matron, handed of to Melchizedek for control for a period of time and subsequently bred to David O. McKay producing R. Carey Davis, McMahon and Ramos very possibly fathered by two other SL elite. Potts was used as a Genesis 6:2 radicalized breeder Eve. Ramos is androgenous.

When confronted on Twitter, both Ramos and McMahon blocked this researcher and amped up their residential annoyance in abeyance of all the certification rhetoric in Ramos’ magical Oz bio inclusive of a San Bernardino County attempted coup on my handicapped daughter during the 4-20 June 2014 Mercury retrograde. My written complaint documenting this as a Freemason enterprise sent them packing, but they sustained a presence via Superior Court psychologists who in all honesty seemed dumbfounded when confronted with information describing these circumstances as a County engineered APS kidnap attempt under color. I don’t believe either one of them had a clue about the issues precipitating such a felony orchestrated event.

Currently, mighty Mike Ramos, whomever he may be, is fielding a complaint, the resources at his end staffed by a million dollar stooge think tank that will attempt to erase the story their MAG encryption has telegraphed to the public, a language people in this location are sorely lack of understanding only because they haven’t yet tealuzed it even exists: however, rest assured rhis veru same population knows very the language of discounts at their nearby McDonalds.

What this language will tell people is of all the unrecovered adductions occurring in San Bernardino County since 1900, in particular 234 (tandem abductions), which of these were perped by SL elite. This aught to be a huge interest to some of the organizations created by Ramos and his creepy administrative cohorts.

For the record, SL SABRA Lodge 13 will never bring it’s felon leadership to justice, this drama addicteed community thoroughly invested in the denial politics of the victim psychopath.

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Magick San Bernardino

San Bernardino city/county leadership is servicing a Crypto Shin Bet administration in competition with local, state and federal civil codes.

This administration is engaged in the use of occult MAGIC via agitprop and human trafficking projects in the form of bifurcated presentation of domestic terrorism involving both staged and real events the purpose of which is to build trust in the perp entity and this Intel operation’s service assets, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, District Attorney Mike Ramos, and Sheriff John McMahon.

Carey Davis is the son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and then president of the Mormon church, David O. McKay. Very little is known about any of these individuals, the opportunity for subversion of local domestic infrastructure overwhelming if people in this community do respond to this local coup.

Frat “MAGICK” targets and makes use of intimidation to coerce someone to give up something another person wants. In this case, Crypto is transforming San Bernardino’s economic status to accommodate sanctuary seeking Middle East immigrants the only block to which is the standing black, hispanic and white populations.

Coercive occult MAGICK is presenting on the San Bernardino public via terrorist drills such as was the case 2 December 2015. Human trafficking for torture is being conducted to service Scottish Rite and LDS elite perpetual solidarity pledging, the most current example of which locally was the 2013 LDS perped abduction and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores.

This type of manipulation is akin to sorcery and involves provocateured bullying, sexual exploitation and stealth methods which contravene civil code locally and the rule of law generally. While terrorist drills are a protected activity under Smith-Mundt, human trafficking has no protection from the law, except where tyrant Jerry Brown working with AIPAC HANDLERS would attempt to change this.

County of San Bernardino is a subversive coercive administration what manifestation upon the public can be perceived by analysis of county logo, FNCS case study on local human trafficking and vetting of administration and leadership the current individuals of which were produced via Satanic black mass breeding SKIRTS Eves other examples of which are Cherry Jo Bates and Laurie Lynn Partridge and outright hunan sacrifice two dated examples of which were Deputy Don Demeulle and his retention counrterpart, Corinna Novis, both 1986.

Davis, Ramos and McMahon are every one of them SL Shin Bet Crypto assets, their childhoods kept out of the public view for the simple reason they are not who they portray themselves to be. For an example of how they are operating, consider the following:

Current Thomas Monson perped Natalee Hollowly and Robyn Gardner. Contrary to his status among his Bapgomet elite, Monson, like his quorum elite, is a sadistic sociopath typical of Freemason placed leadership masquerading noble character in a service asset relationship with Shin Bet Intel, the latter the organization that actually currently controls San Bernardino through the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon church under the occult project logo, Order of the Nine Angels and official albeit non registered Freemason lodge name, SABRA Lodge 13.

