Defending Utah/Latter Day CON-servative

Latter Day Conservative is an LDS journo founded in 2005 and according to this organization’s Facebook page promotes the principles of Liberty Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This LDS propaganda media claims to possess an avid interest in the Federalist Papers, Constitution and quality of life of Americans generally and God, family, faith, freedom and peace specifically for LDS members. Defending Utah is thus an anachronism for feigned helplessness typical of a predator entity that is playing an endless con on a child-minded public.

If you can spell bullshit correctly, you can hopefully likewise perceive a conundrum of it in the language of LDS charm offensive AKA coercive magick (emphasis spelling) the back drop of which can be correctly understood by a brief perusal of the following images.

What you are about to look at is LDS offensive, a feature of this monster organization’s preoccupation with SKIRTS abductions for black mass that leadership hopes you will be simple minded enough not to make some obvious connections.

In Defending Utah, the LDS writer is using political triggers that up front influence the reader to identity with the absurd notion LDS have no part in Agenda 21 or a North American Union. LDS is a political/corporate theocracy that, unfortunately, has fallen out of favor with it’s Talmudic Jew inventors overseas.

While this feel good language may be correct to a delusional state of mind of rank and file Mormons, reality is LDS have made a power move presence with the UN the purpose of which is an attempt to pounce, occupy and bullshit those people, too, as though UN officials have no clue LDS mission creep has been this sick entity’s presentation upon Protestant Christians the purpose of which is theocracide (Mountain Meadows), genocide (Old Bishop) and black mass in perpetuity principled on Genesis 6:2, inverse hermeneutic.

This may never come to a full and complete realization in the minds of insouciant LDS fantasy psychopaths, but it will nonetheless have been said during a period of time that Americans, if not Mormons, had an opportunity to redress this issue at the source but did not. Thomas Monson perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner. He is also the proxy agenda for the Heaven Night Club killings in Mexico City, a retention sacrifice for his then deceased wife.

Here’s where you are making a huge mistake. In the mind of the normalcy biased American, Jesus saves and God will punish while you folks spend your days eating exotic fast foods, scheduling appointment at Planned Parenthood and doing degenerate entertainment. LDS elite know this about society, that man is anchored in hedonism, that this can be exploited to produce the type of culture we now have: degenerate.

Degeneracy is manufactured for this purpose. LDS bait degeneracy via lechery, and when this was outlawed late 1800, Mormon elite simply faded this to their own prevarication making the public less offended by what would become a project in engineering a society of satanic bloodlines via three hundred thousand Eve abductions between 1900 and 2000.

If you really believe the Divine is going to rescue this generation from it’s own vice, forget it. If anything, Comet Halleluiah will end this affair for earth the same way that planet was destroyed that created the asteroid belt a billion years ago. Americas #1 character failure= hubris, the correct way to confront this to have to deal with a tyrant that knows and understands your status in the political food chain.

LDS elite are triptych predators, the mainstream, rank and file Mormons and public generally, a game animal.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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