MOMORO/Antoine Francois Momoro: etiology of the development of the mythical characters of the Mormon church

Since discovering the Mormon church is identified with the French Revolution (logo analysis; Anacharsis Cloots, St Just), certain names have lofted involved in it’s design the inclusion of which were people capable of pre 1800 narration and production of the Book of Mormon.

The purpose of this project appears to be linked to a four part occupation agenda involving: 1) the establishment of a networked statist intelligence cohort the alpha of whom would have been William Wickham, 2) noble faith penetration on and collapse of mainstream Protestant Christianity concurrent with eugenics development of a hybrid bloodline super race bred into existence by LDS elite using kidnapped breeder Eves taken at will from the mainstream, 3) the creation of a central banking system and currency manipulation, and 4) institutionalization of frat scoundrel leadership to replace that of the founders principled on the rule of law.

Cloots and Saint-Just naturally identify with several other people of this period, one of these a name familiar with the Mormon church by pronunciation and spelling, Momoro, or Antoine Francois Momoro, a printer/bookseller that was was likewise guillotined in 1794. This name is important to the labeling of Mormon literature, for obvious reasons. Momoro suggests a dedication of a sort that although there are subtle differences in spelling, nonetheless convey a similarity worthy of scrutinization for more information.

Momoro transforms Mormon and Moroni thus:

mo mor o
mor mo -o, +n
mormon (4)

mo mor o
mor o -mo, +ni
moroni (4)

4 and 4, or 8, are identified with the eight primary stars of the Orion constellation. The names if LDS ancient great societies were formulated from the names of the eight stars of Orion. For example, Mulekite was taken from Betelgeuse and Mintaka and in all likelihood is actually the bkack mass product of the reproductive union between LDS elite (old men) and their child kidnapping victims.

Subtractive letters o, m and o do not appear to link to an encryption except where these letters produce 11 and 13, or 1113 for the leap year Satanic Fire Ritual, a very strong possibility.

Letters used to formulate Mormon and Moroni from Momoro, i, n and n, do encrypt another name linked the French Revolution via Robespierre, nin, for Grace, or, Grace Dalrymple Elliott. Elliot is identified with Robespierre and William Wickham and may in fact been among a cohort of women spies that ultimately collapsed the French Revolution culminating in the deaths of the very people that engineered and published the literature that became the cornerstone for the Mormon church.

The west had had no clue what what was conceived of during the French Revolution to overthrow US government would issue on the deaths of the very people who created this monster religion, the names of same so eloquently encrypted in the church logo the devil himself would forget who these people were.

The correct idea is the French Revolution precipitated what would be a lasting occult siege on the US the principle component of which remains liberal radicalization of domestic infrastructures.

The appeal of such phenomenon is some perverted form of happiness arising from an indiscriminate state of mind in which morality subordinates to the inversion of reality, or Satanism.

For the record, the letters L, D and S represent the right angle square, 180 degree compass and 13, respectively. 13= 23 February 303 CE for Diocletian’s 8 year siege on the Christian church.

23 February= 223= 322 radicalized (reversed)= Skull and Bones.

An administrative fraternity (Scottish Rite Freemasons) was already in place to act as a catalyst to facilitate LDS acculturation. Founding of the church concurrent with Skull and Bones was step two.

The 1913 creation of the Fed was step three. The final phase was the creation of an international Intel SABRA cohort (MI5, CIA, MOSSAD) that included the founding of the state of Israel.

In the latter example, the Mormon church and Israel are the same organization which is why the alliance between the two.


Joseph Smith
161578 14928

19= 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual.

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PATHEOS/Theosophy (OCCULT) Research Project Masquerading Progressive Christian Open Forum Blog

Daniel C. Peterson, representative writer for PATHEOS, made the following remarks to comments (see below) I posted in an open forum discussion re LDS women staying at home following the Trump election.

See blog comments here> PATHEOS

PATHEOS bills itself as a progressive Christian blog the reality of which is LDS attempting to continue to frame bridge itself to the Christian mainstream in occult mission creep to collapse same.

These are madmen obsessed with insane ideas and absolutely opposed to information sharing which documents LDS involvement with eugenics hybrid human trafficking for torture.

This is their culture. This is what they do. Radical liberal elite LDS are LOVIN’ it!


Daniel Peterson

1 LD, do you have your own blog? If not, you should! Post THERE.

2 Nobody has censored you here. Yet.
But I hope that you have a blog of your own, or that you launch one really, really soon.


Reread lines 10 and 11.


L= right angle SQUARE
D= 180 degree COMPASS
S= 1and 4 (Pyrhagoras), or 113

113= 109th day of year, 256 days remaining, or the 19 April non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual, the occult date upon which the LDS church was founded.

6 April 1830 encrypts 13, a counting promp. 13 days hence= 19 April.

The 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual= Moloch= Baal= Baphomet= Moroni (arms, lack of genetalia).

LDS vote for trump reverses the Mormon grip on direct democracy, the illusion of solidarity with Baphomet and ultimately the emergence of THINKING independently in the church, which is a threat to LDS SKIRTS eugenics.

LDS the dark side. It’s rarely discussed in publuc forums making every journo that censors this info complicit with LDS malingering with the occult by default. The Mormon church was a William Wickham project. Mormon elite are a frat organization allied with the Scottish Rite Freemasons the combination of which with the Fed forms cohort master lodge, Skull and Bones. Radical propaganda cohort is SABRA, also a Wickham project.

PATHEOS soft censorship is uncharacteristic of open dialogue this hokey Blog alleges to identify with. Mormon alliances are as dysfunctional as the church itself. Liberal author?

9:30 PM

Dylan Zwick LD
30 minutes ago

Not everything Google returns is true.

You strike me as somebody who might really benefit from that understanding.

