Satan and Bellatrix in the Garden of Eden

In Hebrew Satan means to obstruct or oppose. Sa- also means devil, -tan a serpent. Generally this entity is regarded as the adversary of humanity.

Devil serpent lends itself a familiar Biblical manifestation, the snake in the Garden of Eden one of the most illustrated stories in the Bible. People everywhere have heard or read this story and are at least familiar with it.

Bear in mind Adam and Eve exited the Garden without having corrected their relationship with God, the snake portrayed as a perpetual nuisance, which brings us back to Cheri Jo Bates.

If we magnify the snake to an allegory it is easy to perceive the symbolic connection between this entity and predictive domestic presentation of a fraternal brotherhood that once replacing the snake we are able to understand the portrayal of an inimical and coercive social dynamic.

Taking an intuitive leap, this devil serpent becomes a priesthood of sorts with it’s modern appearance cloaked in the secrecy of organization the master of which is Freemasonry, the correct identity thus the Brotherhood of the Snake (BOS), and in it’s more recent 1888 re-creation, Atramental Lodge 23 AKA the Mormon church, an eugenics black mass breeding operation in the US.

Bates was made preeminent in the news because she was the 132nd Riverside County BOS victim between 1900 and 1966 (based on two victims per US county per year). 132= 123= Tau (Pythagoras). In the triptych cipher, Tau= code string 5123636363. Tau intercept= STU with subsequent code strings S/481999999 and U/633636363.

Intercept= 481, 512, 633, these numbers likewise producing base nine additive sum 6= Orion (triptych cipher).

The number designation Tau intercept= 66 (T/123, STU/123)= base nine additive sum 3, or Bellatrix (Orion), the female warrior, the Eve target in black mass breeding.

This becomes highly esoteric at this point. The SKIRTS targeted Eve is identified by her birth chart the graphic presentation of which is the highly organized appearance of the compass, square, pyramid, triangle and Orion X.

Bates was leadership and a potential intelligence threat to BOS prevarication, thus her elimination and reproduction to a less threatening manifestation as an entertainment icon that could be controlled by BOS operatives, enter Sabra Elise Johnson 20 years hence.

Cloning is state of the art and has been perfected via LDS black mass rendition occurring in the backdrop of American society for over 100 years, rank and file Mormons forming a character shield having no idea the monsters they are protecting.

Black mass formerly involved tandem Eves, one sacrificed curbside like Bates, the other taken for breeding the termination of which occurred at the delivery of her fetus. Cloning has introduced a second layer of complexity.

In the latter example, Bates was used as a tissue donor, an egg obtained from yet another source infused with Bates genes and the modified cell introduce to a surrogate, or what would have been the black mass Eve.

Sabra Elise Johnson’s past remains an enigma probably for this reason. It would be easy enough to trace the production process back to Bates were someone to have figured out she was a clone. What they were not expecting was for someone to figure this out Bates forward with enough predictive intelligence to know they will terminate this project at 38.

Clearly there is an adversary at work in these circumstances, people now just as naive as they were four thousand years ago. In reality, The story of Adam and Eve’s meeting with the serpent bears another discussion which correctly describes people as gullible, poorly informed on civics and insouciant beyond salvation.

As you are aware you are probably one of very few people reading this missive. There is no catalyst for civics, forensics or even survival beyond people’s minimal expectation to be able to feed themselves, reproduce and sleep (Eden), hence they are being preyed upon by the Satan to the tune of 6000 such renditions per year in the US. These numbers are buried in a national static which counts all domestic kidnapping inclusive of divorce and domestic violence. In other words they hide the black mass numbers from the untrained eye.

One of the other story lines that prevailed in Eden was Eve having eaten the fruit of the forbidden tree. This is a paradox of horrific circumstances. Since fruit in the ancient world was the young of a species, this was Eve’s own child, specifically her firstborn female according to how this works in the occult. Not surprising, abortion serves the same purpose today as child sacrifice.

The immediately preceding paragraph usually grips the reader’s imagination. Without thinking consciously about it, eating the forbidden fruit is analogous to abortion and child sacrifice pointing to how people today aren’t that much different than they were millennia ago with the exception that the LDS black mass bloodlines currently under production are far more complicated than they were in Akhenaten’s (Moses’) day.

The other part of this people do not understand is the nature of the Satan. This is the bearded Aphrodite, his Freemason institution a masquerade for the darker practice of destroying in the mainstream what this devil believes should have been his own entitlement, men breeding with men, Bellatrix his perpetual nemesis.

In yet another twist of logic, one is introduced to the idea that Adam was this bearded Aphrodite Satan, which I believe is correct, the reason for this it was Eve beguiled by the serpent, not her consort. Adam was radically gay, Eve, coached to eat her own child, relieved of her conscience.

Eve then is the model for the parent that participates in SKIRTS black mass which introduces an entirely new perspective on Genesis based on the inverse hermeneutic, the latter Mason SOP, which takes the meaning of evil to a whole new level.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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