For lack of transparency, it is reasonable to predict stealth is a function of political sorcery lofting the idea that this administration is not only practicing MAGICK – the purpose of which is sabotage of the civil code and state and federal constitutions – leadership in this community of demon bred role models is New World Order material their radical Genesis 6:2 mission creep so apparent, and the insouciant public so accommodating, it won’t be long before this location melds with SB227 to shield a reputation for the CPS in custody deaths of minors from the California Department of Justice, with blessings from occult practitioner and demonic and ever smiling senatorial medical cohort, Dr. Peter Pan.

San Bernardino hierarchy of power:

Shin Bet
Scottish Rite Freemasons
Mormon church (Baphomet/Moroni)
Local City/County Administrative Assets
Watchtower/Lutheran Assets
Felon Provocateur Assets
Wet Works Assassins

As stated previously, the Redlands 2.7 mile ONA geocartographic was initiated in 1947 and culminated on Sylvia Marie Flores 66 years hence in 2013.

The correct understanding is Elizabeth Short was a 15 January 1947 prequel commemorative sacrifice on the subsequent 18 September 1947 founding of the CIA, a SABRA cohort. The numbers look like this:

15 January 1947 (Elizabeth Short)
> 18 September 1947 (CIA Founding)

> 8m 3d
> 83
> 2

> 246d 35w 1d
> 246351
> 3


15 January 1947 (Elizabeth Short)
> 25 February 2013 (Sylvia Marie Flores)
> 66y 1m 10d
> 5
> 23

18 September 1947 (CIA Founding)
> 25 February 2013 (Sylvia Marie Flores)
> 65y 5m 7d
> 5
> 23

Sylvia Marie Flores was 23 years old. Her body was placed on a key SLC connecting three locations, the first address 77 Almond, the two subsequent, William Wickham dedicated Redlands Mormon temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary Elementary School in Palm Springs, each encrypted 77 in their address locations.

77= 5, three times repeating 23 manifesting in connection with the founding of the CIA on the commemorative sacrifice of Elizabeth Short. The story is in the numbers, the method used to telegraph occulr preeminance to an otherwise dip shit public too preoccupied with its “lifestyle” goodie bag to care one way or another.

Why Redlands? Because of this location’s proximity to a mountainous region in which Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite can create and maintain highly secretive breeding and holding tanks for production of children and adults used in human sacrifice. This project has been in the works for this purpose since the Mormons founded San Bernardino in 1851 and subsequently formed San Bernardino County in 1852 coordinated with Los Angeles County.

Bearing in mind what is being described is a Mormon Zion, and remembering that Moroni is a Baphomet effigy, what has happened is while the mainstream has assumed a constitutional presence in this region, there has established in the backdrop a deep state shadow government that operates entirely on occult protocol assisted by SABRA intel the local office of which is the Order of the Nine Angels cum Shin Bet cum SABRA Lodge 13.

Flores, and others like her, was a cull. She was perped in the greater challenge of pulling this off in broad daylight, SL elite fully aware that her reputation as a freelance prostitute, her disappearance and death would be regarded as a trade risk she alone was responsible for. For this reason there was no public outrage or oversight vetting of the official records of this sheriff asset occult rendition, the public be damned, and documentation offered via a September 2016 investigation complaint alleging sheriff involvement in this project was dismissed UNFOUNDED in writing and bearing an encrypted “wet works”death threat identified with the Scottish Rite Freemasons to its author.

California DOJ provided the redirect on this complaint, the correct administrative office thrilough which this information was processed San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, Internal Affairs. Outside of having followed this procedure, McMahon was ingoring all other complaints on his occult involvement on the SL Flores abduction/slaying.

