The Gobblin Culture of the LDS/Scottish Rite I

Imagine there are two LDS missionaries standing at your door. They would like to come in and talk to your about the Lord, their Lord. You hedge, because you have one male and three female children to care for. They are persuasive. You give in.

A few moments later you are all sitting in the living-room talking to these predators having no clue why they scoped you out or that soon as they have the names and ages of you and your female children, this information will be handed off to their Melchizedek betters and passed along to elite LDS who will marry your souls in secretive temple ceremonies. These are the same temples they worship the dead.

If you are really hot, you may even get a visit from one of their master demons who offers you clothing from his wife’s personal wardrobe in a special meeting between you and he. You see, once over the threshold, if you are stupid enough to let them in, they think they own you, and they practice this macabre state of mind by allegedly walking off with the souls of your female family members regardless of age, you left with the threat of retaliation if you fight them on this, and they do retaliate.  Let’s cool this off for a moment.

You’re neighbor comes to your home, knocks on the door. You greet this familiar face and invite her in. She asks to borrow a cup of sugar to which you respond by filing a small container she has brought along. You end the meeting on pleasantries. She leaves. You go about your business. All routine. Let’s change the narrative characters.

Two LDS missionaries make an appearance at your door. They ask for a cup of sugar. You invite them in, fill the container they brought along, and return to the living room where you left them. They are no longer there. They are raiding the pantry, and they are accompanied by two spooky looking creeps wearing what can best be described as Dracula wardrobe.

You believe this impossible. What people don’t realize is in reality LDS presentation upon your home and the soul rendition of you and your children is in fact equivalent to the raid on your pantry. More correctly, this is a raid on your life! They know you spend your days caring for your children, that predation is the furthest thing from your mind when they come knocking, your little ones playing with Barney and Big Bird stuffed animals.

The other issue here is in typical circumstances, LDS have actually targeted one of your children based on birth information acquired from hospital and county records. They use this information to identify and stalk females whose astrological birth information manifests leadership.

These females, Eves, are the genetic link to intelligence in the mainstream, and LDS identify and suppress these individuals in competition with their own theocratic mission creep. While this may seem controversial at best on the surface, below the surface, one might determine to fight this when you realize what they are doing to these Eves an example of which is Sylvia Marie Flores (2013).

Most people don’t do civics. They eat well, have a fairly normal family life and take a couple of trips per year to local amusement parks to get away from it all, but, and I emphasize, they do not do civics. Civics is responsibility. It takes time to follow local and regional issues, to know who is running your city/county administration and God forbid vet these people for their credentials. If you are a Mormon, your Bishop controls this information, your indoctrination into priesthood/Relief Society meetings the approved source of information currents on the political affairs of both community and state.

Needless to say it takes a special kind of person to adapt to such circumstances, and LDS groom this state of mind from their first meeting. You have to be a sycophant or you don’t fit in. This is why many people who mature in contravention of LDS indoctrination end up leaving this church, according to LDS elite, soulless, because if you have been baptized, they own you, according to them.

Now back to Sylvia Marie Flores.

Flores is a sore spot on the ass San Bernardino City/County administration that is not going away, because their LDS occult rendition cohort got bold on this kill using her as a key to further press their ONA project into the face of an otherwise gullible and insouciant public.

There are several kills already identified with this project dating to 1948, so Flores was kind of a test of the public’s intelligence. Unfortunately for San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon, the intelligence they were hoping was thoroughly preoccupied with fast food and theme parks was actually watching them make their moves, this one of the biggest albeit most suppressed and least talked about issues in this region, human sacrifice.

LDS perped Flores, Ramos and McMahon asset servicing this snuff kill the same way administration did Cheri Jo Bates (1966) and Corinna Novis (1986). Exactly the same LDS/Scottish Rite coven sponsored snuff kill down to their identification with the 2.7 mile Redlands ONA geo-cartographic

In the case of Cheri Jo Bates, the Zodiac was an LDS/Scottish Rite cohort at that time snuff kills serviced in direct contact with priesthood who would have been any number of administrative representatives from that location, including Relief Society.

The zodiac circle and crosshatch= Orion (O) and the Orion X, the same X that when separated into two parts forms the star of David. Bates killer telegraphed Sabra. They took DNA from this victim and bred her via DNA to a host overseas. Contrary to LDS eugenics supremacy,  many who oppose Mormon treachery know who this is.

Bates was an LDS state of the art SKIRTS snuff kill, this a commemorative breeding application used to tap her gene pool. They sacrificed her and walked off with DNA for use in producing a biracial clone.

These monsters are ruthless. Contrary to how they present on the public, they possess no compassion. They are cruel, tyrannical, radical, repressive, express no sorrow or grief, no repentance and no regret. If you study their narratives carefully, you learn to recognize the subtlety of how they magnify medieval.

LDS/Scottish Rite are proliferate with spies, agents and coercion. They are in constant mission creep to recruit, debauch pledge, pledge maintenance, and orchestrate periodic SKIRTS raids on the public the point of which is domestic terrorism. The best nutshell example of why they do this is Giuseppe Mazzini, “We corrupt in order to control.” It’s really that simple, and the simple minded will never figure this out.

The big mystery is how did these demons get close enough to Flores to do this? She wasn’t doing business with a John. She baited to a child in distress. Their street theater haunt cohort provided shield and made this look normal in case anyone was watching. What happened to her afterward is every parent’s nightmare, and of course Ramos and McMahon did their part to thoroughly shield Flores LDS/Scottish Rite perps via their administrative magic show. Watchtower performed the street theater on this kill.

Flores was identified and groomed from the cradle in her birth chart in connection with Laurie Lynn Partridge (Spokane, 1974). Flores’ birth cartographic compliments Partridge, the two of these juxtaposed forming the inverted pentagram on the base of the Redlands LDS/Scottish Rite ONA logo.

Let’s reflect for a moment on the missionaries standing at your door knocking and wanting to come inside and talk to you about their Lord. Is it worth it, really? You’re expectation that your children will develop normal healthy lives subordinate to those of the elite whose own children are acculturated character goblins is a huge mistake. What people don’t understand is demon leadership such as is being described here can not pass along their culture of death unless generationally indoctrinated. The problem with McMahon his exquisite use of the triptych cipher to name his own children after BOS.

When you realize what this means you will likewise perceive the imperilment of not only your own children, but those who, like you, are unaware you are indeed being stalked not only by adults, but children are a part of this as well, hence the LDS Whistle and Whittle Goblin, the equivalent of a child mafia with tools for producing a kill as easily and as shielded as their adult counterparts.

The public is bring played by these sociopaths, the operating principle among their elite RADICAL RATIONAL ruthlessness, church membership and the public moralized to believe this impossible by a fantasy engineered to have you stand there and watch while they do ritual sacrifice.

I worked with Melchizedek that used a dead rubber chicken to threaten primary children in disciplinary meetings in a public school. They do this, and they get away with it, because they are coven networked with people who should be stopping them but do not because they too are involved in this. When they do get caught their defense is hyperbole which LDS/SR committed administration lofts preeminent in competition with the rule of law (Reform Triptych).

@ John McMahon> HEADPHONES, dumb ass. The only way you can get the decibels high enough to produce a startle response is to beat down the neighbors, too. You are such a stupid fuck.

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