A simple image accompanied by a narrative is probably the best way to get this across to the public, so here are two that make a very powerful statement about Scottish Rite/Mormon use of sado-encryption (kidnapping for torture based on encryption using cartography, numerology and astrology) in LDS SKIRTS black mass breeding satanic bloodlines in the US.

The examples given are the Redlands temple, albeit the Rome temple build is a more compelling study, since victims on that location are Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner.

Thomas Monson never in his years as LDS Satan alpha ever expected to get caught with his hands on abduction property. He is protected from investigation and prosecution via pseudo diplomatic immunity what in reality is he is shielded by Scottish Rite Freemasons. This monster is literally one of the most prolific serial METRIC psychopath predators on the planet.

I am currently being stalked by LDS Danite mafia in collusion with San Bernardino County Sheriff, John McMahon and DA, Mike Ramos, their racketeering mission creep to attempt to stop me from making this information public.

In the meanwhile LDS elite will publish against this information magnifying recruitment in an attempt to throw off discovery. This typically works, because the mainstream is motivated to avoid taking responsibility and will identify with LDS via trauma bond. Sick society.

LDS elite fuck addicted METRIC psychopaths can identify their SKIRTS rendition targets at birth tapping into hospital records at will. Many of these kidnappings are engineered far ahead as twenty-five years the model of which is Mountain Meadows. Mountain Meadows was thirty years in the making, LDS elite having the public believe this was an event of immediate occurrence. It was engineered so perfectly some of these victims were bred to it.

esi_bates parker templeesi_black mass telegraph


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