For further clarification on the “dip shit” remark above, here’s the local community on this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, which is the pathological state of mind of the victim psychopath and the reason SL occukt elite are getting away with this.

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Labor Radicalism

No matter how one attempts to describe it, an understanding of the word radical evades easy explanation, canned definitions so convoluted its natural to dismiss this word out of mind rather than struggle through the various arguments that can issue on a misunderstanding what is actually meant.

Google produced a couple of functional definitions of this word:

1. relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Synonyms: thoroughgoing, thorough, complete, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive, across the board, profound, major, stringent. Antonym: superficial

2 advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social reform; representing or supporting an extreme section of a political party.

3 In chemistry, a group of atoms behaving as a unit in a number of compounds.
4 Origin: late Middle English in the senses ‘forming the root’ and ‘inherent’.

5 Political radicalism which denotes political principles focused on altering social structures through revolutionary means and changing value systems in fundamental ways.

This researcher places value on the Middle English explanation, because such a definition operates on the idea that what is to become the target of radical process is identification with a fundamental belief.

Let’s take for example human trafficking and abduction and sacrifice of 23 year old prostitutes. While the chosen profession of such an individual might seem morally decrepit, such a person does engage in a profitable business, and being human give this individual some protection.

But let’s take away that protection. Let’s radicalize this individual’s lifestyle by so condemning it were this person to fall to predatory circumstances no one would give this a second thought. Prostitute? Meh! Let’s further groom and stalk this person to a kidnap knowing full well the more hostile the public to this profession the less likely people will be to run to her defense in a conflict situation between she and a John.

Given the public’s disposition to regard prostitution as the devil’s work, this person has no protection, her circumstances so different than the mainstream, so radical, it will be a miracle if she survives. Her survival then is the inherent root of her existence. Let’s radicalize this person’s life further.

We know who this is, where she is. We know what we want to do, how we have planned to do it. We know when we will radicalize this person, and we acknowledge further the public will give this no attention when it’s done. Now that we’re able to do such a project, what’s to stop us from advancing the same radical agenda on the public at large? If survival is the determinant of a desire to radicalize a target, hell everyone’s a potential rendition victim in these circumstances, enter Sylvia Marie Flores and her John, San Bernardino Sheriff McMahon.

In the forgoing example, radical means to attack and reform stasis and whatever this means to the person targeted for radicalization. The US is evolving a permissive attitude toward paedophilia. This is a radical shift from the moral and ethical constraints on such a phenomenally damaging practice, the rule of law which prohibits this be damned.

The governor of California recently signed into legislation SB227, the vaccination mandate that produces 6 deaths for every 1000 infants vaccinated, which is medically assisted child sacrifice. Pair paedophilia and child sacrifice with giggling and laughter for a moment. In the next phase of this discussion we’ll look at a more intelligent concept of radical and attendant behavioral pathology, giggling and laughter at the thought of it.

Radicalization magnifies the juxtaposition of the double bind upon a con the point of which is to intentionally dys-synchronize philosophical constructs and their moral and ethical sub structures upon which a society bases it’s identity. This is predatory behavior, and people targeted for confusion are prey.

A society with a strong identity possess a tough moral code and is a difficult if not impossible occupation project. A society with a weak identity exhibits moral diffusion, possesses very little if any self determination, and will capitulate it’s comparatively aimless and socially bereft self-aggrandizement to whatever greater power manifests to subdue it. Dip shit America is an example of the latter.

This researcher has talked the meaning of radical and it’s implications around the block, typical discussions beginning and ending on an eye roll, diversion to alternative activity, walk offs, ignored telephone calls, and literally folks responding confrontational to avoid the conversation all together. One might as well suspend an inverted back cross from a public facing window of one’s home to alert the public this location is the living space of reality daemonism.

