STALK  The targeted Individual (TI) is identified at birth based in the infant’s astro-cartographic. The TI can then be followed through the medical database. Secondary presentation involves the use of astro-numerology. LDS or affiliate will present on the TI periodically numerologically engineered to manifest on a timeline placing the victim at some culminating point in the future. The rendition astro-cartographic will compliment the birth chart.

KIDNAP  The abduction involves a team, the victim imperiled in surroundings where this individual is confident there are witnesses, albeit these people are a part of the rendition team. The correct name for this group is haunt cohort. This cohort makes it’s appearance highly trained on the clock and appears and disappears coordinated on the rendition. Haunt cohort testimonial is agitprop.

RAPE  This is the inevitable motivation for the SKIRTS black mass rendition. Such circumstances are perilous for the victim, the point of this simply to produce the fetus. Depending on the abduction, an independent will breed the female to gestation, deliver infant caesarian, sacrifice the mother and sell the infant to an occult organization for use in child sacrifice. In the case of Mary Ann Nichols, this victim was bred via prostitution, her fetus taken curbside and handed off to a midwife that passed the infant along to Sarah Junner Lawrence. Nichol’s son was TE Lawrence (Whitechapel, 1888; birth date falsely recorded two weeks prior to actual curbside rendition). The Ripper was a Mason project carried out by LDS elite during the Mormon reformation in the US. Today’s LDS elite are more organized. Their Eves are SKIRTS renditioned, held captive, raped and sacrificed before delivery thus allegedly assuring the fetus is born soulless. This infant is handed off to a surrogate and assumes this person’s family identity. The LDS Temple in Redlands conveys the process via landscaping, one of this demonic organization’s other contributions to the Redlands cosmology their 2.7 mile ONA geo-cartographic anchored on this temple, Kathrine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, and the body drop of Sylvia Marie Flores culminating three days of hell, 25- 27 February, 2013. 25 and 26 February= 56th (2/base nine additive sum) and 57th (3/base nine additive sum) days. 23= Atramental Lodge 23, an LDS confab created to perform black mass eugenics in the US having been prevented from perpetrating polygamy in the mainstream.

TORTURE  The SKIRTS Eve is tortured throughout gestation, this part of the process designed to alienate the mother from the fetus the reason for this to make the fetus as independent from the mother as possible in contravention of Divine process.

SACRIFICE  SKIRTS Eves do not survive their abductions. The serve one purpose only: to breed the LDS satanic bloodline. This infant is allegedly born soulless, albeit this mystification lie is cover for the more correct reason that the Mormon church is an eugenics breeding project the purpose of which is to replace American society with a population of SKIRTS bred bloodlines as part of this church from Hell’s theocratic mission creep.


2 and 7 are significant to the Scottish Rite Masons and LDS for the following reason.

2 is the encrypted derivative for Genesis 6:2 which is the philosophical basis for their SKIRTS campaign on the inverse hermeneutic. This means they follow Genesis 6:2 in it’s Satanic manifestation which is kidnapping, rape and sacrifice of their abduction victims. LDS elite consider themselves to be the sons of God referred to in this Bible passage.

7 is the encrypted derivative of the eight major stars of the Orion constellation, a mason constant with which LDS is intimately identified regardless of their denial of this.


Metric for the purpose of this narrative means systemic production of a racketeered crime involving human trafficking, fraud, and any one of it’s 100 other manifestations in domestic terrorism.

The cabal metric is a three step hijack triptych that follows precise agenda: con, double bind and radical activism.  These are the equivalent of the coils of a snake the mainstream unaware of this only because people have been educated to believe this is the stuff of Medieval Europe and has no place in modern society. The former is true, the latter a lie, since fraternal brotherhoods make exclusive use of the hijack triptych to coerce an otherwise gullible and poorly informed mainstream.

The metric has a boss, a puppeteer, this person or cohort of people handing down orders to their subordinates in the form of a constitutionally unlawful due bill, everyone in the network, and there are many, required to asset service the project which in this case is the LDS eugenics SKIRTS black mass abduction.

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body drop
alleged perp
Lutheran church
peer group
school district
Scottish Rite


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