RATER/Profling the METRIC Full Spectrum Psychpath

1 sycophant

2 paedophile

3 sadistic

4 narrow range of emotion

5 status conscious

6 inflexible

7 charm/offense prevarication

8 fantasy based interpretation of reality

9 emotionally childlike

10 intolerant of diversity

11 religious albeit spiritually void

12 secretive addictions to food, sex and degenerate entertainment

13 maintains a coercive psychological grip on peers while masquerading normalcy

14 obsessive preoccupation with appearance, plastic

15 possess a determined desire to manufacture circumstances favorable to macabre

16 precocious

17 places self interest ahead of those with a greater need

18 hordes resources

19 serial perp in any number of characteristic crimes

20 preys on the gullible, poorly informed and insouciant

21 as a leader, will manufacture regional populations of ideological slaves

22 follows a specific and simple agenda driven metric

23 values rewards over human life

24 perceives self as preeminent, others as potential prey

25 lies against the possibility of discovery, magnifies medieval when caught


About coastx

Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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