Meanwhile, in the mainstream, Americans are giggling and laughing themselves over a Twilight Zone threshold of exotic fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment the consequence of which there will be no constitutional restoration. Much as people figure Jesus is going to rush in and safe them while they eat, fuck and party around the clock, there is no example where this has ever happened on this planet.

In these circumstances, baited means baited, and captured means captured, the reality of which are not fully realized until it is understood that Fukushima is in fact killing people, chem-trails are in fact suffocating the weak, vaccinations do in fact kill 6 out of every 1000 infants vaccinated, and GMO crops will starve an otherwise surviving population.

I had a brief albeit lively conversation with a couple of women at the grocery store yesterday afternoon that lasted about three minutes and culminated in laughter over the fly crawling on Hillary Clinton’s face during her debate with Donald Trump. They did not connect this back to Barack Obama’s theatrical stunt using the same occult motif of destruction, because they were not thinking. Now this is a challengew point for radicalization. Thinking involves processing via analysis and reason. Radicalization is agenda driven,m hence the use of the word labor in the title of this missive.

Again, that non thinking giggling and laughter is pathological, the inevitable consequence of which Labor Zionism parlays into an easy kill on a population that possess no identity to preserve itself from predation, but then this has been the state of mind of the mainstream all along, to bait to and rally around the absurd and macabre drama addicted to whatever agenda manufactured flavor of the day chaos captures and satiates one’s imagination and in the process rendering psychologically soulless whatever is left as a slave.

I will give credit to one of these women who boldly stated that when she tries to talk to others about what she perceives to be serious issues with public leadership they bristle making it impossible to have a conversation. What she did not seem to understand was her intellectual thoroughbred status among scoundrels, that thinking makes her a threat to those who do not think, and that her own intelligence was soaring in those circumstances. It was difficult to watch her self-degradation to giggling with the lesser intelligent of the two.

Figure the impact of the closure of this missive on the reader if the writer were to culminate in canned laughter LOL, Kewl, OMG LMAO!

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Shin Bet in San Bernardino, California

This should alert people in this now fading inland region but probably will not; San Bernardino is being groomed as a sanctuary city, one of the long term projects of the Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS church, and Shin Bet appears to be helping out.

It is sad to watch degradation loft on this once bubbly region, people there now too preoccupied with making a living to do civics, to participate more critically in the affairs of local government, or to just even talk about what is happening there. There is no public discussion on this location other than propaganda eddies that periodically issue from the Sun Telegram giving political circumstances there the feel of a Twilight Zone haze having settled over an otherwise slowly disintegrating public. San Bernardino is not a ghost town, yet, but it’s starting to feel like one.

Needless to spend too much time going over the obvious, the point of this missive is to enlighten the reader with the not so obvious backdrop to San Bernardino having transformed so darkly over such a short period of time. That happens when leadership principled on racketeering, fraud and human trafficking for torture rule the day, the state and federal constitutions be damned. More broadly, the entire state of California is regarded as a sanctuary city in informed circles, the lesser acknowledged occult goings on likely the reason for this politically engineered degradation.

There are two points on a historical dot to dot what connection between is a straight line denoting the onset of Labor Zionism to it’s manifestation upon the public as perverted 400 years ago as it is today. Sabbatai Zevi is the go to guy for institutional/fraternal Crypto the ideology of which prescribes masquerading noble faith all the while practicing privately whatever perverse and Satanic actives turn you on, and of course this is state of the art ideologue among Freemason and LDS elite who, while doing stupid to con their public are committing some of the most horrific crimes known to man, San Bernardino TDC in development of the LDS hybrid Satanic bloodline.