Above remark encrypts 19 and 113 and was posted:

Same as 19 and 113. Evil has two faces. Mormon elite are exquisite sociopaths.



19 cues on the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual. 113 cues on the 109th day of year, 256 days remaining, 1/13 (Pythagoras base nine numeration) and 113. The 109th day of year= non leap year 19 April.

LDS elite and their army of provocateurs do this all the time. This is how the hold off the public, one target to the next, their perverted triptych pirating… because they are perverted!

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Moloch and Baphomet


1 This journal is edited from the origional shared with Henry Makow 24 November 2016 in response to his narrative describing the “honey pot” seduction and subsequent death of Phillip Jones.

2 Soldierly fellow, Phillip Jones. There are three traps that will always bait confidence: food, sex and entertainment.

3 I may have shared this before, when I was teaching in San Bernardino, a principal attempted to seduce me via teacher evaluation observations. When asked why the high frequency of classroom visits, she explained they weren’t teacher observations. She was there to watch me walk around classroom working with my students. That cost the District a 14K settlement.

4 This woman was to have been my handler in a corrupt to control project that while I was upwardly mobile in school administration I was simultaneous being groomed to perp trafficking of students to alternative education to aggrandize the creation if the the need for a federally funded fiscal calendar.

5 They still do this. Regional Centers will falsely document IQ and performance ratings to earn SSI and other services in an unGodly trafficking campaign to fund district alternative placements.

6 Just yesterday I was talking to a woman who asked me why all the issues with vaccinations? I have my own explanation for this: to make the fetus independent of maternal gestation, to which she responded, “FUUCCCKKKK!”

7 Crypto is a transgender radical homosexual, which I know this is not the subject of your narrative: however, ALL violence on this planet and a will to this is the product of the macabre and willful disposition of the sado-perverted full spectrum psychopath AKA radical homosexual.

8 Active types will destroy humanity. Passive types destroy intelligence. The two are Moloch and Baphomet.

9 Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the pharoah/emperor split between Egypt and Rome what subsequent impact on world culture is the same bifurcated phenomenon known as Vatican and Switzerland?

10 Am I correct understanding that in these circumstances Sweden is Moloch, Vatican Baphomet?

11 The closing statement was forwarded rhetorical, so no response was expected.

12 What people have to come to terms with is the fact that a will to violence is phenomenally linked to sexual perversion and radical homosexuality/lesbianism.

13 People fight this, because they know it’s true. The radical mind in this sense is in no way the reformer described in the dictionary definition of this word, but rather in this usage radical contravenes reality linked to a predisposition to sexual behavior opposite one’s gender.

14 It bears stating also this is the Freemason/LDS METRIC upon which this frat lofts their coveted scoundrel sado-perverted leadership, this the reason there is so much corruption in politics generally throughout the US.

15 Get RHS under control, and this will end. The only problem is there is no social catalyst to work the problem. Society is too diffused to identify persons likely to perpetrate while at the same time Crypto radical homosexuals are eagerly recruiting those from the mainstream to populate their leadership needs.

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Human Trafficking: IHSS/APS San Bernardino County, a Devil’s Paradise


Such a complaint alleging IHSS/APS collaborated human trafficking in San Bernardino will never find it’s way past the Freemason/LDS criminal network that controls this county.

Population is too dense to realize the consequence of doing stupid for this bifurcated predator and street felons too great in numbers not resourse these projects for the low pay and risk involved.


Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for sex, labor or other exploitation.

In education in San Bernardino, Regional Center will manufacture an IQ score on a targeted student to make this individual eligible for SSI, placement is specially funded classrooms and of course eligible for Regional Center services.

Occult process free of intanglement with oversight, the possibilities are endless for a predator administration that masquerades rule of law the backdrop of which has been stealth deep state pirating of local human resources and domestic terrorism unchecked by local oversight.

Fraud education assesment is a form of slavery, the victims in this mileu as unable throw off their predators as those who are used for sex.

Considering this county is sponsoring a walking talking scale replica of the feces covered phallus of Jeff Epstein that regularly visits elementary school classrooms, it appears the community has thus acculturated public education.

Such corrupt administrations are inspired by Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite what involvement in human trafficking is for solidarity purposes only, mystification of this horrific crime propagandized in order to throw off the public.

Why would San Bernardino be involved in such felonious activities, and to what degree does this administration practice human trafficking in the wost case examples of sex and torture?

Answers to these two questions are discussed below, albeit bear in mind the fact that this information has made it to a public forum in no way means there will ever be accountability on this, because the people who are supposed to be preventing this are the perps.

Victim families are too overwhelmed by their losses and regard forensic discussions intrusive upon them personally. Private investigative hacks want to dig at the problem. Families of victims want closure. This is a devil’s paradise.

To warm you up, imagine your neighbor’s three year old has disappeared and was last seen .25 mikes from her home, then .50 miles, then .75 mikes on intervals of 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

This child’s movement over this short time interval traversed three points that TDC between endpoints is a Mormon temple, but the temple isn’t considered in these circumstances.

If you have any skill in drawing, you notice the three points form a straight line cartographic, a prompt that if you extend this another 13 miles it intercepts yet another Mormon property the bishops of which are CPAs.

Too complicated? We’ll revisit this scenario in a moment. Meanwhile let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with Sheriff John McMahon, DA Mike Ramos and Mayor Carey Davis in this monster zoo.


San Bernardino County uses witchcraft to stage human trafficking of IHSS clients and their resources.


4-20 June 2014 (Mercury Retrograde) IHSS/APS collaborated a human trafficking coup using a residential felon asset to provoke a noise dosing crisis subsequently using the behavioral fallout to manufacture a complaint of adult abuse to remove of my then 21 year old handicapped daughter from her home, county immediately redirecting to regional center and threatening a group home placement alternative to remaining with me, her state funded care provider father.


