San Bernardion County Sheriff, a BOS Satelite

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Out of respect for the safety of children it is wise never to publish the names of family of administrative mafia cabal Masons for the simple reason that these individuals are often times completely innocent and have no idea what their parents are involved in. Then again, Ted Bundy was such a child when he perped his first victim, a peer, at 10 years old.

Do not Believe for one minute these monsters reciprocate moral, ethical or constitutional boundaries. Bear in mind the point of sharing this site with the public is to expose demons like San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon as SKIRTS perps, the inevitable consequence upon the naive Big Mac scarfing public their administrative rendition campaign upon the children of the herd.

This narrative points to John McMahon having knowledge of the triptych cipher used in SKIRTS renditions, his confidence that the public remains largely unaware of this the reason for this ignorance people by and large not educated on cabal encryption, albeit McMahon has made use of such encryption on his own children they undoubtedly unaware they have been indoctrinated in the Brotherhood of the Snake (BOS). Who in their right mind would occult name their children after a snake organization?!

Less the names referred to, triptych cipher FNCS produces the cabal string, 811 AKA Orion predator, BOS. This is a celebration of elite preeminence over the public the only way to understand what this means a psychological trip into a dimension of LDS/Scottish Rite Mason hell it would take a lifetime for people to learn, and because you don’t know it you are considered stupid and therefore prey for their METRIC predators, and you are. We all are.

McMahon is currently so pissed off at me his snake brotherhood has got surveillance on me often enough I am seeing his creepy people even when I go to the grocery store, yesterday, 5 August 2015 at 3:30 PM, for example. Typical day I am surrounded by ghouls attempting to force space opportunistic for a confrontation witnessed by a haunt cohort. That’s SKIRTS. Vehicles accidentally backing into us during exit.

Yesterday I got the drop on one of this psychopath administrators undercover preds that stalked me in the parking lot. Stupid SOB. They aren’t lawful. They are perverted. They advance on their perversions. They are only useful to BOS if they are perverted. To that plain clothes deputy, you can kiss my ass! Be advised, you do scare the hell out of me. Feelings of fear work both ways. I assure you  I am within my lawful right to self protect if you keep following me. The action is here, this forum, fuck head.

@John McMahon> You are a passive aggressive bearded Aphrodite POS. You masquerade it’s heroic to sacrifice 23 year old prostitutes like you are doing society a favor when reality the only purpose this serves is experience and practice in fraud and racketeering to develop and train your extensive countywide spy, coercive “magick” and rendition networks, this dark illumination absolutely rubber stamped in perpetuity, “ADAM WEISHAUPT,” or could this possibly be black mass eugenics clone project, Piers Morgan? Aren’t these the same people, you creepy fuck? Are we not also describing your own roots? Do you know who your real mother was? Does it matter, ya freak?!

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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