RADICAL Rationalism and the Institutional METRIC Predator

The creation of any corrupt entity requires membership that is willing to service the operating system of such an organization. There are lots of different reasons why people may be motivated to perform such tasks, but the champion of them all is the sycophant. The latter is a spineless, soulless individual somehow having evolved from pond scum to a human form that masquerades whatever affect is desirable for it’s perceived masters to the detriment of whatever targeted population is being exploited. Confused? These make up the bulk of fraternal brotherhoods and are notorious for their preoccupation with status, trinkets and ritual behavior. FBPO is no exception.

Sylvia Marie Flores the less dramatic of an occult operating system that was identified as the Zodiac killer registers nearly zero in the public conscience only because her slaughter at the hands of San Bernardino’s Mason finest was on a 45 year timeline with this METRIC monster. Fact is Zodiac is Orion, this clearly evident in the logo the genius that created was hoping to throw researchers of the trail, which it did. People couldn’t figure O= Orion, the cross hairs in the center the Orion X, which is the Masons. Orion is the Mason flagship, the most deadly and virulent of these Scottish Rite and LDS.


Rationalism relies upon the process of concept formation to formulate given ideas that are highly predictive based upon deductive reasoning. Subsequently we know and understand certain things to be true which is also rational.

Radical is a reform process what impact upon rationalism is to reform reason to conform to some alternative idea the process of which is irrational at the will of the perp. Rationalism thus radicalized is irrationalism, this phenomenally duplicitous and perverted state of mind the operating model upon which the METRIC predator engages the public backed up by administrative covens that coerce capitulation upon the targeted entity thus criminalizing the rule of law favorable to fraternal brotherhood felon preeminence.

Radical rationalism is a METRIC driven process. To prosecute= default on the fraternal oath. Such individuals are debauchery pledged not to redact under threat of death for doing so. This is what builds their criminal METRIC cabal government and destroys the rule of law, these two behaviors a fundamental principle known to elite Mason’s as simultaneous building and destruction.

Chris Hedges has the correct idea:

   We live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities
   destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information,
   religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.

We can add to this where police needlessly destroy lives through their involvement in a fraternal brotherhood hijack of the constitution favorable to repatriation. Sick as this may seem on the surface, the fact is the deeper one burrows into the organizational dynamic of this nightmare, the more detailed the fraud, racketeering and human trafficking crimes become. What ordinarily happens in such inquiry is the researcher gets attacked, the public aware of this yet insouciant and unprotective of their right to this information, which is a conscious choice to be stupid.

Institutional METRIC predators follow a very simple agenda what manifestation upon the public is complicated. Outrage seeks to moralize an issue or behavior the predator has no intention of redacting, but this is unknown to the public. Radical rationalism attacks the targeted entity, the perps fully shielded by METRIC fraternity that regardless of the need for justice will shield the perp and criminalize the victim, hence the need for a procedure that commits the pledge in perpetuity.

A person with honorable intention would withdraw immediately from such circumstances. Pledging debauchery, SKIRTS and the CSDR commits against the threat of exposure for redaction.

People who are thinking know the mainstream was baited to conflict with police via four prominent individuals whose influence perpetrated a manufactured threat to status quo law enforcement: Larry/Lana and Andy Wachowski, Anders Behring Breivik and Julian Assange.

Typical cop to take a look at this mess, it’s natural for this person to perceive the magnified threat propagandized by the information and entertainment elite. In reality, this is what these people were publicized for. Manufactured threat= pretext for reactive response from police who now do threat assessment based on feelings of fear the inevitability of which is the METRIC flip from rationality to irrationality with impunity which is radical rationalism the inevitability of which is the curbside summary execution by mistake and misunderstanding.

San Bernardino DA and Sheriff are already corrupt involved with LDS elite as an asset service for Mormon black mass eugenics the public is completely unaware of not because the information isn’t being telegraphed. LDS notoriously signature their abduction crimes via the straight line cartographic (SLC). The problem is LDS charm offensive and the public not having been educated to perceive, avoid  and rout sociopaths.

The institutional METRIC predator is any county or city government employee who, having pledged brotherhood affiliation, is bound to secrecy, spying and coercion the ultimate test of which is human trafficking. Worst case scenario is this individual parks a county vehicle in such a manner to appear not aware what is being loaded into the trunk, delivering the vehicle to a designated location likewise ignoring the activity during the off load and thus allegedly completely stupid about having just transported a kidnap victim, albeit this person is completely aware of the crime of human trafficking.

Are Mike Ramos and John McMahon involved in such activities? Hell yes they are. These two demon characters from hell asset perped Sylvia Marie Flores then set their deputies up for a kill in Victorville to propagandize themselves as law abiding county employees, which they are not. They magnify medieval when caught, which is the other reason they attacked their own people. Ramos is a psychopaedomorph, McMahon a compensated psychopath. They know what this is. So do their police psychologists.

Flores confirms they are involved in one of the most horrific crimes known to mankind, the LDS SKIRTS black mass abduction. Gullible public? Yes. Poorly educated public? Certainly. Insouciant public? Absolutely. The correction for this? Civics.  

Civics educates the mind to think, and in particular identify corruption that can be corrected by constitutional activism, for those who want it. There are many who do not falsely believing that reform will bring love, peace and harmony to circumstances that are by their nature administratively preserved radically inimical to this.

San Bernardino is corrupt city government, and this is not going to improve ignoring the crimes of the people who are masquerading public leadership principled on the inverse hermeneutic.




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