I am a retired educator with a Master’s degree, formerly R2M and specialist credentials and NCLB/ELD certifications, and these assholes used a felon to erase all of this, take my handicapped daughter, and turn her over to other felons typical of a Freemason HRS coup on a public whistleblower.

San Bernardino County backed off and changed the complaint narrative upon receiving a written counter complaint from me describing this as a Freemason project but left the asset in place to generate subsequent complaints opportunistic for sustained conflict with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department via use of the Freemason reform triptych which attempts to criminalize the victim.

The county linked residential felon perp self-identified as a Jehovah’s Witness failed to provide effective service on a due bill assignment subsequently leveling deaths threats which the sheriff dismissed as a mistake and misunderstanding.


San Bernardino County is retaliating on my research documenting Thomas Monson’s involvement in the LDS SKIRTS kidnappings of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, sheriff department asset involvement in the 2013 kidnapping and slaying of 23 year old prostitute, Sylvia Marie Flores, and that Mayor Carey Davis is the Black Mass son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and David O. McKay.

Scottish Rite Freemasons and the Mormon church control San Bernardino county and are jointly responsible for routing kidnappings and slayings using snuff felon assets they control with handlers networked street side that have worked with such notorious serial killers as Suff, Bland, Davis, Marlow and Duncan III.

Current examples would be children placed in county care homes with an unprecedented death fall in custody what perps are masquerading various community outreach projects to propagandize public opinion favorable to rendition organizations.

The LDS standard, as it were, is the thirteen foot statue of Moroni atop the Redlands LDS temple, a Baphomet effigy, Baphomet also encrypted in the LDS standard works (Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, in that order). Mormon elite are currently reorganizing this literature to hide this information from the public.

The LDS logo “The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints” is encrypted with the names Anacharsis Cloots and Saint-Just, partly because this noble faith creep show was manufactured during the French Revolution, and also because Brigham Young (1 June 1801) and Joseph Smith (23 December 1805) may in fact be the black mass sons of Cloots and Saint-Just, respectively.

Joseph Smith is a ringer for Saint Just. Cloots and Saint-Just were guillotined 1794, seven years before the alleged birth of Young and a decade before the alleged birth of Smith.

The importance of understanding this no one can place either of these individuals documented with a family in the US before their appearance sometime after 1810. By this time Young would have been 15, Smith 20, making the latter 54 at the time of his death.

LDS elite are currently kiting an image of George Hodel (c 1927) as an original photograph of Joseph Smith. Hodel remains the prime suspect in the macabre slaying of Elizabeth Short.

Contrary to his portrayal as a frontiersman, Brigham Young was actually an Illuminated Scottish Rite Freemason and networked with England, Spain and France.


What the reader is looking at is LDS is doing human hybrid breeding and eugenics in the backdrop of this organization’s noble faith masquerade.

County is using public resources to attack anyone who has knowledge about this or possess the intelligence to blow the whistle. Lesser organizations involved in this are Jehovahs Witness, Lutheran and B’nai B’rith administrations that resource felon street-side assets.

For the record, this researcher has documented Deputy Don Demeulle’s 1986 death as a ritual sacrifice, Corinna Novice 99 days later a retention sacrifice, assets in the former networked within the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, the latter asset resourced via B’nai B’rith.

San Bernardino doesn’t have objective oversight on institutional occult crimes, for obvious reasons.

People falsely believe that because San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos has surrounded himself with organizations to prevent this he’s one the good guys.

Ramos is a Scottish Rite Freemason. These don’t follow the rule of law but are agenda driven on human hybrid eugenics, economic manipulation and solidarity pledging like-minded scoundrels.

This creepy androgynous DA is a felon scoundrel masquerading noble leadership typical of Freemason recruitment that criminalizes the status quo. Blow the whistle on this creep, and he’ll put rendition assets on your ass.

There’s no valid complaint or oversight committee to look more closely at these affairs. If the Sheriff’s department dismisses any given complaint, this locks out further investigation, the perps themselves in control of the determination to deny any such allegations, which is an internally racketeered justice system.

Of course this works great for leadership elite who, if any one of these takes an interest in a victim can use the system to shield himself from accountability.

Just grab a 23 year old prostitute of one’s liking, sacrifice her in some obscene LDS solidarity sex ritual, toss her remains under an orange tree, and walk off willy nilly ISO another victim. All hail Baphomet Moroni!

Ramos is a sociopath, but does this matter if the mayor himself is the product of the torture and rape of a three years held captive Beverly Potts by then LDS president, David O. McKay?

The sheriff’s department is the sole determiner of the validity of a complaint of human trafficking. If the department itself is involved in this heinous crime and can control the investigation, where’s the Justice system effecting control on the perp?

In my case, McMahon responded to a complaint to Internal Affairs with an encrypted wet works death threat. There’s no fear in this demon, because Scottish Rite Freemasons never abandon a brother, and they eliminate those who show trepidation. Let’s take Jerry JeeBs Brown for example.

Governor Brown’s vaccination mandate followed my written request for him to resign due to conflict of interest in his involvement in solidarity pledging child sacrifice, which is human trafficking. SB227 subsequently mandates medically assisted child sacrifice, because infant vaccination produce a death fall of 6 per 1000 vaccinated. Where’s the oversight on THIS human trafficking for torture? Californian’s falsely believe that because there’s rhetoric in the state language about this there’s likewise an active oversight agency. There’s not.

It does’t get any better than this! If the BOS (Brotherhood of the Snake) makes a law you’ll sacrifice your own children, by God you’ll do it or go to jail for refusing to do so. It won’t be long before a lottery determines the fate of your five year old, a number draw redirecting to the nearest Planned Parenthood for this outlier abortion surrounded by Lab techs dressed in costumes of Mickey Mouse, Big Bird and Barney.

