LDS SKIRTS Black Mass: George Q. Cannon (1857) on Eugenics

14 July 2015  This is a tough issue to make simple for people unaccustomed to vetting official records and such. Used to taking leadership at face value and placing trust in those whose say nice and comforting things, people become insouciant and can be easily preyed upon by those entrusted with power.

The best current example of how the SKIRTS process works is Planned Parenthood’s involvement in selling baby parts from partial birth abortions.

Everyone in the industry knows this is illegal, but local franchise doctors nonetheless contract body part sales to businesses that supply fetus tissues to research labs in abeyance of federal laws which are supposed to prohibit this.

SKIRTS abductions are perped in similar manner. The LDS church is organized like a franchise corporation with national, regional and local affiliates, their alleged service to community one of mystification. They front Jesus, a facade to their eugenics black mass mission creep involving kidnapping for torture.

In a similar manner as Planned Parenthood, local stakes contract snuff kills (curbside sacrifice) and abductions (black mass) with administratively subordinate NOC covens, many of these not even LDS identified, that supply rendition crews linked to the Sheriff and District Attorney’s offices, the latter providing transport and manufactured documentation shielding the contracting entity from being identified. George Q. Cannon is the mark on LDS public acknowledgement favorable to Mormon eugenics (see NOTES below).

The only actual purposes of SKIRTS kidnappings are: 1) curbside documented kills that provide a pledge service to Elite initiates and snuff entertainment for their betters, and 2) the black mass Eve produces one of their coveted manufactured “product” bloodlines that sets a standard for breeding the perfect soulless psychopath sapien. They sacrifice the Eve just before delivery of her fetus, this ritual allegedly producing a soulless infant.


18 June 2015  I guess DA Mike Ramos and pervert side kick, Sheriff John McMahon, are getting a little antsy to shut this down. I’ve got their residential NOC profiled with an LDS link to Sylvia Marie Flores and the state. These people are sick beyond the imagination, lazy insouciant population in this community acculturated to their administrative ONA coven featuring such Internationale notables as Jeffrey Epstein. Talmud driven systems tend to manifest this way, stupid fucking happy idiot “Goyim” public as eager to perform rendition tricks as these monsters are to perp them. Bob Habel (San Bernardino Superior) court issued his second warning to me to get my last will and testament ready. They do this, then are all psychopaedomorph stupid about it. We’ve got a sheriff sponsored prowler stalking us now. I’m going to catch that SOB touching my windows, God knows he’ll need a band-aide or two if I get him. These preds have no boundaries. Metric psychopaths scripted on evil for a paycheck.



Stem Express
Planned Parenthood has it’s roots on the eugenics movement
Francis Galton


George Q. Cannon 1857,
President of the California and Oregon Missions
LDS/The Western Standard, August 7
The Improvement of Our Species

These excerpts identify breeding as means of producing certain characteristics in livestock what application is considered to be correct to human breeding as well.

“… Experience has long since taught mankind the necessity of observing certain natural laws in the propagation of animals, or the stock will degenerate and finally become extinct. But strange to say, in regard to the human animal, these laws, except in certain particulars, are more or less disregarded in these latter times. The inevitable consequence is, the race is degenerating, new diseases are introduced, while effeminacy and barrenness are on the increase: and worse than all, this evil condition of the body has its effects upon the mind.

Doubtless it is and ought to be the duty of legislators and conservators of our race, to introduce such regulations and laws, and enforce them, as are best calculated to develop our physical nature. A well formed, healthy, vigorous race should be the end sought. …The ancient Spartans acted upon this policy, and the happy result was the production of a nation of the noblest men and women the world ever saw. No diseased and effeminate person was permitted to marry and curse the world with a tainted offspring. The children of the entire republic belonged to the Government, which appointed competent persons to superintend their physical and mental training, and when the fit time arrived they married them as they saw fit, keeping constantly in view the improvement of the race. …A mal-formed man will have a mal-formed mind. A well developed intellectual brain will produce a philosophic mind.

Notwithstanding these expedients, the moral sense of the people is being more and more blunted continually. This state of things must continue, until moralists and legislators find out that a true and effective reform must begin in the marriage bed. License to marry should not come from the priest but from the physician. It will be when the law forbids the unhealthy to beget children–when it compels every healthy man to marry–when a refusal to this will debar him from holding office-from voting-from suing at courts of law-from making contracts-from following any learned profession-when it suffers no healthy girl to remain single after she becomes of proper age–when no whore shall be permitted to live–when illicit intercourse shall be punished with death, that we shall witness any improvement in the morals of the age. It is true, such a course would come in contact with the ridiculous sentimentality of the age, and heaven knows, if that could be overturned and rooted out it would be a substantial blessing. The question is not what will cross the notions of novelists, libertines and fools, but what will produce a superior race of men and consequently a purer state of society?

This is precisely what the Saints in the valleys of the mountains are endeavoring to accomplish. Joseph Smith had penetration enough to know, that so long as the bodies of men are weak, degenerate, and tainted with impurities inherited from their fathers for a thousand generations, it is impossible to accomplish with them any great moral improvement, or indoctrinate them with many divine truths. Therefore, being divinely aided, he introduced a system……He taught that none but healthy men should marry–that a man should know his wife for the purpose of procreation and for that only–that he should keep himself apart from her during the carrying and nursing periods–that it is lawful and right, God commanding, for a man to have more than one wife–that adultery should be punishable with death–that whoredom should not be tolerated under any consideration–and that by observing these roles and the general laws of health, their posterity would become healthy and vigorous.

This theory is reduced to practice in Utah Territory; and it is remarked by immigrants passing through Salt Lake City, that the proportion of children is unusually great, and they are uncommonly robust and healthy. Who cannot see that the mental vigor of those children will be in proportion to their physical perfection? And that a generation is rising in the American interior who will make their mark upon the history of their time? This is what the Gentiles with the priests at their head call “Mormon abomination,” and other hard names: but the question arises, Which is the better? The Mormon, or the Christian practice in relation to this matter? There is not a whore in Utah, neither is there a single female but what can find a husband and a home if she so desires: whereas in Christian cities harlots are numbered by the thousand. The genius of Christian monogamy is to encourage prostitution; because it forbids plural marriages, yet compels no man to marry, and thus debars thousands of females from gratifying the strongest instincts of their nature, which are comprehended in the sacred names of “wife” and “mother.”

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