Brilliant Biracial Cheri Jo Bates Clone, Sabra Johnson

Brilliant dancer, just the way she got here may be as disturbing to her is it is to those who know and understand why DNA donor Cheri Jo Bates (1966) was sacrificed in an LDS/Mason cabal eugenics project, the point of this to play God in the manufacture of a human product the public would have no clue one way or the other, not even the clone.

The most horrific events of mankind are being played out in this video projected onto the mind of the audience. With high regard for the subject of this recording, you have to realize at this point one very pressing reality, that one product was destroyed to create another, the latter more to the liking to the entertainment elite and less a hindrance of the leadership threat Bates represented to the Satanic METRIC predators that killed her.

As already stated, Sabra Johnson is a brilliant dancer, but she is also a Cheri Jo Bates Clone.
esi_bates johnson
This research discovered the following similarities between these two individuals:

1 “Sabra” (predictive) was encrypted in the letter allegedly written by Bates perp, the Zodiac an LDS Mason application with multiple perps celebrating Bates as the 132nd such rendition victim in Riverside county since 1900. In reality, Zodiac was just a dramatic application of what the LDS have been doing in the US since the Mormon reformation which was supposed to have ended this church from hell from exploiting women. Didn’t happen. LDS exploitation subsequently faded to the backdrop of society institutionalized on the elite’s highly secretive eugenics black mass project, Atramental Lodge 23. One of their first products was TE Lawrence (Mary Ann Nichols).

2 Physical appearance is well matched.

3 Bates and Johnson both triptych cipher 5.

4 Name FNCS produces the letters NSOLANS, or N+ SOLANS. N Solan= Northern Gannet, a white seabird with black tipped wings, this encryption analogous to human biracial cloning.

5 Bates abduction and Johnson’s birth charts match identical in presentation of the Mason compass and square.

6 Salt Lake City triangulation of filming sites for Sabra’s debut as an actress, Murray High School, East High School and down town Salt Lake City proper, form a TDC straight line cartographic, East High School with RCC, Riverside, the abduction/recovery site of Cheri Jo Bates.

7 Bates was a cheerleader her Junior year in high school at Ramona. Johnson portrayed a cheerleader in her acting participation in High School.

Johnson’s discovery lofted on research on the Redlands February 2013 abduction/sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores, a 23 year old prostitute this researcher believes was snuff killed for the same purpose as Bates, the people responsible for this horrific crime inclusive of the Redlands LDS Temple bishop, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos, et al.

Ramos has me blocked on Twitter, McMahon servicing their field raptor for a kill to stop this information from flowing to the public. If Ramos had any balls, he would do a hearing to gag this information if it were untrue, but doing this would so reignite the Bates slaying he’d be the catalyst for collapsing SR/LDS in the inland Empire if not the state.

Mike Ramos is a sycophant paedomorphic freak of nature akin to an androgynous chimera fully pledged to his fraternal brotherhood to do whatever possible to hold off the public on human trafficking crimes such as Sylvia Marie Flores and those whom she followed to the grave. He’s the sickest of the sick, and he’s greasing the chute for others like him to continue these macabre circumstances unfettered by civics intelligence.

Not that it matters much at this point with the public totally sleeping this off, but with Illuminated CIA running Media (Mockingbird) and leadership bought and paid for, perpetual occult rendition is an inevitability, the population in this region to be acculturated to macabre willing to go there gullible, poorly informed, insouciant and stuffing face on Big Macs.

Flores was SKIRTS renditioned from the cradle for the same purpose as Bates, her DNA now in the hands of the demonic LDS church for replication at any time in the future, McMahon and Ramos having helped make this possible as Cabal Mason service assets for human trafficking for torture.

To the best of my knowledge, McMahon is still taking Twitter messages from me which would help explain his residential raptor’s response timed with my Word Press narratives. Ramos blocked me several months ago. These monsters are currently profiling me an an enemy of the state with support from the LDS/Scottish Rite controlled FBI.

My information activism v their racketeering culture. FUCK these devils.

This gives an entirely new meaning to Elton John’s 1971 popular song, Tiny Dancer.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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