Currently there are no laws on STATIST county perped renditionS, and if this involves a church organization networked with administrative offices as is the case with the Mormon church and Scottish Rite Freemasons, you can kiss your children goodbye if some elite LDS mind fuck wants any one of them, male or female, for a ritual fuck, because this is what they do.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING/Paragraphs 10- 13 Above

According a police investigation, 25 February 2013, sometime around 9:00 AM, Sylvia Marie Flores was kidnapped after she left Jack in the Box on 5th Street in San Bernardino.

The next Morning her body was found adjacent an old house located at 77 (5) Almond Avenue in Redlands near two dogs that bark savagely at any passersby that walk within 25 yards of the front yard of this house.

These dogs for some reason didn’t alert on the body drop that ocurred sometime between late evening of 25 February and before 6:00 AM the next morning.

This location forms a straight line cartographic with two others identified with the number 5, a prompt, the Redlands Mormon temple on 5th Avenue (third 5 in this sequence) and Katherine Finchy Elementary School on Tachevah Drivein Palm Springs. Tachevah triptych ciphers 5.


During the course of researching this henious San Bernardino perpetrated crime, this researcher, possessing some knowledge about the French Revolution, noticed the Redlands temple address of 1761 is also the birth year of William Wickham. Why would a Mormon temple be dedicated to William Wickham? More importantly, if they used Wickham’s birth year, why not the year of  his death? They did: 5th. It gets much worse.

One prompt to the next, 5th decrypts 5 and 4, thus:

5 28
5 121
5 4

Signifance? Galatians 5:4 where 5 denotes the street upon which this temple is located and 4 the year of Wickham’s death, 1840 (1840= base nine additive sum 4).

In reality the address of this temple 1761 5th= the years of the birth and death of William Wickham with an encrypted redirect to Galatians 5:4 in connection with a Mormin temple.

This church might as well have replaced the steeet address with the following quote, because at least this way there would be dignity in LDS alleging to be free of secret combinations:

Galatians 5:4 You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace.

THIS is the Mormon church, all the rhetoric spin about Moroni, actually a Baphomet effigy, as deceivng as the language that was used to create this phony address the corrected version of which is identified with William Wickham and some location in Hell.

The third point on this straight line cartographic is a public school what principle at the time of the Flores slaying was a Melchizedek priest who, on 16 January 2013, hosted a Bill Clinton visit during which a dance cohort of little girls was paraded to him. Jeff Epstein was in Redlands the previous 11 September. The school is Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

None of this information appears in police or sheriff investigation records the point of which avoids ducumentatin of the Flores Slaying as an elite Scottish Rite/LDS ritual sacrifice, and if the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t want it, neither does CDOJ.


FUCK Sheriff John McMahon. This Scottish Rite/LDS side show creep would never have been elected had he not been appointed his first term by default. He’s not only mindless, he’s occult leadership the nature of which is a threat to local intelligence and those who value reality and would seek his removal via administrative protocol were the public was not so impressed with his magic show.

Unfortunately, San Bernardino is not populated with the brightest lighthouses along this coastline of Twilight Zone Macabre. People who know about this will say nothing, and California Department of Justice has locked out any process of law that contravenes the public attitude favorable to these demon circumstances. In otherwords, long as folks in this peeverted Mayberry are LOVIN’ it, CDOJ is ALLOWIN’ it.

Meanwhile, San Bernardino (Scottish Rite/LDS elite, police, sheriff, Superior Court, city council, businessman’s association, COE, SBCUSD, they’re all in on it) is here> LOL KEWL OMG LMAO ANAI. That’s a Satanic party culture.

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STATER BROTHERS/Store #18, Redlands, California

A2Q See EOD.

Narrative contains updates end of document.

Giving consideration to Regional Stater Brothers Rep, Don, mobile (909) 792-3900, who directed me to do whatever I had do that was right for me, this is my response:

Shoppers beware! Stater Brothers is staging stealthy rendition activities in full view of the public with absolutely no regard for civil code.

1) 28 October 2016 Stater Brothers personnel baited theatrical conflict in the parking lot using an agitprop provocateur drawing their customers into a moral dilemma con.

2) 3 November Stater Brothers personnel waited for any one of these customers to show up, theatrical engagement used to harass the shopper, a guard performing the task of alerting store personnel to target victims for double bind harassment.

3) Store personnel radicalized harassment to involvement of a handicapped adult who was not originally involved in the con and was unable to respond to these circumstances.

What you are reading is sophisticated gang rendition agenda on targeted individuals the point of which is Stater Brothers personnel appear to be staging a kidnap that their involvement in will go unnoticed. This project is being worked both in the parking lot and neighborhood area around the store.

One female clerk has described being stalked by an unknown adult male this researcher believes is Stater Brothers felon rendition asset.

3 November 2016 a complaint was filed with the Stater Brothers local regional office describing how personnel is conducting these activities during the course of their work identifying by name who is involved in this.

4 November 2016 the Stater Brothers representative with whom I spoke challenged me stating, “You do whatever you have to do,” and terminated our conversation. My impression was this person was aware of these circumstances and was radicalizing the complaint.

The correct idea is Stater Brothers appears to have structured this to also perpetuate harassment on whomever might respond to this with a complaint.

Just so people who are reading this understand, there is military precision on these activities the denial of which begs a public alert. Whoever is doing this is highly organized.


The dates of these activities, 28 October and 3 November, are numerically identified with the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual producing the numeric sequence 13, 113 and 1113, or 6.

6 confirms the leap year Satanic Fire Ritual the importance of which is this theatrical stunt is being practiced for use in some victim they have already targeted for kidnapping/human trafficking.

While this can not yet be linked to Mormon activity, it behooves people to be aware the statue of Moroni that stands atop the Redlands temple is actually an effigy of Baphomet, the difficulty people have making this connection one of seduction of the conscience.