San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis has been at the center of a human trafficking conspiracy for the last three years. This administration has attempted to suppress information sharing on this issue by boldly pressing an APS hijack on this researcher’s handicapped daughter inclusive of using residential provocateurs to loft death threats opportunistic to target the victim for arrest typical of radical law enforcement, the point of this of course to preserve Davis from being discovered as a full blown black mass product. This problem will become more apparent with a cursory and readable analysis of the Sheriff department logo which is paired with Shin Bet and manifests also a hail to the LDS Satanic Fire Ritual.

esi shin bet2.jpg

Getting right to the point, this researcher alerted on the 2013 abduction/slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores based on what appeared to be a key straight line cartographic linking Flores first to the Redlands LDS temple and second on a timeline and local ONA geocartographic to the 1947 slaying of Elizabeth Short, 1966 slaying of Cheri Jo Bates, 1974 disappearance of Laurie Lynn Partridge, 1986 engineered death of SBCSD Deputy Don DeMeulle, and 1986 abduction slaying of Corinna Novis. DeMeulle, Novis and Flores were McMahon’s projects.

Do California Sheriff departments actually perp such crimes? Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, having been accused of involvement in the slaying of one of his own deputies, Jeff Mitchell, the DA in that jurisdiction having directed this complaint back to Jones himself for investigation, sent a detective team to my home the two of which proceeded to do a shake down, one of these perverts stating his intention to first shoot and then arrest me if I persisted in making this issue known to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in writing.

According to Deputy Danny Oliver, Mitchell was a personal friend, and he, Oliver, took personal offense at my allegation Scott Jones was involved in this. These folks, like San Bernardino sheriff, used residential provocateurs to maintain an around the clock harassment presence near our home. Oliver ended up dead two years later having provoked a traffic stop to a deadly confrontation. Hard lesson.

Anyway, as can be viewed in the image above, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department works the numbers the same way Sylvia Marie Flores perps laid our her rendition, the Mayor, DA and Sheriff having manufactured the official record of this slaying as a crime of passion, which is a lie.

Flores was racketeered human trafficking commemorative/solidarity rendition and sacrificed by the people that falsely documented this horrific crime as a rape and murder. Flores was used to commemorate the opening of the Redlands LDS temple, the latter of which is covertly dedicated to William Wickham. Wickham is another story, suffice to say the Mormon church is in no way the organization people believe it to be.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s department, AKA undocumented SABRA Lodge 13, is organized under the Order of the Nine Angels and operates under the supervision of LDS Temple Administrator, Gary Evan Bough, as do 30 other county policing agencies around this temple, albeit San Bernardino has special significance as the host of one local administrator whose notoriety among his elite cohorts is preeminent. Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of 1951 human trafficking for torture abductee, Beverly Potts, and then LDS president and Genesis 6:2 earthbound son of God son of a bitch, David O. McKay.

This information duplicates Stake President Bodhaine’s 1995 written telegraph of LDS involvement in the 1974 abduction of Laurie Lynn Partridge via then proxy author, Bishop Grant, Riverside, California. They thought they were being clever using the same encryption method they used to perp Mountain Meadows what cipher has gone virtually unnoticed since 1830. The encryption key is the Skull and Bones 322 logo. These are indeed some pretty sick mother fuckers and are typical of the type of leadership bred into existence by the Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS church to do the destruction they do.

Both logos featured in this analysis, San Bernardino Sheriff and Shin Bet, represent the Luciferian motif, Moloch, the occultation of mercury by the moon featured by the logo business in the foreground behind which is the crescent moon, the source of the latter of which are the horns of Moloch. Both logos feature number 8, these representing first the eight primary stars of Orion and second the cumulative base nine triptych encryption of same. 88= base nine additive sum, 7/Freemasons.

Sylvia Marie Flores was Sheriff John McMahon’s project as was Corinna Novice early in his career with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He used patsies same as Richard Allen Davis was used by Pete Wilson to perp Polly Klass. Do be aware Richard Allen Davis, as are Corinna Novis’ perps, remain alive on California’s death row, this for a reason. Moloch predators do not attack their own the reason for this to eliminate disincentive as felon rendition assets.

