The METRIC Sociopath Hunter v Dumb Fuck America

Hunter/trappers use baits and cages to quarry their game. They use weapons to subdue their prey, and at one time they would eat same to survive or sell and barter their products for income.

This process is the model for SKIRTS predation the application of which in the public produces tandem black mass Eves, just the individuals thus targeted are game based on their birth information, their subsequent predation a process of engineering and racketeering bait and cage using astrology, numerology and cartography.

Here’s a thumbnail of what this looks like to the untrained eye:

esi_gameOccult rationale for targeting certain geometry in the birth chart is based on Mason identification with the Orion Constellation (OEN derivative 7).  This star group produces geometric compass, square, triangles and the Orion X. Birth charts highly organized on these formations likewise identify the targeted individual as leadership competitive with the Orion triptych METRIC, hence Scottish Rite/LDS SKIRTS racketeered curbside snuff kills and trafficking in Eve breeders.

A typical local SKIRTS subordinating administrative coven is city council, DA and Sheriff, the latter two assets for LDS engineered abductions using felons recruited from Lutheran and Watchtower populations that network street theater.

Scum forensic police psychologists are very aware of this and do the shut up to retain control of their income, enter the toady manifestation of a criminal cabal so entrenched they are impossible to remove without sustained oversight.

Frighteningly, if they can manufacture a trophy from a birth chart they can as easily generate a birth from engineered conception the point of which is constructing prophecy.

That enterprise looks like this:


This next image was an immense project and will remain unnamed to provoke the reader’s ignorance and simple mindedness. There are serious issues with the American public so enmeshed in their hedonist mercantile culture it will do no good to name this person. As far as the US God BLESS America! public is concerned, Jesus (or Jimmy) will fix it so perverted Americans don’t have to pull off their degenerate lifestyle. He won’t really, but this is how people rationalize their otherwise groveling existence as victim psychopaths.

esi_jfk head of stateThe most powerful catalyst for conquest of any targeted society is the hijack triptych. You are looking right at it, this manifestation the METRIC hunter and this individual’s ability to perpetrate a horrific crime in full view of the public and walk away without fear of accountability, the public standing around watching and doing absolutely nothing to stop this monster.

The only way this is possible is the public is pathologically stupid, hence the game animal referred to by Talmudic Jews, Goy, the Americanized version of this… dumb fuck.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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