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In colonial America, agricultural and farming communities were organized around a very simple albeit powerful domestic entity: the church. People were focused on a core literature, the Bible, and they fiercely defended same for both their survival and to be synchronous and undivided in their purpose. They were also thus naturally poised to discuss politics. This was colonial meta, Protestant Christians among the most fierce of these, Presbyterians rising to the battles that actually engaged the British.

LDS appeared on the scene after the fact as a City of London project the purpose of which was to penetrate Protestant Christianity simultaneously perpetrating high crimes against the American public (Mountain Meadows, Old Bishop) the point of which was and remains a double bind coercion AKA “coercive magick”. LDS swear they have no idea what this is. Problem with that lie is Mountain meadows was a 30 year project in the making perped based on astrological phenomenon LDS claim was a mistake and misunderstanding.

Allow me clarify for the naive and unaware. Mountain Meadows was an intentional well planned criminal hijack, kidnapping, and slaughter of a wagon train of 140 Christians traveling from Arkansas to California led into a calculated ambush the purpose of which was to isolate them to perp mass human sacrifice. It’s the same scheme San Bernardino LDS/Scottish Rite administration used to kidnap Sylvia Maria Flores and predecessors Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge and Corinna Novis. It’s the same method Thomas Monson used to kidnap Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner. ALL LDS elite have diplomatic immunity. Why?

Why do LDS elite serving in US congress and local state communities have diplomatic immunity? Why aren’t Americans aware of this. Why aren’t people asking questions about this? LDS charm offensive disarms your intelligence; once inside you head they take over with their Orion devil.

The easy way to begin to understand this is MORMON= MORe MONey. This symbolic presentation on your sensibilities becomes more confusing with an increase in perception exactly how they are hoodwinking the public. MORONI= Melchizedek (export M)+ ORION (constellation)= MORION= MORONI.

More complicated still, LDS alleged ancient great society MULEKITE is constructed from the words Betelgeuse and Mintaka thus: bETELgeUse MIntaKa= ETELUMIK= MULEKITE. Jaredite, Nephite and Lamanite have the same origin, just they used a more complex encryption on these to guard against being too obvious to an otherwise stupid public.

Mormon elite are full spectrum psychopaths metric recruited for their predisposition as prolific felons. Once over the threshold of your home and female adults and children identified, LDS missionaries hand this information off to Melchizedek who commence soul marriage to same such usurpation of the targeted individual’s civil rights perpetrated by fraud. They bait lechery, coerce via soul hijack and will use every trick in the book to keep you spinning on their phantom prophet, Joseph Smith, and trilogy fantasy literature, the Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants, ALL of which are nothing more than tightly wired corporate mystification policy engineered to replace Protestant Christianity with Mormon Satanism.

Brigham Young was one of the most prolific serial SKIRTS predators of his day setting the standard for human black mass trafficking in the US currently. These black and white lipped cobra identified predators (Judaism connect) take two victims per year per US county, sacrifice one curbside and breed the other black mass. They have started many black mass bloodlines in the US, of particular interest breeding bulls Spencer Kimball/Pastor Steven Anderson, Harold B. Lee/Jimmy Fallon and Ezra Taft Benson/Ben Swann and of course Thomas Monson (Holloway/Gardner)

These triptych monsters are so bold with the Smith lie, LDS administration kited a picture of George Hodel (c 1928) as Joseph Smith claiming this was a true and actual image of their prophet. Hodel remains one of the prime suspects in the Elizabeth Short slaying, stealth cohort George Albert Smith in the backdrop oft his horrific crime in connection with Kinsington Palace in England. Dahlia got her name from Kinsington, a telegraph of sorts typical of how these prolific serial killers do their business with the public, and mainstream America is stupid. In this regard, the LDS is the true church. It’s a black mass predator organization, it’s prey the US public.


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