1 LDS obtain birth records on newborns on a continuing basis and run the numbers searching for astrological features that manifest leadership in females. They keep these records vaulted.

2 Such astrological birth information sets a precedence for naturally occurring leadership that would present in competition with the LDS ORION metric. These females are an evolutionary link to intelligence. LDS target highly organized charts (eg compass, square, ORION bow tie, equilateral pyramid, aerial pyramid, etc.)

3 6000+ of These females are identified annually, stalked and handled via elite LDS/Scottish Rite cohort predators to a date where they are SKIRTS renditioned in tandem, one sacrificed curbside, the other kidnapped and used in US LDS eugenics projects. The latter are breeders, and they are bred black mass to LDS elite.

4 Once you’re in their system they pursue in perpetuity like a game animal. If you figure out they are stalking you and confront this, they magnify “medieval” and will retaliate to suppress discovery. The LDS SKIRTS metric is enforced against the odds of being litigated by a judiciary, prosecutor and sheriff networked with this church from hell via Mason fraternal brotherhoods.

5 People recruited into this criminal operation are typically toady sycophants. LDS telegraph this via their identification with the frog (Joseph Smith’s alleged early visions, later modified to a salamander).

6 The toad is the correct symbol for recruitment, albeit because of this amphibian’s maturity to a walking land animal, LDS chose the less evolutionary relative, the salamander, to bear out Smith’s alleged vision. Occult permutation? There are a lot of them on the LDS timeline.

7 The latter is a less threatening motif and lends itself better to programming on obedience. It’s doesn’t evolve the ability to live independent of the water. Mormons seek out this personality type specifically in their recruitment profile, because they adapt well to the HR Triptych.

8 LDS elite are bearded Aphrodite’s, their sycophant religious community assembled to both shield them from discovery and accountability and at the same time attack their reasoning enemies.

9 Mormon elite are practitioners of sociopath absolutism and receive unqualified impunity for their contribution to covert eugenics via their extensive coven network linking them to every Scottish Rite fraternal brotherhood city and county administration in the US.

10 Eves are breeders for these monsters. LDS elite don’t like women and are adversarial to the fact that they are unable to reproduce among their own, hence they attack the only thing standing between them and unqualified domination of the human race subordinate to their perverted circumstances.

11 One hundred eighty degrees LDS elite portray themselves to be family centered and protective of the sacred relationship between husband and wife, that masturbation, homosexuality, rape and murder and such are abominations. They are lying. This is a masquerade.

12 Mormons don’t allow felons into their organization, because these individuals are experienced in crime commensurate to LDS prevarication with it’s membership. Such people would inevitably be able to point to Mormon crimes, and particularly their involvement in kidnapping for torture, the consequence of which would be an immediate confrontation with the public that has alerted on LDS felonies.

13 LDS elite compensate their lack of felon NOC assets by tapping Lutheran and Jehovah’s Witness (Watchtower) to resource their snuff kills, SKIRTS and blood atonement street theater projects. These demons are kill crazy and derive satisfaction from activities that attempt to eliminate any source of intelligence that would rise to oppose them.

14 Thomas Monson perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, and his temple build in Rome is a celebration to these victims and other like them and LDS black mass, these two very huge prizes to this mindless fuck, the American public currently engineered too preoccupied with theatrical LDS sociopath charm to perceive the beast behind the mask of respectability.

15 Every one of these devils is pledged to this enterprise under threat of death for redaction, so they have no ordinary fear of the public.

16 In these wholly unconstitutional circumstances no one will touch LDS elite. Their racketeered system protects them, the American public be damned. People in the mainstream educated dumb are easily fooled by their charm/offensive magic show, so these demonic masters they have no competition for reality.

17 If you are a parent, your child’s birth data has been accessed by LDS researchers. If your child is determined to be leadership, these soulless ghouls will engineer an intercept to take her out what date of such an event will be a astro-cartographic complimentary to her birth chart.

18 This is how they stalk their human game, and they don’t give a fuck about getting caught, because they know they are protected by their groveling and well resourced fraternal brotherhood.


Los Angeles
San Diego

The METRIC is Mason standard of government in competition with our constitutional republic. What people can learn from studying these confrontations is the police officer’s alleged humanitarian mission to enforce the law juxtaposed by double bind assault and subsequent FBPO radical activism via judicial theatrics to protect the out of control cop. That’s the hijack triptych. It’s virtually always three steps, and many times the victims have been targeted well before their engagement and subsequent serious injury or death. It’s a racketeered system, and this duplicates and services SKIRTS and other types of human trafficking activities by proxy typical of fraternal brotherhoods networked with the LDS and Scottish Rite Freemasons. Chiefs are the local alphas, such departments typically staffed with sycophant personnel. The chief subordinates to an administrative coven controlled by the district attorney and city council, the three forming a power structure that is likewise modeled on the hijack triptych. The down and dirty is they are perverted. They know this, albeit they masquerade sterling character to the public predatory upon the unaware. The Mason METRIC only advances scum, so with this in mind any FBPO supported police department is going to be populated with creepy cops and very likely a radically gay chief.

Jehovah’s Witness
Lutheran Church
Mormon Church

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