Snuff Killing, SKIRTS, Medically Assisted Child Sacrifice and CLOC

Character is formulated in the higher mind. US has been baited to the lower mind via pop culture of around the clock fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment, my opinion. We have a massive domestic problem that if people do not get a grip on this, “We’re fucked!” doesn’t begin to describe the hellish future we face.

Unfortunately, we didn’t educate our children to perceive these circumstances, hence they possess inertia with the hubris of a demon culture we once believed to be righteous. It never was. It was a trap, the cage one’s perception that all our culture had to offer was this maelstrom of domestic hell we figured would eventually be understood and corrected by the great minds we were producing.

We fucked up not because we were idiots. We screwed this up not informed about the source or the fact that the influences on such a culture were coming form the people we entrusted w/leadership, these charm/offense triptych psychopaths never suspected of committing many of the felons we believed were being perped by street preds.

I know of one I now engage daily, these demons at one time having set a course to SKIRT my daughter, I at the same time figuring it was some deranged and soulless stalker. I was correct in my description of this entity, however, I was incorrect in believing it was some outwardly foul and dirty looking criminal. It was as foul and dirty looking on the inside, just it dressed in the neatly pressed black and white threads of the Melchizedek priesthood and was networked through and through with the sheriff, prosecutor and judiciary.

I don’t get anywhere close to what this beast is actually doing and getting away with in my puny writing, but I do a pretty good job of describing this problem introductory to those who are alert.

Absurd as it may be to read, the title of this missive is directed at turning in the stage lights in the shadows of a domestic theater people are enjoying having no clue what is going on in the performance is actually just a distraction to a subtler theater occurring simultaneous and out of sight.


Do we walk away from Sylvia Marie Flores just because she was a 23 year old prostitute? Does this make her LDS engineered snuff kill any less important? Did she not have rights? The back story of this victim is case study in occult managed crimes that have no place in a constitutional republic let alone some creepy third-world community akin to Salem in the 21st century holed up in a temple designed in hell. LDS Temple architecture, charming as it may be on the surface, is offensive to those who are sacrificed there, certainly.


The nutshell version of this enterprise is a raid on Protestant Christianity via the Mormon church, this criminal organization’s facade it’s immense philanthropic contributions the backdrop of which is LDS elite eugenics breeding black mass bloodlines in the US. In probably one of the more sophisticated hijack triptychs devised to date, this phony religion went so far as to test the gullibility of the non-Mormon public lofting a photo-shopped image of George Hodel (prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short snuff slaying) as Joseph Smith. Backdrop theatrical performance? Huge commitment to hell to rank and file LDS who remain involved with this demon Melchizedek Moroni (M+ ORION) ideology.


Is it a priority for Californian’s to stop SB227? No. Even under the scope of investigative journo, it does very little good to inform people. They view this as God punishing evil, they the entitled and special few that corruption can’t touch by virtue of their faith in God BLESS America! It’ll be someone else’s child, theirs among the elite of the saved from perdition, or some other nonsensical rationalization for their insouciance. Journo gets whacked, the public yet a step further into hell than they will ever acknowledge. The back drop is medically assisted child sacrifice.


There’s a saying you can’t reason with a psychopath. Fact is that describes most of California, this the reason people can dismiss these issues out of mind and continue to pursue a mindless existence. The upper class pseudo identified with the elite in this state as much fooled by the METRIC as the mainstream.

Brownstein’s vision for California is a population of about 340 thousand, roughly the number of people who were there before it was colonized. This political psychopath mandated an infant kill. He can as easily mandate a population kill. There was no thorough investigation in the Flores snuff sacrifice. The official report was the local newspaper’s op-ed.

What a mess, all it would take to hang this is people having the determination to think, which they will not arrogantly posted to aggrandizing an image conscience pop culture, reality be damned. In these circumstances public pathology is a determinable will to bait to simple mindedness, trauma bond on the double bind and the consequence of radical activism typical of the triptych METRIC predator.

In these circumstances, sadopilitical state of affairs has set a lasting precedence for at will snuff murder of 23 year old prostitutes to pledge sick politicians careers to their racketeering Mason cohorts, SKIRTS abductions in keeping with LDS breeding and eugenics macabre this organization’s rank and file idiot culture holding off a patriot surge, and ultimately medically assisted child sacrifice via constitutionally criminal vaccination mandates.

According to Mother Teresa, St. Peter sent her back to this God abandoned planet for lying. She didn’t serve her public out of a desire to comfort the sick and feed the starving. She joined the convent to avoid being killed by the Germans. Same application for California’s party culture. People in this state will go along with just about anything long as they continue to have access Planned Parenthood and whatever degenerate performance venue is making the rounds between San Diego and Petaluma the consequence of which is this eternal ghoulish party culture.

AND of course this is all coming nicely together under California’s project to make this state first ready to acculturate NAU, the League of California Cities (CLOC; All hail Prague). Figure how exciting this new culture is going to be county sheriff, prosecutors and judiciaries coven identified and practiced on death, the audience in this macabre theater watching every act of human sacrifice and LOVIN’ IT!

The worst part of this is it’s a racketeered profit driven system, METRIC preds businessmen, their felony crimes considered collateral damage and honor sacrifice to aggrandize their occult mission creep. A paycheck, and in the case of the LDS METRIC Alpha, SKIRTS sex, assures motivation for participation, the debauchery pledge prevention of redaction.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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