Human Trafficking in US Education

I encountered this in 1985. Much as it grates on the conscience it think about even now, it has only gotten worse over the past two decades. It’s frightening. It’s real.

A district enterprise never discussed in the open is “trafficking”. Districts establish federally funded special education programs that in order to continue to receive funds they have to stay a year ahead of the budget, and this requires several years of planning to populate these classes with a head count to keep them going.

To this end, they cull students from regular education knowing full well they are trafficking children who would never actually qualify for services if left alone, and the way they do this is the double bind.

They target children who are vulnerable to harassment, subject them to sustained hazing and intimidation, document the fallout in behavior and learning they allege is natural for the child and then rout them. These are typically children from socioeconomic impacted homes, and in one case I was involved with the child was selected based on his religion and leadership. In in other words, they took out a leader.

This produces a funding head count. I dealt with this in the system. It’s a business for the districts who do this. It’s how they pay their debts. It’s criminal. It’s unethical, but the do it and get away with it largely because people are not aware of the district’s use of double bind politics, and when they are, a district will bring in an attorney to force the issue with a proactive parent.

School policies are written to service such an enterprise and present ungodly in competition with the child’s civil rights. It’s the same occult application that’s being used in the US at this time with an improvement in the District’s coercive powers via Common Core curriculum.

Special education laws do NOT prevent this and too are designed to create loopholes for the district to force it’s will, the only recourse parents having in such macabre circumstances being to file a civil lawsuit which falls outside the protection of ADA.

At one time I was in touch with the State department of education regarding this issue. Wall of silence. Absolutely would NOT respond.

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