Genesis 6:2 Dedication to San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John Mcmahon

Two sentences each passage so the reader gets a feel for how this works. This is a simple example of occult engineered narration that will hopefully help the reader begin to perceive the same institutional use of such writing and how this telegraphs subliminally to an audience.

Genesis 6:2 TRIPTYCH decrypts 2 thus:

7555191 62
678 62

Inverse Hermeneutic on Genesis 6:2= LDS at will abductions and black mass breeding of satanic bloodlines examples of which are TE Lawrence, Pastor Steven Anderson, Ben Swann, Jimmy Fallon and Harold Green ANAI.


Researching the Redlands ONA, Cheri Jo Bates was an inevitable discovery, this geo-logo a compass of sorts that points to every victim abduction/sacrifice that was used to create this monstrosity. Redlands on this?

Redlands is TOTALLY unaware typical of a DRAC hunting territory with Melchizedek elite owning this location with the presentation of their temple on 5th Street. Lutheran and Watchtower elite are involved in this and very likely being resourced to local leadership based on their asset participation in kidnapping for torture ANAI.

Crime discovery produced crossover w/tembel hat (Cybil) encryption in the 1966 Cheri Jo Bates abduction. The perp encrypted this in his narrative to police.

Bates was an Orion abduction, the Zodiac more an application like the Ripper than one perp exclusively. There were several perps on BOTH projects, and both likewise Scottish Rite/LDS engineered. Children are featured in these crimes.

Whitechapel celebrated LDS reformation in the US. TE Lawrence was a black mass rendition harvested from Mary Ann Nichols. She was 9 months pregnant when renditioned curbside by some LDS fuck making points for his Scottish Rite masters.

Zodiac O+ X of course is Orion with implications for bull (animal) slaughter, which is how Zod+ iac victims (encrypted Mason 7) were regarded. ZOD in ancient Hebrew= to make boil, the only reasonable interpretation these circumstances identifying Bates with a highly active Moloch entity.

IAC of course easily translates to CIA, the importance of pointing this out to make people aware this entity is operating illegally in the US as a sponsor of domestic terrorism in connection with Scottish Rite and LDS perped kidnapping for torture. CIA notoriously runs it’s own disinformation operations to discredit authentic research into these monstrous crimes, Ted Bundy’s uncle one of these.

The way this works is an administrative coven opens a pledge sacrifice application, cohorts that recognize this making contributions at will until the project closes. The Redlands ONA currently remains open in perpetuity, victims forward having been identified as far back as 1990.

Anyone who commits to an abduction has history on such a project giving that individual power to control how the manufactured investigation issues to the public. This is how they remain safe from prosecution.

The Redlands ONA is an open project, my daughter subsequently targeted, UR police having made pre abduction contact with her when Epstein was here. They were stalking potential victims from the University of Redlands population at off campus housing locations, one in particular TDC ONA.

I went ballistic with the UR dean of students which at that time I had no idea how involved this was. UR police were perping for San Bernardino coven leadership.

When I learned about Salvia Marie Flores, I stepped up my research and discovered my daughter’s astrological birth chart, an Orion cartographic, was drawing occult preds. Sylvia Maria Flores and Laurie Lynn Partridge form the lower inverted pentagram of the ONA logo, Orion left and right immediately above.

Taking out these targets completes their macabre human sacrifice puzzle for no other reason than to initiate newly pledged Melchizedek and Scottish Rite elite and to maintain current leadership to avoid redaction. Ultimately my youngest is also such an astro cartographic, kind of rare.

I subsequently alerted on my youngest when county initiated their trafficking campaign on her 2014 during the mercury retrograde and again in 2015 during a rare occultation. We are currently at a stand off on this enterprise.

Mountain Meadows, a Mormon human sacrifice event by mistake and misunderstanding, was perped during a rare astrological event as well. They have no boundaries, coven administration manufacturing whatever resource perps need to pull these crimes off inclusive of avoidance of prosecution.

I knew nothing about the astro cartography until two years ago. Based on what I now understand, the chart is what gets them attacked.

LDS get this information from hospital birth records which they program into their national database. Birth Cartographic comes up Orion (rare), that individual will be attacked and renditioned as a human game animal.

Scottish Rite/LDS METRIC PREDATORS shield themselves from detection by throwing occult rhetoric at the public to mollify and confuse people. Lack of investigative journo and media silence with the exception of official news release pretty much seals the public’s ignorance.

The more complicated the presentation upon the victim, the less likely the public will be to discuss actual and real data about these horrific crimes. Occult is complicated making perception of the actual perp entity impossible, albeit they telegraph this like they did Flores.

Flores was placed SLC TDC on the Redlands Mormon temple on 5th Street and Melchizedek controlled Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. Placing her body on Almond Avenue identified her abduction murder with Cybele, Baal, etc. That’s San Bernardino’s administration only coven current led by DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon.

Nutshell, admin= doing this to pledge new recruits to occult govt, resource LDS w/black mass victims and snuff entertainment for the elite. Shrouding this in occult presentation keeps the public stupid albeit at the same time openly telegraphing these crimes.

LDS= US black mass breeding in perpetuity, this corporation’s FBI shield populated w/LDS Melchizedek unwilling to expose LDS racketeered kidnapping for torture. The ONLY reason the public is not alerting on this is people were not educated to perceive racketeering and human trafficking in childhood, morality and ethics replaced with Big Bird and Barney.

People have been moralized to throw this off on rationale that God will punish and Jesus saves then bury their collective head in the sand. On the other hand, elite have been training their children on murder and mayhem cloaked in mystification such as mysterious deaths and such.

THAT application is Ted Bundy. He took his first victim, a peer, when he was 10.

Elite are training their own children in this manner. THESE ten year olds show up at car door in the parking lot at the grocery store they will shoot you then witness against a phantom perp, the police in on this and never alerting on the child, which by the way is Danite presentation of the LDS Whistling and Whittling Brigade.

Redlands mainstream> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO ANAI.


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