San Bernardino METRIC PSYCHOPATHS and Human Trafficking for Torture


@San Bernardino Predator/Domestic Terrorism Administration, John McMahon/Mike Ramos

This was a little more involved than my last two missives, and of course it always helps motivate me when I am being set upon by your residential CRYPTO Watchtower raptor. This is how I channel the Divine in these circumstances. I talk to people, you stupid fucks, which is quite a bit different that your hate/snuff enterprise on 23 year old Hispanic prostitutes or any other female you take a impulse to SKIRTS abduct for a fuck and sacrifice party for your Mormon elite METRIC PSYCHOPATH masters ANAI.

Having provided a thumbnail of the METRIC re you two, John McMahon, Mike Ramos, and an example of the projects your collective administrative coven monster has undertaken locally (Cheri Jo Bates, Corrina Novis, Sylvia Marie Flores), the next thing to do attempt to describe where this freak organization came from and how it has established itself in the mainstream.


Back in the day, PIRATING cohort, phony Torah Jews, BIFURCATED creating secondary group, Talmudic Jews, claiming they had no part in this, albeit BOTH groups wear the cobra costume: locks, hat and black and white clothing (black and white lipped cobra) and will not discuss this with the public. This is a highly secretive manifestation of their covert BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE albeit publicly telegraphed encrypted and theatrical establishing Judaism supremacy and hubris in competition with a moral public and in your face with a lie.

This behavior pervades every one of their satellite organizations on the planet, without exception. Watchtower is an LDS rendition asset. Even Lutherans are caught up in this nightmare. These collectively are the Synagogue of Satan referred to in revelation 3:9. What they have cleverly done is made the public aware the Jew culture was hijacked, these human hunters/trappers the predators that did the hijacking. For the record, there was no exodus. Captive Jews (black) were starved to death. They never made it out of Egyptian captivity. The crypto Jew culture that did emerge from Egypt was in fact this same entity that subsequently collapsed Mesopotamia, Babylon and Rome and are currently taking out the Middle East.

There is academic argument on when the exodus actually occurred, a reasonable estimate around the time of Akhenaten and this monster’s institutionalization of black mass breeding. Akhenaten was gay, his wife, Nefertiti, a man. This Egyptian bearded Aphrodite used black mass surrogates to carry his children, mothers sacrificed at birth commencing what would become the application for breeding black mass bloodlines in perpetuity, an institution in the US carried forward by Talmudic Judaism Scottish Rite Freemason entity, the Mormon church (Anderson, Swann, Fallon): however, today’s black mass has magnified to taking two Eves, sacrificing one curbside and breading the other black mass (Jessica Haslam, Sierra Lamar), Mason/FBPO networked police and Sheriff providing asset service because they are told to do so by their Mason masters, families of these victims never questioning the actual and real perps. They never suspect who they are. They never for one moment suspect it’s you Mayberry folks.

A couple of things are happening here that bear explanation. Elite are generally not the brightest and the best. They are typically identified and groomed from childhood for leadership based on their predisposition as psychopaths. Also, because they are corruptible, they are dually acculturated to sociopath prevarication with institutional crime making them ideal kill at will puppets for their masters. They are notoriously bound to a hierarchy of power and place themselves in the trust of those who reward them in exchange for asset services that advance the Talmudic Judaism hijack agenda on the US. In California, this is the League of California Cities what acronym CLOC is the Prague clock that runs backward telegraphing pseudo Jew prevarication with the inverse hermeneutic. It’s only getting worse.

Madness and insanity pervade the Scottish Rite Masons the reason for this elite are by and large radical homosexuals (INSANITY), their cohort of subordinates the amorphous psychopaedomorph (MADNESS). Rank and file Masons are this organization’s honor shield.

Imagine you have been invited to attend the home of some nationally recognized sovereign, once there and realizing this was a trap held captive against your will and starved to death, the perpetrator assuming your identity and culture to advance it’s own. This is what happened to the black Jews. Again, there was no Exodus, the crypto entity that perped this horrific crime eventually rising to preeminence via it’s developmental identity as Jew, Torah Jew, Talmudic Jew, Scottish Rite Freemason and eventually Mormon church. David was made up. Solomon is a lie. You monsters have no boundaries. You are triptych predators, your game animal of choice, human females of all ages, male children and Novus adult males who oppose you.

Crypto is getting away with this, because people in the mainstream are by and large stupid and very much the herd animal pseudo Jews refer to as Goyim. People don’t like to think meta, so this flies right over them confirming they really are stupid as you make them out to be.

This institution of death infused with American culture is made possible by recruitment process in which Mason elite groom a radical underclass to preeminence knowing they can be depended upon to attack and kill at will. These bought and paid for asset assassins service whatever elite project has been engineered to build the radical homosexual’s society of slaves, the public diffused through a complex system of satiation of appetites (food, sex, entertainment) making it certain they will remain insouciant through the process of their transformation freaks like you two drooling over the smorgasbord of appetizer prostitutes and very likely UR students who have no idea you stand in ready to prep there, too. That’s why the REDLANDS 2.7 MILE GEOCARTOGRAPHIC is TDC off campus student housing.

