In order of power:

LDS- organization, eugenics SKIRTS tactical
Lutheran- street theater
Jehovah’s Witness- snuff murder by proxy
Street Felons- proxy perpetrators

Collaborating Organizations- CLOC/Prague identified city administrations, public school districts, businessman’s association

A lot of planning goes in to perping a SKIRTS abduction.

These are monstrous circumstances. What is absolutely understood about these relations is the proliferation of the sado-paedo-psychopath. This is the tap root of corrupt politics and primary motivation for capitulation of human character to that of the compensated METRIC (fraternal brotherhood) psychopath.

There were many hands on the Sylvia Marie Flores abduction, every one one of those who provided asset support for this kill fully engaged in the development and ongoing support of the Redlands based Order of the Nine Angels, the anchor of which is of which is shared by the Redlands LDS temple and Finchy Elementary school in Palm Springs.

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