San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon/Professional Gang Stalking and Rendition Mission Creep for LDS and Scottish Rite Elite

5 August 2016

The subject of this missive is, this person masquerading county asset and leveling death threats at this researcher and his handicapped daughter online via social media, which is domestic terrorism.

There is a police report on this issue. The investigating deputy is G. Juarez, San Bernardino County Sheriff. The complaint is #YU162100014. According to, this officer is collaborating a county coup to remove my handicapped daughter from her home based on provocateur status as the agent of this county human trafficking project.

Under the circumstances, since this same individual played a role in such a coup June 2014, it is likely Officer Juarez is participating in censoring this complaint favorable to an opportunity for San Bernardino County to make yet another attempt to remove my handicapped daughter from my care.

This person is a nearby residential shill provocateur for team San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis and LDS/Scottish Rite Cohorts, DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon. These same psychopaths are inv9olved in attempting to censor a state investigation into the deaths of several children in county care. This researcher believes these children were SRA placed kills.

These people are motivated to have this researcher silenced for independent work on the 2013 Sylvia Marie Flores sacrificial slaying which was made official record as a crime of passion and falsely documented such by collaborating media, the Sun Telegram.

What has happened in San Bernardino is LDS/Scottish Rite Freemasons have installed a troika statist government (corporate, eugenics/LDS, fraternal puppet leadership) the leadership of which was bred into existence via human trafficking and kidnapping for torture and an example of which is San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis.

Davis is the black mass product of 1951 abduction victim, then 10 year old Beverly Potts and David O. McKay. Potts was SKIRTS bred to 82 year old McKay four years into her captivity an LDS Eve breeder. LDS covertly subscribe to Genesis 67:2 radicalized. Unsurprisingly, John McMahon is a ringer for Potts’ father, DA Mike Ramos for Potts’ Older sister, Anita.

This is the tip of the ice berg, and they are desperate to keep this information away from the public.

We are currently being stalked out of doors by 25 year old Middle East nationals. McMahon’s residential noise dosing provocateur may also be a Middle East National masquerading Mexican.

FUCK John McMahon and his residential radical homosexual provocateur assets.

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SABRA Intel Masquerades Female Humanitarianism in the Foreground of LDS Hybrid Eugenics and Human Sacrifice Solidarity Pledging in the Inland Empire


Soroptimist Club (N/SCA Chapters linked to UN)
San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis

William Wickham et al (Origin of LDS church= French Revolution; British Intel)
Violate Richardson Ward (Soroptimist Club modeled on Relief Society; British Intel)
Katherine Finchy (Southern California extension of Soroptimist Club; British Intel)

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Ascent of the Demon/Katherine Finchy

Intelligence be damned in these circumstances. Americans aren’t allowed to have it, and if they do and do not flip stupid, God and Jesus save them from the wrath of LDS elite and Scottish Rite Freemasons. Death threat retaliation and attrition blood atonement  understood to be a consequence of thinking in competition with a mainstream programmed on perpetual happiness, this researcher advances an idea so macabre it will be rejected outright by people who have bought into the Big Bird culture that surrounds us all. This missive does further writing on the February 25- 26 2013 Sylvia Marie Flores slaying/sacrifice the official record of which is a Mormon narrated lie.

There are puzzling circumstances surrounding the creation of a public elementary school identified on a three point straight line cartographic what positions are assembled from: 1) an abduction/murder, 2) LDS temple, and 3) a Melchizedek controlled public elementary school identified with Soroptimist internationalist, Katherine Finchy. Beyond what we already understand about the Sylvia Marie Flores slaying, third point, San Bernardino County’s official reality comes to a screeching halt when we learn Finchy was a women’s right to quality life advocate on a cartographic the opposite end of which is the ritual slaying of a prostitute, the Redlands LDS Temple between.

First alert is we know that certain occult religious organizations masquerade humanitarian to gain public trust, for example the Mormon church is such a business. In this case, if Finchy’s Soroptimist Club is authentic, why would the LDS identify this person with an occult ritual slaying of a 23 year old prostitute? Predictably, apologists from both camps, the LDS church and very powerful international Soroptimist Club, will dismiss the appearance of an LDS/Soroptimist liaison via the Mormon mistake and misunderstanding thesis, or assassination. LDS do not tolerate such information reaching the public without punishment. I guess that’ll work if you’re stupid: however the Soroptimist club putting itself over the UN threshold with Relief Society begs the question, are these the same organization? If they are, why aren’t women being made aware of this?

The founder of the Soroptimist Club was Violet Richardson Ward. This researcher’s mind jumps immediately to William Wickham (French Revolution) in a predicative funk with spying and such. It is thus natural to vet Ward for involvement in LDS intelligence in creating an organization that may have been commemorated on human sacrifice in the same manner LDS celebrated this occult religion’s founding 27 years later on their Tubal Cain Mountain Meadows Massacre. That project produced a 1700 mile geocartographic of a lightening bolt that to this day people do not know this exists. Is this what happened to Flores? Aside from her status as a Redlands temple commemorative, was she likewise sacrificed to commemorate the creation of Finchey’s Soroptimist Club?

