The Sorbitol Laced MMR, Kaiser and Medically Assisted Child Sacrifice

This is an alert for any prudent parent considering using Kaiser Permanente or St Helena Hospital as their medical/mental health providers. The following passages narrate medical fraud and racketeering in abeyance and prevention of providing medical information correct to medical services in ordinarily safe medicine. Confused?

It is my experience Kaiser kowtows to pharmaceutical research and is subsidized by same to participate in delivery of vaccinations to the contracted public, monitor and feed back information regarding toxicity and, where death is featured, covertly provide tissue samples to pharma networked research labs to follow up on the teratogenic influence of any number of vaccination substances and issues both the vaccination manufacturer and Kaiser are aware on an ongoing basis.


POTUS deregulated FDA (Reagan).

Manufacturers of infant formula withheld DHA (subsequent release of liability to federal government).

Populations targeted based socioeconomic status received free WIC infant formula lacking DHA.

WIC ran a four year sanitizing feeder project saturating targeted populations with infant formula lacking DHA nutrition 1986- 90 the consequence of which was poor brain myelination initially lofting Asperger Syndrome.

Subsequently virtually all formula was manufactured less DHA, so everyone using this product were providing poor nutrition to their infants during the research period 1986- 2002.

Pharma made ready with vaccinations containing Thimerosal and Sorbitol to commence documented research 1990.

Vaccinations were thus introduced upon WIC populations with a fairly commensurate escalation in learning disabilities attributable to poor nutrition and vaccination toxicity.

Thimerosal was targeted as the cause of what was becoming an endemic issue with infant mortality, handicap and learning disabilities, and was eventually removed from infant vaccinations.

Sorbitol was intentionally displaced from the argument people falsely believing that because we consume this in the diet it would be harmless injected through the skin of an infant or toddler.

Vaccination courts were set up to provide false hope for the public. Two and subsequently three year statue of limitations made is impossible for persons injured from their vaccinations to be compensated for damages that will last a lifetime. Discovery is about ten years.


My daughter was vaccinated with an MMR containing Sorbitol at 30 months (1995) which produced a fairly rapid and radical change in her health and behavior. Kaiser, the vaccinating entity, diagnosed her as psychotic knowing full well the vaccination was causing this deterioration. That’s an adult diagnosis. They refused to do case study on the vaccinations.

I subsequently took my daughter to a private therapist for a second opinion who correctly diagnosed panic which is an actual and real manifestation of this particular vaccination in connection with how Sorbitol introduced through the skin of the developing infant and toddler effects production of choline.

We stabilized my daughter via her private therapist and eventually SST in elementary school, but there is a latency period effecting metabolism in puberty which struck with six consecutive cycles of acidosis over a thirty month period 2006- 09, the last one of these nearly killing her, Kaiser at this time absolutely refusing to do case study on her vaccinations.

In her last degenerative cascade in 2009, my daughter was diagnosed with advanced acidosis. I had no idea what this was. Kaiser stabilized her, but instead of keeping her in the hospital for recovery which would have identified the vaccination issue and the need for sustained care, they continued to play this out as a mental health issue and sent her to St. Helena Hospital in Vallejo where she was initially under the care of Dr. Hunter.

Dr. Hunter recognizing my daughter’s imperilment and institutionally bound to St. Helena’s shut up took vacation handing her off to Dr. Punia, the latter possessing a reputation for antagonizing his mental health patients opportunistic to medicate.

Dr. Punia handed my daughter off to a psych nurse who attempted to interact with her medical issue – inclusive of hallucinations induced by acidosis as a mental health issue – subsequently forcing a prone restraint and medication which produces a coma to control her. At this point we had brain damage.

In order to press this further to a kill by mistake and misunderstanding, the third day of my daughter’s stay at St. Helena, the mental health team at tried to prevent me from seeing her during visiting hours alleging she had made this determination herself, albeit she was in a medically induced coma and unable to communicate. These monsters had no problem lying probably their hospital to be rewarded with some fantastic grant had they turned a death for Kaiser.

I alerted the nurses advice from Kaiser and called the police, since my daughter wasn’t 5150. Vallejo police had her released. It took the nursing staff about 40 minutes to get her ambulatory. I took her home, the next day she was vegetative, urinated and released feces on herself and was unable to service her own consumption of food least she was spoon fed every bite.

Six years later my daughter remains under 24 hour care with the mentality of a 2 year old with absolutely no boundaries and immeasurable on an IQ test.


Kaiser enters vaccination information into a database for every person vaccinated.  When that person comes up hot, this too is entered into that database the content of which is shared with pharmaceutical manufacturers. If you or a loved one dies in connection with that vaccination, pharma wants tissue samples, and Kaiser provides them.

Why would kaiser withhold information shared with pharma from a parent unless these two were working together to medically rendition your loved one for research? The other hit is the LDS church which obtains and studies your child’s birth chart information to determine potential for leadership to which this ungodly organization responds with SKIRTS rendition or immediate marriage to one of their elite Egyptian Melchizedek priests.

Has America become so spineless and soulless that anything goes for a medical or metaphysical trick the responsibility of which falls squarely on your shoulders, and they will tell you this all the while they killing your children.

Is America so stupid that no official protocol is ever challenged out of fear of retaliation from the service provider so that asking questions will get you attacked? Be aware I dealt with a Kaiser doctor who once told me to shut up when he asked my then 10 year old child if her vaccinations were up to date. My Attorney got his ass fired, but the medical administrator retaliated on one of my other children referring to her as a whore. She was 7 years old, and this time Kaiser defended this monster to the hilt.

What I am describing is Kaiser is staffed with scum. These are the only people that will work for this institution. You can’t see it on the surface, but ask a detail question about vaccinations and they are all shut up, stupid and walk out on a physical, which is alien scum.


This information is what Kaiser was willing to medically sacrifice my daughter to hide from the public.

The down and dirty on the Sorbitol laced MMR is Sorbitol introduced through the skin of an infant or toddler permanently oxidizes cellular production of choline and ATP. The impact on choline manifests immediately (mood, memory, thinking), ATP during puberty, the latter lofting on the health as a degenerative cascade involving acidosis due to ATP deficiency and the effect this has metabolism of electrolytes. Kaiser knew this when their pediatrician vaccinated my daughter in 1995 and circumvented a discussion about this when I brought her back for an evaluation. Kaiser Southern and Northern California lied all the way to a racketeered medical kill collaborated with St. Helena Hospital in Vallejo.


As a parent, how do you reconcile placing trust in a medical provider that lies to its clients (my daughter is not Kaiser’s only victim) what ultimate benefit to Kaiser is a profitable relationship with pharmaceutical companies that reward them for fraud?

Kaiser is currently a vaccination entity ready to service SB227 in California. Mandated infant vaccinations have a kill ratio of 6:1000, which is medically assisted child sacrifice. Are you one of the lucky ones whose child will survive? Has it occurred to anyone that it may in fact be your own child that does not survive? Does it even matter?

Are you alert, asking question and trying be as up to date and informed as possible about Kaiser and the potential for harm this medical entity may present on your life by mistake and misunderstanding, you bound to a no fault clause that leaves you holding the bag if and when Kaiser Permanente kills your child and standing there doing the shut up and stupid knowing something’s wrong but you just can’t put your finger on it?

Are you willing to kowtow to the death of your child playing up to Kaiser another toady parent that walks away and heads straight for McDonalds?

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