HR Triptych

While Americans scramble and fumble issue to issue pressed into a state of perpetual panic, this Twilight Zone state of mind setting the stage for pretext based modifications to the rule of law, the CABAL responsible for this is making very little effort of it’s own.

The reason for this is individuals thus identified with the Mason HIJACK triptych are following a three point METRIC in abeyance of the rule of law and in such a manner that the pubic is easily befuddled by this very simple agenda. People can barely handle one critical process let alone three the end of result of which is directed at a political coup on the constitution.


double bind
radical activism

While it may seem impossible three little phrases should wield so much power, the HIJACK TRIPTYCH is the most pungent occupation application in the world, and the reason it’s working is the public is neither aware of it, nor are people willing to learn it in prevention of patriation to corporatism.

A really good example of how this works is the story of the Amorite that sought a room from a former Inn keeper. The Inn keeper refused this individual a room due to his daughter having recently occupied the last one available. The Amorite went away. The next morning the Inn keeper’s daughter was gone.

On the surface, people read this and throw it off meaningless, albeit the more subtle story line is a triptych hijack. The Amorite didn’t come for the room. He came for the Inn Keeper’s daughter. In reality the Amorite was two steps ahead of his prey. His con was he meeting with the Inn Keeper. The double bind was his presentation on the Inn Keeper’s daughter. Radical activism was the kidnap.

People don’t think this detailed, so they are natural victims for triptych predators, hence the constitution under siege from same, America in the backdrop doing an idiot triptych that looks like this:

Mr. Rogers (the Amorite)
Big Bird

There’s yet another triptych these psychopath predators perpetrate on the public that, like the hijack triptych, people are completely ignorant about, albeit folks everywhere are complaining daily they are being betrayed by corporate sponsored leadership, the former seemingly addicted to chaos and irrationality.

A typical complaint is a blatantly criminal act is aggrandized as a petty issue, a mundane one treated as though the alleged offender were a felon. This is the REFORM triptych.


felon preeminence

Reform typically follows the hijack. The exception is engagement with an undeveloped society where occupation will not be resisted (eg already degenerate US).

Corrupt political leadership thus makes very little effort to press the HR Triptych into the mainstream, people feeling overwhelmed because they are not in any way ready to process a sedition surge. On the other hand, Triptych politicians are always two steps ahead of their constituency.


Doesn’t happen in God BLESS America!?

Government doesn’t harm it’s own people?

GOD protects America!

WHAT con?

WHAT double bind?


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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