McMahon is a psychopath occult serial killer and makes exclusive use of human sacrifice to commemorate such events as the opening of the Redlands LDS temple and solidarity pledging subordinating administrators. While Mayor Carey Davis had no control over his circumstances, as an adult, when he became aware of this, he had the opportunity to end this, which he did not. DA Mike Ramos, same issues. Remarkably, McMahon is a ringer for Beverly Potts father, Ramos for her older sister, Anita. Family resemblance persists into third generation.

With Shin Bet modeling rendition in San Bernardino, and police and sheriff willing to go along with this masquerading noble cause, Sylvia Marie Flore and others like her will continue to be the fate of young women in this Moloch culture. The apolitical mainstream is a willing victim population, predator leadership equally as willing psychopaths the inevitability of which are dormice being regularly picked off by snakes, owls and coyotes and such.

FUCK John McMahon.

For the record, this researcher has no inclination for vigilantism but does possess skill in self defense. That little prick McMahon sponsored to knife me 23 January 2016 would very well have lost his life had he attempted to follow through on his threat. San Bernardino Sheriff can take that up with Redlands Police Detective, Corey Hunt.

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LDS/Scottish Rite Freemason “Matrix” Renditions

Mass gullibility makes crimes like this possible, the people who perpetrate them among the most prolific serial predators of our day masquerading some noble cause that gets them over boundaries, John Wayne Gacy one type, a simple minded sadistic psychopath, Thomas Monson a sadistic sociopath, both on the spectrum of evil the public will be forever clueless to understand due to an evolutionary intelligence deficit with reason.

America currently all gunned up feeling the moment with the 2nd Amendment, crap like LDS abduction going on in the backdrop, is clearly a developmental issue with stupid, but that’s the US! Lots of bravado and armchair advise for a public incomprehensibly addicted to fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment. Understanding charm/offensive lost on this population, obviously, albeit those who still have a mind for understanding this, snakes too have a beautiful smile, fire arms sometimes the only thing that sends them packing when they open their mouths to bite, but Americans are ideologically locked out of any concept of the “..Latter…“, no pun intended.

America is sick, maladjusted, insouciant and has collapsed ideologically on McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV, and Americans are LOVIN’ it toDAY!

Love this, dumbfuks:





Abducted 4 December 1974/12:30 PM
S Havana St/37th, Spokane, Washington
MAG Three Point Triangulation
Held in Johannesburg, South Africa
LDS Elite Human Trafficking/Kidnapping for Torture
Temple Commemorative/Satanic Bloodline Eve Breeder
Alpha Perp/Spencer Kimball, Freemason Shielded
Produced Male Child 1985
Child’s Identity Known






LDS/Scottish Rite Perp cohorts and their felon assets control the administration and set up the patsies propagandizing themselves as righteous to an otherwise ignorant and self-indulgent public. These abductions are racketeered, scoundrel community leadership a part of this for the money and resources they acquire kowtowing to the LDS/Freemason METRIC. The local felon cohort in San Bernardino is SABRA Lodge 13, this group the actual perp entity on 2013 LDS temple commemorative, Sylvia Marie Flores.

For the record, LDS elite are currently kiting a 1927 image of George Hodel as Joseph Smith. Hodel remains the prime suspect in the 1947 ritual slaying of Elizabeth Short, a killing that involved then LDS president George Albert Smith, Ernest Hemingway and Alfred Hitchcock. Short was nick named Black Dahlia in connection with horticultural dahlia breeder at Kinsington Palace.  They snuff documented Short for a study in torture death. Re Smith/Hodel, The original poster boi for the former was Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just.

Short’s last words were, “Who me?

LDS is an OCCULT, which is different than a cult. Cults are organized around secrecy exclusively. On the other hand, occult organizations manifest light and dark, which in the case of the LDS church, this organization’s light aspect is it’s noble faith masquerade, the dark it’s eite’s involvement in hybrid breeding black mass bloodlines and solidarity pledging via child and human sacrifice. They are doing it, and the dumbfuk public is letting them get away with it.

Oh MY!