Moroni looks human but is not. Note the position of the arms and lack of male genitalia, whuch is Baphomet masquerading noble faith. LDS elite are notorious abduction perps and are identified with Watchtower and Lutheran rendition assets which this researcher suspects is linked to the Stater Brothers employees who are involved in this.

Whatever the circumstances, Stater Brothers is reading like a boot camp for triptych rendition activities the point of which is certain employees learning the craft of pirating in human trafficking the prevalence of which manifests on their prey via con, double bind and radical activism.


CRYPTO traditionally means secret or covert. For the purposes of this document, this word is used to describe  any inauthentic or pretentious motivation or behavior designed to intentionally mislead or or defraud the public in advertising, business and commerce generally. This researcher believes Stater Brothers Grocery Stores to be a Crypyo business entity. 5NOV2016

PMP child alleged. Copy to SBCSD Public Affairs 6 November 2016.


Mentone/4NOV201 0940-1134
13/27; 13/27/13

SFR Anchor

19 April Satanic Fire Ritual
> 6 November
> 6 months 7 days
> 201 days 28 weeks 5days
> 67201285
> 13 Diocletian

Confirms SBCDS local/residential asset management on SKIRTS human trafficking collaborated with Stater Brothers and willingness to tap public funds to campaign retaliation on community documentarian whistle blowers. This is McMahon doing a Shin Bet/Baphomet public mind fuck. 6NOV2016


1 Organization.

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Trevor Montgomery

2 November 2016


This journalist lies.

In the comments section of his 1 April 2016 article the title of which appears above, Trevor Montgomery says, “I strongly believe in freedom of speech and I post all comments.” The missing comma is a cascading skill alert.

Trevor Montgomery reveled in the responses he got from readers who enjoyed the hoax, others who did not like it were mocked and this commenter’s remarks were censored, and I imagine there were others.

Needless to say, regardless of the appearance of this having been the product an April fool’s joke, it was more hijinks than the former, the implications of which are occult predictive programming for the mindless audience of the Inland Empire.


I guess people in the “high” places of journalism connected to such Jacobin Freemason notables as Hemet Chief of Police, David Brown, and Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff, Jr., are above morality and ethics, or maybe identification with these publicly elected Gods of law makes Montgomery one of them? How possible?

Well now then… choose the level of occult competence: induction, vocation or preeminence. He’s reaching up to Brown and Sniff, so he’s not preeminent, and he’s taking license to pull off a journo hoax the equivalent of which in popular sadistic propaganda projects competes with Elizabeth Short, Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis, Natalee Holloway, Robyn Gardner and Sylvia Marie Flores; not induction.

Mr. Montgomery appears to be vocational! What this means is, if correct, this anti-genius journalist may be advising on detailed narration of official records manufactured by Illuminated law enforcement to cover some of their solidarity and human trafficking for torture wet works rendition projects, his 1 April hijinks a public demonstration of journo prowess w/agitprop propaganda; this is what “Updated…” appears to be.

Neil Radimaker made an interesting point re timeline what glitch in the narrative was pointing to faulty writing, or this was intentional to test public gullibility in the clown-like pretense of Crypto double bind. Are David Brown and Stanley Sniff, Jr. being made to look like clowns, too? Kinda looks this way, in this researcher’s opinion.

This population is fucked as far as possessing any sense of morality, a reliance on corrupt news agencies and their equally affected writers perping masturbatory repetitions of LOL to an audience that is LOVIN’ it!

Revisiting Neil Radimaker, his perception can be further explored here:

ryan field
9715 69534
19 (19 April Satanic Fire Ritual/SFR)

march afb
13 (23 February 303 CE)

march afb
31938 162
1 (see below)

march air force base
41938 199 66935 2115
13 (1+ 13= 113, or non leap year SFR)

5 (113, or non leap year SFR)

It makes sense Crypto would take control of an AFB, this an opportunity to advance mechanical avian technology to some application of human trafficking for torture, hence Daedalian, the root meaning of which is deception of one sort or another. Linked to Scittish Rite Fremason and LDS elite, the possibilities are endless. Bye bye if one these mind fucks wants your child!

Airfields, because Daedalians are an inexorable function of human trafficking for torture throughout the US. Montgomery knows this, his seemingly macabre sense of humor a frat celebration of sadoperversion, or he’s just another dumbfuck journo happy face with the brain the size of a peanut and too stupid to do authentic writing.

Unless the rendition victim is a wet works target, Daedalians fly them out, transport assets between abduction and the flight departure location, police vehicles. This is the hail to Brown and Sniffs. They are lining up on a target, journo in the role of predictive programing so the public was alerted and had the opportunity to respond, typical.

The public is here> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO and does not speak, nor does it understand, the numeric language of Daedalian.

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The question came up how Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton are involved in the 2013 kidnapping and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores when San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, DA Mike Ramos and black mass Mayor R. Carey Potts-Davis have written this off as a crime of passion.

The simple answer is these statist occult perps investigated and manufactured documentation on one of their own crimes. The complicated answer is how they telegraphed what they did to the public using, for lack of a more comprehensible term, a numeric SAB encryption code which in prevoius missives has been referred to as base nine triptych encryption.

Jeff Epstein was in Redlands 11 September 2012 allegedly on business with a Redlands theatre organization. Occult numeric code uses anchor dates (constant) to perp their solidarity crimes. In this case, the anchor date is 25 February 2013, the date Sylvia Marie Flores was alleged to have been abducted in San Bernardino.

Calculating the period between 11 September 2012 and 25 February 2013 produces the time period 5 months 14 days, or base nine additive sum 1. 1 extrapolates 19 in base nine numeration.

