Community META_X Group Forming


San Bernardino/Redlands Areas. Confronting DA/Sheriff administrative coven. High risk, features administrative TI, retaliation, SKIRTS, death threats, profiling, deputy stalking people as game, etc. San Bernardino County is highly active in human trafficking and kidnapping for torture in connection with the Redlands LDS temple and Jehovah’s Witness AKA BIFURCATED KHAZAR TALMUDIC JUDAISM. Community leadership sponsors highly organized snuff kills on the public and manufacturing of official records to avoid detection.


A META group is forming in San Bernardino to address the need to confront this administration regarding the existence of a 2.7 mile ONA geocartographic anchored on Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs and the LDS temple on 5th street and S. Wabash Avenue in Redlands and dated to 1940.

Administration has avoided discussion on this issue and is currently engaged in racketeering affairs to attempt to profile this researcher in avoidance of a meeting to discuss why this project is being undertaken and how San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon appear to have asset perped female victim, Sylvia Marie Flores, a commemorative sacrifice in connection with the LDS temple on 5th Street.

If you believe the official record of the Flores abduction, you are among the lost what gullibility, poorly constructed information and insouciance is condemning you to psychological hyperbole what presentation on your community is opportunistic for local terrorism. Elizabeth Short is identified with Redlands, the catalyst for this the Redlands ONA. There are three other female victims on this project dating to 1966, every one of these also identified with this horrific geocartographic.

People summarily dismiss involvement in affairs with the Mormon church, their rationale usually this organization is populated with crazy people. In reality, such an attitude actually benefits this entity, because people having alerted on their weirdness will avoid them and subsequently not perceive or administratively engage the darker events swirling around them in the community. They do this everywhere they go. LDS elite are TRIPTYCH predators.

These people are dangerous, this researcher having discovered one of their projects underway in a community that is characteristically pathologically so detached this region is easy pickings for their need for victims to pledge felon elite NON- Mormon leadership via Scottish Rite. What I am talking about is snuff murder and sacrifice entirely at the will of the reining local elite.

This is beyond occult and is networked both locally and throughout state via fraternal organizations that ultimately answer to either the LDS or Scottish Rite. This means anything rising to the level of public awareness is characteristically profiled opportunistic for a kill. Again, San Bernardino DA and sheriff asset perped Sylvia Marie Flores in connection with regional Scottish Rite and LDS elite. Previous administrations have done the same.

LDS elite are targeting infants at birth based on information handed off from the hospital. Researchers looking for specific cartographic representation in the birth chart identify same and forward this information to LDS SKIRTS engineers who subsequently blueprint the targeted individual for rendition 20 years hence, which means they are handling these individuals via the public school system and in connection with parents who are manipulated into proximity to produce the SKIRTS kill.

Certain birth chart astro-cartographics feature predictive on leadership typically and naturally occurring in the population. LDS, a black mass breeding operation masquerading religion, IDENTIFY, STALK, KIDNAP, RAPE, TORTURE and SACRIFICE (SKIRTS) these individuals to take them out of the mainstream in competition with their manufactured satanic bloodlines. TE Lawrence was a LDS black mass rendition project (LDS Reformation, Atramental Lodge 23), his actual and true mother Mary Ann Nichols. Jimmy Fallon, Ben Swann and Pastor Steven Anderson are LDS projects.

This is how they got at Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis, and Sylvia Marie Flores. These were every one an LDS perped SKIRTS/snuff rendition at the will of the local ADMINISTRATIVE ONLY LDS/Scottish Rite coven, and San Bernardino DA nor the Sheriff will discuss this having handed this issue off to the FBI.

FBI were alerted well ahead of the Flores abduction and did nothing to intercede to prevent this. In fact, her abduction was telegraphed to me in Sacramento with absolutely no response from the police except a home visit from Detective Danny Oliver who threatened to shoot me if I did not stop researching and reporting on these crimes. In particular, Oliver and partner, Detective Briton, were supposed to have taken me out. Having failed to do so Oliver himself was subsequently punished by his LDS/Scottish Rite handlers to set an example of what can happen to those who manifest FBPO redaction on a occult orchestrated kill.

This is corruption beyond life. These collectively are METRIC predators. You’ve never seen that designation before, but in fact this is the correct label for those who are advanced in fraternal organizations understood to qualify for status and resources based on their willingness to commit horrific crimes unquestioning when directed to do so by their LDS/SRM bosses. This includes kidnapping your child for human sacrifice and blaming it on some officially documented snuff patsy via a manufactured record (Ramos/McMahon, Flores). These monsters begin their training in childhood and practice on untold scores of victims to learn to have absolutely no fear when perping a kill on an adult (Ted Bundy).

Participation in this group requires vetting your identity to avoid penetration by administrative provocateurs. You must prove who you are via valid California ID and birth certificate.

Time, date and locations of meetings will be announced. There is no money on this; do not patronize this project with donations.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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