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Mormon/Baphomet Crossword Puzzle

Dedicated to 1991 LDS Satanic Fire Ritual victim, Deputy Roxyanne Allee.

Mormon apologists, technical writers and attorneys will undoubtedly have a tough time explaining this away on their perverted mistake and misunderstanding thesis, or they’ll ignore it hoping it just goes away the same way public conscience seems to fade into oblivion on their human trafficking/rendition projects.

Every astute Mormon sycophant is aware of this organization’s standard works, this collection of literature manufactured during the French Revolution boldly portraying a noble faith the backdrop of which today is understood to be nothing more than a hybrid breeding project in perpetuity. Look for the devil therein and you will find it in the secret combinations of letters that when analyzed for encryption produce language identified with Egyptian mysticism.

The rationale for such deception is obvious to those who understand what LDS elite are up to. The standard works is the ideologue front this church uses to shield itself from public alert on it’s darker involvement in breeding black mass bloodlines the origin of which is Akhenaten and Nefertiti, but that’s another discussion. Just bear in mind here the disappearances of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner are pretty typical of LDS elite malingering in human trafficking, the public none the wiser, because, well, Mormons are Mormons! Standard works! Missionaries!

Before the reader completely loses consciousness daydreaming about SUPER Mormon, know this: missionary black and white= the black and white lipped cobra, tandem presentation the left and right fang of the snake, their purpose to recruit not only membership but to identify every female in your household, report this information to their bishops and commence temple soul marriage to same regardless of marital status, or age.

Two sources of LDS encryption of the identification of the ideologue core of this faith from hell can be found in the church logo, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a variation on the the Christ Church movement in England that LDS project developer William Wickham was a member of, and the standard works, thus:



THEHHEBOKRDOTRONASEOF= Brotherhood of the Snake

Encryption of Egyptian motifs in the titles of the LDS standards works tell yet more about what is actually going on sort of in the backdrop of this occult organization but not so absolutely arcane that people who look at these titles can not subliminally process LDS elite mission creep. Those who possess the intelligence to follow their intuition will alert on two of the most notorious occult effigies of our day, Baphomet and Akhenaten. Further scrutinization of these titles produced the following word groups, every letter made use of, manifesting in the crossword puzzle below. The reader can look at this and do the stupid act, or this may in fact be an opportunity for recovery from Satanic Ritual Abuse that accompanies this mind control propagandized noble faith.


This researcher understands public affinity with drama and magic is inherent in a state of mind that has very little training in analysis and reason, or is incapable of it, so, it isn’t likely a couple of profane examples are going to motivate a national alert on a stealthy criminal organization that specializes in human trafficking. A couple more examples to help folks out.

Moroni lacks male genitalia. Baphomet also lacks male genitalia. What’s the point of this if Mormon elite stake a claim to the souls of your female women and children for breeding in a subsequent lifetime much as Thomas Monson is doing in this lifetime with his human trafficking victims? We’re talking insanity, but this is LDS elite, at least as far as the public is concerned. The magic keeps the public too preoccupied with mystification to perceive what they are actually doing in the backdrop one example of which was 1991 solidarity kill, Roxyanne Allee. Both Baphomet and Moroni also convey androgyny, the expectation that the mainstream does not compete with the sex magic of LDS elite.


Also, using what is known about Mormon use of base nine numeric encryption the letters L, D and S telegraph a couple of phenomenon of interest to those looking for reality in this phony religion1 1) L= square, D= compass, S= snake, snakes are predators, deal with it, and 2) LDS written as a numeric cryptogram produces the numbers 88 and 7:


88= 1) 8 for the eight primary stars of Orion, 2) 8 for the triptych encrypted base nine additive sums of the names of these stars, and 3) 7, the Freemason prime.

LDS also encrypts 554= 5 for 7 and 5, or the 7 and five lobed oak leaves (Druid).

FUCK “Hapi” Mormon elite apologists, technical writers and attorneys, and FUCK their solidarity pledging child/human sacrifice projects.

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