16 January 2013 Bill Clinton was hosted by LDS Melchizedek Arlan Anderson at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. While this activity had the appearance of promoting health, Anderson was in fact showcasing a small cohort of females, this group paraded to Clinton via a dance routine more than likely staging some engineered future kidnapping.

Human trafficking is what San Bernardino was designed for. Clinton’s 16 January presence at Finchy, same as Epstein, anchored on 25 February, produces the time period 1 month 9 days, these numbers matched to Epstein’s 11 September appearance in Redlands calculated on the same anchor date. What this is conveying to the public is they were here for the same purpose, hence the title of this narrative, 19/19.

19 is a sacred number to Scottish Rite and LDS elite, 19 April the first day of the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual, 13 also the encryption for the date 23 February 303 CE. The Mormon church was founded on the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual, the date 6 April 1830 a 13 day counting prompt. 6 April 1830= 64183= 13 (base nine). Count forward 13 days from 6 April= 19 April.

Human trafficking for torture is mystified in the public as empowering such practitioners with the ability to walk through walls. People tend to default simple minded when confronted with complex or conflicting information making a triptych predator prevail upon a target.

In reality, occult human trafficking resources solidarity pledging the point of which is the commission of a heinous crime to make oneself vulnerable to gain more power within a given occult organization, a process of manufacturing helplessness in the mind of the inductee to be able to control this individual’s behavior favorable to organized racketeering, fraud and extortion.

Since Epstein and Clinton are already well within the elite inner circle of preemjnent Illuminated Order of the Nine Angels, Anderson would be the solidarity pledge in the Flores ritual slaying frame bridging to yet another future victim in Anderson’s dance cohort.

In other words, Arlan Anderson, an androgenous sort of fellow, is making a sacrifice of a child, one of his students, to Moloch… in the future, the only possible way he could pull this off with staff collaboration the typevof which are best described as conscience zombies.

An FNCS case study on these children will identify who this is, the target, believe it or not, to be handled into admission at University of Redlands eleven years hence, the correct idea being to provide President Ralph Kuncl with an Eve breeder to commemorate his occult ascention, in this researcher’s opinion.

Like DA Mike Ramos, Kuncl posesses a cosmic  resume, such a record competitive with his alleged involvement in occult featured human trafficking for torture.

Rethink Mountain Meadows as a 27 year project rather than the overnight version of this story propagandized as a mistake and misunderstanding by LDS apologists and you have the correct idea.

Scottish Rite/LDS targets are wonder works (same as wet works) projects that can travese a three decade timeline, the more precision the abduction, the greater the skill of the rendition perp.

The fact is human trafficking such as is being described here and paedophilia are solidarity staples for corrupt elite what involvement in fraternal organizations is strengthened by one’s willingness to perp heinous crimes to aggrandize frat preeminence, and this too is San Bernardino County.

Per frat identified occult protocol, every one of  these monsters is portraying themselves to be civilized on some Judeo-Christian value system far removed from the devil, this noble faith masquerade one of the most enduring  treacheries known to man: the lie.

The naive San Bernardino public willing to host County’s Satanic predation is correctly understood to be a culture of victim psychopaths and thus endeared to their perps in the same manner sheep capitulate to wolves.

Flores was targeted for her kidnap rendition well before her 25 February 2013 disappearance, the 19/19 telegraph on this victim one of many occult artifacts Shin Bet controlled administrators would have no part of in making official record of.

Not only would this counter document this county’s manufactured narrative, but also this information throws a forensic net over the period 2012-13 capturing Ralph Kuncl’s 20 February 2013 inauguration as the University of Redlands 11th president.

Run the 2012 numbers on Kuncl and this macabre storybook created in hell begins to thicken with pages of details that read like some lunatic’s fairytale what plot and characrers are typical of a cohort of radicalized ONA/SABRA Lodge 13 statists.

The noble cause masquerade services the need for stealth, the backdrop of occult process in solidarity pledging racketeering and fraud via human sacrifice the mechanism for corruption, all one can do as an outlier state as loudly as possible to this dip shit public, “WOLVES,” and turn the hell hounds loose.

Regarding the question how Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton remain involved in the 2013 ritual kidnapping and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores, it will eventually occur to a more principled administration and public that both of these monsters and their assets are in reality one of the most productive human trafficking cohorts on the planet.

In the meanwhile, folks in this dystopic herd are LOVIN’ it!

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Triptych Predation


1.1 HRS manifests as predation. The parent concept is coaction- hijack, reform and solidarity a very powerful coefficient triptych.

1.2 The correct use of the HRS triptych is defeat of an adversary no single part of which is effective alone. Hijack forces capitulation. Reform displaces the status quo. Solidarity maintains leadership.

1.3 There is no narrative. Those pledged to the destruction of a target simply follow the triptych. Each phase is three parts.

1.4 The solidarity pledge is the unifying dynamic in this application, pledging fraternal, and the resources are torture and paedophilia.

1.5 Such frat affiliation will only attract scoundrels, which is the point if it. These are motivated to control others and relieve them of their resources.

1.6 Sex baits frat pledges into service, and they are documented perping horrific crimes to make them manageable to a handler.

1.7 Once debauchery pledged, scoundrels are held to pledge accountability for redaction the penalty of which is ruin or death.

1.8 Each part if the HRS triptych involves absolute and non reciprocating radicalization. In other words, the triptych predator does not back off but rather magnifies medieval on the target.

1.9 It bears stating also, in this usage, radical= Satanic, it’s mark the permanent damage done to the victim.

1.10 Alternative methods for problem solving competition are ecological, but people generally bereft of the desire to think will not respond to intelligent agreements that regard pain, boundaries and resources.

1.11 Those who know the triptych posses the ability to throw of the perp, and these mutualy regard one another as equals. In this case, wolves that do not recognize a hellhound become the prey.

