Brilliant Biracial Cheri Jo Bates Clone, Sabra Johnson II

For the record, Riverside Police Department (RPD) refused to acknowledge the Zodiac in the Cheri Jo Bates slaying alleging the perps confession letter redirected to an other person entirely. This official record diffused public interest in understanding what the Zodiac was and how this entity was in fact networked with RPD.

The Zodiac wasn’t a single person. It was an application like Jack the Ripper (Mary Ann Nichols/TE Lawrence) and populated with whomever was being pledged Satanic by the parent organization. The Ripper application was used to initiate LDS black mass eugenics in the US during the Mormon Reformation.

I am going to explain what that entity is and how this is linked to RPD and police and sheriff statewide, including San Bernardino, making it possible to run such a racketeered criminal event at will with autonomy and impunity. Public in this? Forget it. There’s no civics intelligence in the region for a reason.

The problem with this is not information is so much threatening to administration as the abject apathy in the public which makes networking this to alert a near impossibility.

The Zodiac signature circle and cross hairs are Orion X. Orion and X are the Freemasons and their eugenics operation in the US, the LDS church. LDS is an immense lab, virtually anyone in the mainstream available to their elite for any number of their highly covert stateside breeding projects.

RPD would have no part of publicizing Orion as the perp, because such disclosure would redirect to Mason fraternal brotherhoods including their own FBPO. Zodiac was a tight-wire exercise in trafficking for torture and shut up.

In other words, RPD co-perped Cheri Jo Bates same way John McMahon co-perped Sylvia Marie Flores via service assets and for the same reason. McMahon’s team took a tissue sample from Flores that will be used to produce her clone the same way RPD did Cheri Jo Bates to manufacture Sabra Elise Johnson.

Add to these horrific circumstances that Illuminated CIA control the local media and library resources, the public is going to get a manufactured official record of Bates snuff kill with the perp at large to keep people mystified and perpetually trauma bond with the perp agency, LDS/Scottish Rite Freemasons.

Orion= Masons/LDS= Zodiac

esi_orion2This is one of the two ways to perceive the Star of David on the Orion constellation. It’s not complicated at all, except how they engineered ISRAEL from SAIPH and RIGEL:

esi_orion sod

Here are the triptych computations on the Orion constellation in connection with the Freemasons. Compass and square are equinox and solstice, respectively.

2xBO9cBHFurther, GPY= 777= base nine additive sum 3+ 3 letters= 6.


On an aside, we know the perp’s encrypted “Sabra” in his alleged confession letter. This letter was not written by a single entity. Also, Sabra dually points to an Israeli produced sports car I believe was commissioned for production by Renault which produced about 200 sales in the US in the early sixties.

One can imagine Sabra may in fact identify the perp if this car be can be placed on a timeline in connection with the Cheri Jo Bates slaying. What I am saying is there is a good possibility the perp owned a Sabra.

Regardless, police are involved in these crimes, absolutely no conscience what they are doing is constitutionally criminal pledged to a fraternal brotherhood that is politically wired to overseas control from the UK.

Least we forget, Sabra Elise Johnson having been cloned from Cheri Jo Bates, this is not their only cloning project, and names such Ben Swann, Jimmy Fallon and Pastor Steven Anderson are certainly a part of the celebrity black mass lineup.

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