Fast food, indiscriminate sex, degenerate entertainment and hubris are actually a psychological cage and holding cell of sorts fpr the public in preparation for the slaughterhouse, but people will never realize this until they face the devil directly, by that time to far gone to free themselves. Mason sponsored predators only do three things, albeit the public has to be sedate for this to work. They bait, double bind and overwhelm their targets with radical activism the point of the latter to wear them down so they are unable to throw off a coup.

An ordinary person will figure activism as protesting, midnight candle light prayer vigils and letters to the Governor and such, radical activism something akin to marching on the street or ride your Harley to DC. That’s not even close. Mason radical activism is their SKIRTS black mass campaign, their elite the breeding bulls who take these victims for setting up a Satanic bloodlines if the victim’s fetus survives the mother’s death before it’s ungodly birth. This is all too wildly impossible to the ordinary mind, hence people will not vet these circumstances for reality.

This is the pathological tap root of San Bernardino City/County administration and the reason you have established your ONA project in Redlands. The Redlands ONA is a telegraph to the public you know people will never see but that you can boast they did indeed make people aware of what you are doing – involving the public school system no less – and the rule of law be damned. Your elite party, too, just your entertainment is a few steps over the threshold of the Twilight Zone.

Mason’s don’t follow the rule of law. You follow whatever system you have created developmentally that secures your own organization against a mainstream surge that would rout you if people knew what you were doing. For the time being, people are ignoring this, their funk with normalcy predisposing them to pathological denial. If they ignore it and don’t acknowledged it maybe it will go away, something like that. Fact is that only works temporarily, such people passing this problem off to the next generation that has to deal with this project having magnified in perpetuity, a DRAC wet dream.

The METRIC is a natural psychopath acculturated sociopath and scripted for whatever asset task is required in exchange for which you receive money, sex drugs and whatever else you want to aggrandize some highly specialized personal addiction or perversion.

You are triptych predators, your ascent to the CSDR pledge making you competent with the hijack triptych and willing to use this on whomever you are told without questioning the source. This is how you sick fucks perped Sylvia Marie Flores in light of day with absolutely no one knowing for the better she was even missing. You placed her body SLC to acknowledge this was indeed a Mormon human sacrifice project and subsequently used a snuff patsy, you two, John McMahon and Mike Ramos, in the backdrop of this horrific crime asset servicing human trafficking and kidnapping for torture. Perfect cover is a compensated psychopath sheriff chief and psychopaedomorph DA. You two control the investigation and official records, manufactured as they are to present on the public in avoidance of identifying yourselves involved in human trafficking for torture, racketeering and fraud.

This is San Bernardino Administration. It’s a human trafficking and racketeering crime syndicate the core leadership of which are their elite SNAKE BEARING Scottish Rite and LDS Masons.

For your information, “David” decrypts 8 what number identifies this fake character with the eight stars in the Orion constellation. Solomon decrypts 666 and 7, the latter the code derivative for Orion and Mason prime accompanying their Pythagoras G, hence G7, 7 also representative of the 7 lobed oak leaf, hence the Druid connection to human trafficking for torture in the US.

Sheriff and DA? The community is saturated with your METRIC cohorts. When pulling off a SKIRTS rendition such a Flores, you form a disposable community around the victim which, from this individual’s naive point of view, makes the environment appear normal. Snake strikes, the victim believing she is surrounded by witnesses. You practice this phenomenon in haunts during which rank and file demons, such as are a few of your subordinates, make a simultaneous appearance at a given time (sadoencryption) and then disappear back to their ordinary routines. Worst part of this is your Jew promoted police forensic psychologists and CSI know about this but stand down on orders. The system is populated with individuals that should have ended up in reform schools instead of leadership. Good God. Figure the numbers on this are huge. A woman approximately 60 years old drove past me the other day raised her hand at me in the sigh of the devil, the bumper sticker on her car the Mason compass and square.

People believe this is impossible, but reality is you psychopath ghouls likewise train your children on this application same as Melchizedek pass their satanic priestly abduction powers on to their male children for disposal of virtually any female they take an obsession to. An example of what this looks like in a radical scenario is Ted Bundy. Bundy took his first victim at the age of ten. He was trained by his CIA uncle, the child he perped one of his uncle music students. Bundy was upwardly mobile in the Iron Triangle, the reason they brought him in his Orion projects too sloppy to confirm viability as a METRIC PSYCHOPATH. Melchizedek does the same thing, it’s just labeled different. Bundy perped three primary regions, every one of these a cartographic failure, which means he had handlers and that many of his slayings were snuff documented. You enjoy death and watching people die is why you do this, obviously, the American mainstream and in particular San Bernardino the perfect society of tolerance for macabre by mistake and misunderstanding.


Aside from the three hundred thousand Eves you METRICS perped between 1900 and 2000, the other reason people are lazy is they have been acculturated to this future simple minded via education that minimizes critical thinking with absolutely no information on the use of your triptych, your own children educated and informed they are superior to mainstream and are to regard themselves thus with periodic sorties on the herd for practice.

The meta on this seals in adolescence, which is why adults are slow to process this information if they are even willing to hear it out. In this regard, because adults are inertial in their behavior, they typically will not tolerate information that does not conform to mainstream normalcy, which meas they are stupid, but that’s another discussion, fuck heads.


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