1.12 In isolation, a hijack is the same as a con. Singularly, a good example would be a vacuum cleaner salesman. No major damage there.

1.13 Reform generally is a process of upgrading services, tools, products, cultural routines, etc. No damage there.

1.14 Frat HONOR pledging is typically harmless except when some exotic method is used to torture the initiate. These people will organize around some commonly valued belief they wish to preserve and propagate. Generally no damage there.

1.15 The transformative extension of all of this is radicalization the correct understsnding of which is Genesis 3. The forbidden fruit was Eve’s first born daughter.

1.16 The debauchery pledge is the most powerful unifying mechanism of triptych predation ever conceived of. The correct idea here is corrupt to control.

1.17 Although scoundrels will bait easily to sex, due to typically low intelligence, they are not reliable without a fear leash, hence snuff documentation on their pledge crimes to rein them in.

1.18 EMPHASIS Scoundrels make up the bulk of leadership in a predatory triptych system (eg statism of one form or another), the only way for such to exist the public ultimately acculturated via radical propaganda that has no tolerance for intelligence.

1.19 Under seige from a triptych predator, shield’s up and magnify with identified cohorts and bear no unproven insider.

1.20 Durable statist governments work with spies that themselves typically penetrate any flourishing resistance movement via baiting to helplessness, narcissism and charisma (eg Leonidas).

1.21 Key is early education, the mainstream  otherwise predisposed to idiocy training through which the mind is lost to some superficial ideology that regards predator leadership as a God.

1.22 Immense espinage services a predator’s need for radical propaganda to maintain the public stupid.

1.23 Unfortunately, people are more wired to eat, reproduce and party than think, the natural consequence of which is they do not place much value in their psychological survival.

1.24 Key to understanding triptych predation is radicalization of trust, intelligence and morality, all of which are described in Genesis 3.

1.25 A HIJACK con unchecked by a vet breaches trust on the double bind the radicalization of which fleeces the target of some desired resource. The Satan relieved Eve of her garden and enslaved her to Goyim cultivation and harvesting.

1.26 A REFORM surge will loft a scoundrel preeminent, criminalize a person of character and systematically set about to attack the latter’s domestic resources.

1.27 Frat SOLIDARITY pledges three types of corruption: moral (principle), ethical (sex) and philosophical (various types of human sacrifice).

1.28 Much of the development in pirating any culture is the masquerade of the bandit in order not to alert the host.

1.29 In the story of the Amorite and the Inn Keeper, the Amorite has targeted the Inn Keeper’s daughter for abduction, portrays himself as a patron and overnight subsequently absconds with his prey.

1.30 Triptych predation is very fast: con/inkeeper, double bind/stalk, radicalization/kidnap. This method put to use by a solidarity pledged frat cohort is not defeatable least those who would try must be as absolute in principle as Crypto is to control the target.


A scoundrel in this usage is a person of low to average intelligence motivated to aggrandize personal interests in abeyance of the rule of law and whom, with practice, can be controlled by a handler and is also otherwise dishonest.


2.1 One person with an idea is an agent of change. Two such people with opposing views of how things should be changed will compete for preeminance (eg God and the devil).

2.2 Competing entities will organize coed fraternities in order to promote a given agenda. Sororities and fraternities loft preeminent as the need presents to magnify.

2.3 The fraternity is the most powerful of these groups examples of which are soldiers, soldiering held in check by the threat of physical punishment for fleeing the battle field.

2.4 The military fraternity is the most powerful organization in the world: however, religious and political ones are as influencing on the public during peacetime as any army is in routing an enemy.

2.4 Like military fraternities, domestic organizations pledge solidarity. Unlike the military frat, such other organizations do not seek robust capable males but their collective counterpart, the scoundrel.

2.5 People of character will not lie, cheat and steal to surround themselves with resources, but scoundrels will, hence the need for boastful wimps to populate political and religious fraternities what alphas are handlers of domestic control.

2.6 Goyim women capitulate the Garden. Their males follow the sex, which is why intelligent females are culled via SKIRTS. They are troublesome if they think (leadership). The fraternity is the mechanism for asserting control against any competition and is held in check by the DEBAUCHERY solidarity pledge.

2.7 Debauchery pledging documents the initiate against the moral will of the public making this person vulnerable to a justice system that would kill him for crimes perped during these activities the most common example of which is the  SKIRTS rendition of which LDS elite perp at a national rate of six thousand (6000) per year, or two per US county annually.

2.8 Mormon elite are notorious for their debauchery pledging the type of which is perpetual hybrid black mass breeding mainstream Eves, two examples of which were Beverly Potts and Laurie Lynn Partridge. There are others.

2.9 Such a frat enterprise that perps human trafficking for torture does not concern itself with the law and instead makes up it’s own, usually economic or theocratic, and employs the use of highly trained apologists and intelligence cells to diffuse the public.

2.10 In the past, frat advocates were Intel attaches. Today’s advocates are media.

2.10 The precedence setting biblical frat is the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Lesser Males (Adam) are deligated to their women, Eve, and acculturated to find fault with God’s plan, patriotism, and morality thus installing the confused mind set of a pledge undergoing induction.

2.11 Why a serpent motif? Treachery and the cultivation of trust for betrayal, female capitulation the threshold over which the male will follow, and opportunity to set a permanent barrier to restoration of human dignity.

2.12 Teach morality against the backdrop of treachery, masquerade noble cause to gain the confidence of the public and install scoundrel leadership, and entire regional populations will come under the control of a small cohort of frat predators.

2.13 People are simple minded to a fault. They are carefree and do not think about their circumstances deeply enough to effect a community alert on corruption let alone SYG rule of law against a Crypto surge.



3.1 Crypto elite have to keep their numbers small, otherwise the organization will become too bureaucratic, domestic terrorism the alternative to a system so completely overwhelmed by predators it would collapse without this.

