Danite Stalker/Assassin

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. Voltaire

This missive is dedicated to “Brent”, an outlier county sheriff deputy skilled in asset perpetrating LDS assassinations and SKIRTS renditions for this individual’s Scottish Rite/FBPO Masters. Brent and this assassin ghost’s police handlers are operating completely outside the rule of law.

I am very aware sheriff do not like being pointed at involved in snuff murder and such. Scott Jones dent two if his department’s POP detectives at me for alleging his involvement in the Jeff Mitchell snuff kill. During this visit, Danny Oliver attempted to provoke a confrontation on my home in which I was to have been his kill. He didn’t follow through which I believe cost him his life. During this confrontation, he threatened to shoot me twice if I did not back off my research. This incident was documented in writing with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

Administrative coven triunes are organized on METRIC triptych predation, their sycophant subordinates, lost souls like Brent (see Voltaire above), and the felon creeps they recruit and manipulate on the street examples of which are Richard Allen Davis and Joseph Edward Duncan III, a hierarchy both John McMahon and Mike Ramos (San Bernardino) are intimately familiar with via their involvement in stateside SKIRTS kidnappings and the 2013 LDS engineered Sylvia Marie Flores snuff kill.

@JM/MR, you folks are fooling no one, here.  You have an assassin on me at this time. This person easy enough to find, since your ghost left an IP address at three car dealerships alleging to be shopping for a 2007 Silverado.

Such stalking is terrorism except when the target is an enemy of the state, the reason I’m in this bizarre relationship dynamic with you demons my research on the Mormon church correctly linking this macabre religion created in the Twilight Zone with over 300 thousand SKIRTS kidnappings between 1900 and 2000 in the US alone.

Your demon NOC is using my telephone number to proxy the dealer as a calling card self-identified as Brent (Bren+ T; T/Tau). Sending a female at me, that would be funny as hell. Gay assassin is different. Much more dangerous.

Also, you demons have now involved these dealerships and completely innocent sales people in your macabre adventure into the covert process of occult murder and mayhem. The devil never rests. This WPP will at least alert people who are being used by you to advance your kill agenda on me.

For the record, FUCK the Mormons. LDS is fronting a phony religion the back drop of which is an eugenics project in perpetuity, ALL LDS abducted Eves used in black mass breeding projects across the US. LDS elite are the breeding bulls.

Brent committed her calling card cartographically identified with Sylvia Marie Flores and Laurie Lyn Partridge, the reason for this their birth chart astro-cartographics form the inverted pentagram on your Redlands geo-cartographic ONA anchored on the Redlands LDS temple. Your assassin is a fuck head Danite, NOC, maybe… FEMALE, or radical gay male (Atramental Lodge 23). I’m HER target.


@international, I am getting calls from car dealerships looking for “Brent”.

This individual is using online dealership interest applications using my telephone number. Ghost is not following through on a purchase but rather using the online application w/my number so the dealer will contact me looking for “Brent” subsequently alerting me to this person’s eventual presentation here.

Perp is allegedly shopping for a 2007 Siliverado.

The car dealers are being used as a proxy to make this individual’s presence known to me. This is a pretty high level stalker. Ghost is sophisticated. Certainly this person will present as a life and death threat when pouncing.

I have no doubt Mike Ramos and John McMahon set this up, so it’s very likely an LDS sheriff deputy from an outlier department. Ghost will be a skilled fighter, so this will be a challenging confrontation.

Locations are TDC cartographic identified with Partridge/MVP, Moss (1974) and Flores/Mark Christopher (2013) via lines of longitude typical of coven engineered SKIRTS stalking.

Sheriff PERP appears to be Danite, possibly gay, and a fire starter (Bren/female, to burn).


7/18/2015/12:24 PM
Mark Christopher Chevrolet
Brent/2007 Silverado

MVP (proximity to Moss)
27810 E. Eucalyptus
Brent/2007 Silverado

7/24/2015/7:34 PM
Moss Brothers (proximity to MVP)
27810 E. Eucalyptus
951-486-9288Brent/2007 Silverado


Thomas Monson perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner and is no doubt involved in thousands of other such abductions in the US and Canada over his career with the Mormon church. A conservative estimate of his US victims is a thirty year career multiplied by three thousand SKIRTS kidnappings annually, one per US county, easily raising the numbers to thirty thousand. That’s a typical harem for a Mormon drac. These numbers are unfathomable to rank and file Mormons and an insouciant mainstream, people falsely led to believe LDS elite are Holy men which they are not. They are among the most prolific charm/offense METRIC psychopath predators in the planet. SKIRTS= sadopaedophilia and ritual human sacrifice in the production of LDS satanic black mass bloodlines. This is a very specific protocol, the fetus in such birthing rituals born to a dead mother sacrificed moments before delivery, LDS elite believing such surviving infants are born soulless.


25 July 2015 MC Chevrolet forms a three point 3.28 mile (13) SLC with Flores’ abduction site in San Bernardino and an outlier point on the Redlands ONA geocartographic. MVP/Moss are TDC with JE Ferris HS in Spokane (Laurie Lynn Partridge) and also forms a three point SLC spanning 1028 (11) miles to the Pete Wilson statue in San Diego. Intercept= Clement Middle School in Redlands. LDS Danite perp is threatening retaliation on a public school.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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