Also, if there is an LDS connection, which this researcher suspects there is, there is a Scottish Rite Freemason link as well. Oakland, Ward’s city of residence, is home of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, USA. This temple opened it’s doors for business 18 October 1915. The Soroptimist Club, founded in 1921, may in fact be a Relief Society satellite much as the original concept for the Mormon church was the product of the Club of the Cordeliers during the French Revolution. The correct idea is commemorative human sacrifice such as is being discussed in this missive, although mystified by ritual and occult telegraph, is nothing more than solidarity pledging secrecy among Soroptimist elite. If true, the organization is corrupt.

It makes sense there is some connection between the ritual abduction/slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores and not only Katherine Finchy, but Violet Richardson Ward as well. The official record of the Flores slaying was manufactured to make it appear as though this young woman was a passion killing. That’s a lie. She was sacrificed, the perp the LDS/Scottish Rite elite of the Redlands/San Bernardino areas inclusive of San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis (son of David O. McKy and then 1951 10 year old abduction victim, Beverly Potts), DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon. Every one of these elected officials is a Mason and in one way or another affiliated with the LDS church.

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San Bernardino Administration From Hell

Unbelievably, but not uncharacteristic of San Bernardino city/county drac administration, folks in this Twilight Zone Mayberry frat came into operation in 1947 with the LDS/Scottish Rite Freemason ritual slaying of Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short (compass/legs, square/right arm).

Short forms one of the ley line rays on the Redlands ONA with temple commemorative sacrifice, Sylvia Marie Flores, the latter’s death a key alignment with the Redlands temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

Can this researcher prove LDS involvement in the Elizabeth Short Slaying? Why would LDS be kiting a 1927 image of George Hodel, the prime suspect in the Short slaying, as an authentic photograph of Joseph Smith if they were not? Only an idiot would not be able to make this connection, and there are certainly plenty of these among RFLDS.

George Hodel as Joseph Smith… That’s bold, and in the mind of this researcher it was anticipated by LDS elite the public would never know the better sixty-nine years later. With American culture swirling in social/domestic debauchery, what difference does it make? America, and particularly San Bernardino, has become a consciousless cesspool.

Morality has capitulated to identity feelings. Ethics has faded into an abyss of multiculturalism. Philosophy is being perverted on the  Freemason inverse hermeneutic  much as the ancient libraries were destroyed at Alexandria, Antioch and Ctesiphon. The public is getting stupider and stupider, and creepy crawlers like Mayor Carey Davis are getting bolder and bolder.

Much as this has already been discussed in detail, Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of Beverly Potts (then 10 year old 1951 abduction victim, Cincinnati, OH) and David O. McKay, administration cohorts DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon bearing an uncanny resemblance to Potts older sister, Anita, and their father, respectively.

I say with confidence that this administration from hell is morbidly and psychologically violent beyond the imagination, their purpose at this point to cultivate San Bernardino as a sanctuary city coordinated with the League of California Cities in statist mission creep to replace the rule of law with alternative and occult government, and they will mind fuck and destroy the lives of anyone of reputation who disagrees with them.

It’s all good. Long at the reader plays stupid, pretends none of this makes sense and that the devil doesn’t touch your sacred life with mortality, your next project a Big Mack under the golden phallus arches of Osiris McDonalds.

These fellows have it figured out:

Henry Makow/Texe Marrs

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Draft Smith-Mundt (cont.)

Propaganda” is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. (Wikipedia)

emotional rather than rational


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William Wickham/Redlands LDS Temple

This missive was transcribed from group notes preemptive of formulating a thesis that describes the LDS church as the product of British Intelligence networked with characters from the French Revolution that, through careful handling, were both responsible for creating this religion as a front organization for hybrid eugenics – one part of a three part troika statist agenda – and were ultimately executed betrayed by the very same people that resourced them in the first place.

This should and aught to be an immense alert to people of conscience who can rapidly process this information to expand on the knowledge of those responsible for such a project, narrate an understanding the implications for allowing this to run wild, and educate the public that the macabre sense LDS elite have that stealth SKIRTS kidnapping for torture of children and adolescent and young women is virtuous and honorable is psychopath bullshit.

The subject of this missive is William Wickham, born 11 November 1761, died 22 October 1840.