3.2 Small group, replicate throughout domestic structures and bifurcate, and the HRS terrorism projects are endless. People acculturated moral and ethical in the forefront never suspect they are being preyed upon, scoundrel leadership itself doubling up the masquerade and parading itself preeminent… and lethal.

3.3 Any taxpayer funded Crypto administration lacking public oversight is dirty. Reserve funds can be used to traffic in domestic terrorism that simultaneously sets up an opportunity to solidarity pledge.

3.4 Take for example the strange police slayings of seemingly innocent people. A target is identified, slaying ensues, victim’s family receives a damages payout that is the price they  are willing to accept for the loss of a loved one to human trafficking for torture.

3.5 In other cases they just perp the murder and blame the victim examples of which were Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Corinna Novis (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013).

3.6 Whistle blowers are given the same considerstion as any other target. When such a person sounds the alarm, all points converge, just rether than structured as a solidarity project, the process is designed around the use of a group of adhoc felon assets that pepper the target with annoyance opportunistic to set off a confrontation for police action on the victim.

3.7 Typically Crypto will set harassment snares throughout the community using a network of provocateurs that engage various forms of annoyance. Crypto assets are like reserve military. They are activated when needed and otherwise kept busy in jobs which embed them locally.






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LDS Brotherhood of Baphomet

God conscience is one’s awareness of morality and the consequence of ignorance when dealing with predators.

The Bible attempts to equip the public with beliefs and values to ready the mind for such circumstances, and it lays out a construct of rules to follow to empower people to unify their resiliance, but people don’t want this. People want exotic food, indiscriminant sex and degenerate entertainment.

Aggrandizing obsessive appetites is neophyte indoctrination, or the first level of the Illuminati inner circles. LDS claim they don’t do this, which is a lie: Deseret, polygamous soul marriage, Mormon entertainment industries, all of which are delusional neophyte “haa pee ness” baits.

Over the threshold with a grip on any of this, people are greeted by Minerva (inversion of faith), then Astarte (temple marriages and polygamous soul marriage to children). Beyond this, LDS elite perp Genesis 6:2 radicalized and solidarity pledge child and human sacrifice, their mechanism for the latter SKIRTS Rendition resourced by  Intel and Jacobin propaganda cohort, SABRA Lodge 13.

The fall of man is not a myth, hence Baphomet’s seated posture flanked left and right by children being indoctrinated, the height to which they were endowed on Baphomet’s right, the depth of their fail on this transgener’s left.

Moroni similarly poised issues the same alert, the potential for God conscience on the right, on the left the clenched fist of brutality (directed at females), Moroni himself lacking male genitalia.

Stupid people wonder, “What kind of God do they have in mind for the NWO?” The evidence for this is the one they are using to substitute for JESUS, the LDS Moroni, or Baphomet.


Remember, this is THEIR literature, so there can be no mistake or misunderstanding about what the reader is about to see.

12 words:



The significance of 12 words in this little collection of occult macabre is base nine additive sum 3, or COBRA (see notes).

Now go ahead and lie to yourself and believe what you are looking at isn’t true.

LDS are brotherhood of Baphomet, a manifestation of Brotherhood of the Snake, their membership inducted into an immense organization engineered to penetrate and collapse manstream Protestant Christianiy masquerading noble faith the substitution of which produces a highly rationalized and perverted mind.


COBRA> 36291> 354> 12> 3

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DEMOCRACY: the catalyst for transition from chaos to dictatorship

Democracy is not a political system. It is a catalyst for transition from manufactured chaos to a dictatorship the next step of which will be the disposal of many who oppose Scottish Rite and LDS preeminence.

The government of the global elite is troika statism shielded by Sabbatai Zevi inspired Jacobin radical propaganda the brainchild of which is the Fabian Society, all of which contravene a constitutional republic.

Macabre as this may seem to the uninitiated, this devil system is resourced by hybrid eugenics leadership breeding masquerading noble faith Mormon church and it’s Baphomet effigy, Moroni. The Mormon church is an insanely contrived system of fraud and felony corruption unequaled in religion internationally.

Such a Godless system is held together by inflationary/deflationary fiat economics controlled entirely by a foreign central bank the power of which is the ability to suppress population via Wall Street, the coropration the mechanism of radiation throughout domestic infrastructure.

The leadership in this dystopia has been hijacked and reformed from ethical to a brutally morally arrested degenerate, Americans falsely believing they are going to corect this by voting for a POTUS that is selected by an electoral college over which there is no ethical or legal oversight.

You are looking at a very simple four point statist agenda for the deconstruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights the reconstruction of which will be an oligarch dictatorship to replace them.

The Rex flagship in the US is Skull and Bones; Americans are aware of this but doing nothing to stop it. NOTHING.

So, what does this look like in San Bernardino?

RADICAL PROPAGANDA  2 December 2015 was terrorist drill billed as reality to the local public (radical activism).

HYBRID LEADERSHIP  San Bernardino Mayor Carey R. Davis is the black mass son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and then LDS president David O. McKay.

INFLATION/DEFLATION FIAT ECON Federal Reserve central banking; an offer of money by the federal govermnent to host an agitprop gun control campaign the acceptance of which conforms the 9th and 10th amendments to a federal plan locally.

MORALLY ARRESTED LEADERSHIP  Iluminized Zionist frat club, Scottish Rite Freemasons and subordinating Lodges and organizations that control local business, education, medicine, police ANAI the primary example of which is the engineered economic collapse of this county the rebuilding of which includes installing a League of California Cities (CLOC) statist operating system.

The typical Illuminati stooge is a morally corrupted individual, the worst of these the likes of ONA/SABRA Lodge 13 cohort, Sheriff John McMahon and his streetside prostitute slaying wet works assassins.


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