Sylvia Marie Flores+ California Vax Mandate

How could ANYONE possibly make a connection between Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands, February 2013) and Jerry Jesuit Brownstein’s California SB227 vaccination mandate? Simple answer: drac leadership, culture of death.

Like LDS elite, METRIC political predators act w/impunity behind a facade of rank and file respectability. The Mormon movement is eugenics project, LDS mission creep in the US to fulfill England’s press to repatriate America via black mass bred bloodlines that ultimately owe their ideological debts to the monarchy. Same thing Scottish Rite placed McMahon and Ramos are doing in San Bernardino.

True to the psychopath METRIC, these monsters are operational in the US via Scottish Rite Freemasons, their philanthropic contributions their charm, their offensive a racketeered crime so horrific people won’t talk about it to avoid the thoughts this provokes and their programmed helplessness to end the ungodly practice of black mass breeding and eugenics.

METRIC triptych predators systematically punish those who do not participate in bringing about their existence, hence Jerry Brownstein’s SB227 which is not only mandating vaccinations, this macabre legislation is also a mandatory kill on 6 out of every 1000 infants vaccinated.

This psychopath METRIC is a singularity that does not recognize diversity, nor does it allow the existence of ecological competition, so regardless of the science to restrain such lawless evildoing, the monster the people of California elected to do their bidding is bidding California’s infant population farewell (vax sets a precedence) in a collective punishment funk over having been accused of being involved in pledging loyalty to his Mason brethren, same brethren LDS hail to, via the child sacrifice debauchery ritual.

Presentation of a moral standard against the backdrop of a profound disregard for life, the targeted population bonds with it’s METRIC predator master falsely believing in the God that has been created for it and allows this monster to run wild insofar as the METRIC maintains a charming theatrical presence. That’s why the smile in perpetuity all the while California is being compelled to acquiesce to child sacrifice via mandated vaccinations, which isn’t much different than what the LDS did to Sylvia Marie Flores.

You see, when they get caught, and Brownstein was put on notice 30 months ago, they magnify on the population via collective punishment. Brownstein is attacking California with a vax mandate in response to having been accused of perping child sacrifice in a pledge situation with his handlers, his rank and file respectability the people still placing trust in this psychopath after realizing what he is doing is METRIC insane.

California on this? Standing in line at McDonalds and booked into ever available Planned Parenthood outlet in every county of the state and every degenerate entertainment venue on the calender through the end of 2015. Why do people have this mentality? Leadership. This is what California wants by default of action to prevent it. People have been falsely led to believe Jesus will save, God will punish, while they party 24/7.

What the elite know that the public does not is God in the ancient world was in fact the elite. What this means is the God you were hoping would stand in for your while you play all day is people like Jerry Jesuit Brownstein, and the only punishment he’s doing is collective discipline on California’s infant population for having been accused of being a pervert.

How connected to Flores? Human sacrifice is a part of their game. She’s an example of what people like him do to get their taxpayer funded jobs.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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