William Wickham
5933914 5932814

11 November 1761 (DOB)

22 October 1840 (DOD)

19= 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual


The Redlands LDS temple was dedicated to William Wickham, the address for this Mormon property an encryption for the years of Wickham’s birth and death and also using the Scottish Rite Freemason 27 telegraph.

esi 1761

1761 5th Street, Redlands, California
Wickham birth year= 1761, also 1113 (leap year Satanic Fire Ritual)
Year of death= 1859, or base nine additive sum 5 (5th Street), also 113 (Satanic Fire Ritual).

esi 350

The address of the adjacent LDS church encrypts 9, or in this case 27, this number encryption also appearing in the painting of William Wickham.

esi william wickham

350 Wabash Avenue, Redlands, California
350 Wabash
8 512118
9, also 27

2= Genesis 6:2, radicalized, or hybrid breeding
7= 88 (8 primary stars of Orion and cumulative their triptych encryption base nine additive sum, 8)


There is nothing here that is confabulated or computed in error. This is absolute proof the LDS church is in fact operating an immense SABRA intelligence group networked throughout the US, this entity responsible for over 6000 female abductions annually to resource LDS elite hybrid breeding and solidarity projects.

William Wickham was the intelligence entity responsible for stealth manufacturing of Mormon literature via a cohort of French Revolution domestic terrorists which he later betrayed to attempt to hide the origin of the LDS trilogy: Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, the later of which implicates this church from hell in kidnapping for torture.

This phony church describes secret combinations as the work of darkness, the point of this to telegraph to RFLDS their place is to shield Mormon elite involved in macabre beyond the imagination.

2 Ne. 9:9; 2 Ne. 10:15; Alma 37:30; Hel. 2:4–13; Hel. 6:21–31; Ether 8:19; Ether 8:22–23; Ether 11:22; Moses 5:51, all of these allege Mormon solidarity against spies and such the actual and real purpose of which: 1) redirects RFLDS discussion of same to leadership so they do not form their own intelligence groups, and 2) such programming stages a character shield the public would never challenge outright on argument that the Mormon church is righteous by it’s literature alone.

Too complicated? It’s meant to be. Next time you invite a missionary over your threshold bear in mind these two are decked out in black and white for a reason. They are metaphorically presenting on your family as the black and white lipped cobra. Tandem= the left and right fang of the same snake. If there is a third missionary dressed in gray slacks, this is the asp. He represents the number 2 for Genesis 6:2, and they have scoped out one of your children for rendition…in the FUTURE!

This Redlands temple was dedicated to William Wickham for a reason. It’s an LDS telegraph the public has capitulated,  state of the art hybrid eugenics is embedded in local domestic infrastructure , and that SABRA is state of the art in resourcing rendition and solidarity projects of local elite.

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The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 ends ban on domestic propaganda that lofted on the US Education and Information Exchange Act of 1948, the former giving rise to theatrical agitprop domestic terrorism drill and practice projects such as the December 2015 Inland Regional Center used to manufacture a rationale for unconstitutional legislation the target of which has been gun control and unchecked immigration (sanctuary cities; San Bernardino is going there).

The combination of diffusing self-defense and magnifying a domestic threat produces helplessness in the American mainstream making it possible to collapse domestic infrastructure with little to no resistance. Then again, Americans have been so baited to McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV… WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES MAKE?!

Ultimately one of the dirtiest such propaganda projects on the planet is the Mormon church what noble cause masquerade shields this corporate organization’s elite from accountability for their involvement in hybrid eugenics. This perpetual eugenics project is protected by Scottish Rite administration. Local community oversight on this. Stupid fuck doesn’t register a conscience, so WHAT community oversight?

These are the monsters who are responsible for the disappearances of such notable abductees as Laurie Lynn Partridge, Brittany Drexel, Holly Bobo and Lauren Speirer and snuff sacrificial slayings of Cheri Jo Bates, Corinna Novice and Sylvia Marie Flores, to name a few.

Does it matter? A typical American RATIONALIZES that long as they keep their distance, LDS elite can do whatever they like, Smith-Mundt be damned. The fact is this is an anti- civics attitude and portrays Americans as a sub species of humanity, which is pretty close to reality. America’s priorities are stuffing it’s face with exotic fast food, fucking the neighbor’s old lady and degenerate entertainment. Americans di it all!

The reality version of Smith-Bundt propaganda was used in 1857 in the LDS sacrificial slaying of 120 Christians (Mountain Meadows Massacre) the difference between then and now these people were real. LDS elite will eventually mainstream this phenomenally sick and perverted practice in eugenics mission creep that is breeding their perfect society into existence, just the constitution is a temporary obstacle, enter black mass mind fuck politicians such as David O. McKay/Beverly Potts bred monsters like San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis and his radical administration cohorts, DA mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon.

Really… WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE if Americans are willing to go there? The US has become a stupid fuck society by design, and McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV proves it.

For the uninitiated, Smith-Munt is anchored on the Satanic Fire Ritual:

19 April 2012 (Satanic Fire Ritual)
> 10 May 2012 (Smith-Mundt)
> 21d 3w
> 33; 6, 1113
> Scottish Rite Freemasons; leap year Satanic Fire Ritual

19 April 2013 (Satanic Fire Ritual)
> 5 June 2013 (Smith-Mundt)
> 47d 6w 5d
> 13, or 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual

> current
> haa pee ness addicted
> dumb fuck society


HR 5736 Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 2


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