QUESTION/SKIRTS Motivation, Defamation

I was asked what the motivation is for participation in such an enterprise as SKIRTS black mass and if I was afraid of a defamation of character hearing.

How does one describe the mind of a sociopath let alone a METRIC, perfect examples of which are San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos and administrative cohort, John McMahon. What’s to describe? A pervert is a pervert.

First thing to understand is they are predisposed to predation. They can be normal and once selected acculturate via fraternal indoctrination, but they are by and large wired to exploit and kill from the cradle, and they are tested and groomed for this in childhood.

The Constitution is rational. Psychopaths are irrational, fraternal METRICS even worse, hence San Bernardino civic leadership racketeering involvement in the SKIRTS rendition of 23 year old prostitute, Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands/2013), who was also groomed from the cradle to his horrific future based on her birth cartographic. LDS did this like they have done many others, for example Elizabeth Short (1948) Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974), Corinna Novis (1986) ANAI.

Highly organized on pledging, cabal ascent to leadership contravenes the rule of law under which these monsters serve masquerading public servant when in reality they are agents in service to alternative government controlled by their Scottish Rite masters. Mason indoctrination is a 33 step process of radical rationalism demonization, the alleged “honorable” lower house (Lodge) that of Abraham, the elite their Moses, the latter a bearded Aphrodite archetype and the core of administration and politics locally, regionally and nationally.

While this may seem confusing to anyone not accustomed to the real history of the Bible, when you eventually learn pharaoh Amenemhet was Abraham and radical homosexual Akhenaten was Moses the reader will fairly rapidly grasp what is actually happening. Nefertiti was a man. Mason/LDS elite are sodomites, their mechanism for maintaining solvency with the public in this location an immense county anchored racketeering network owned and operated by Jew invented Freemasons, Scottish Rite and their eugenics operation, Mormon elite.

Back to Ramos and McMahon, Sycophant SR/LDS affiliates, including FBPO, pledge the Mason metric and reassign themselves to a corporate agenda (policy) which bears competitive with the US Constitution in mission creep to develop a society populated with black mass bloodlines.

Flores was a temple commemorative. They bait the public via domestic terrorism to keep people confused on the double bind. It’s that simple, and where not alpha, these demons asset service such tasks as the haunt, street theater, kidnap, transport (McMahon) and documentation (Ramos) of a snuff patsy to avoid detection of their involvement in occult trafficking for torture and human sacrifice.

Actual eugenics and breeding is another phase of the SKIRTS black mass process, perverts like Ramos and McMahon probably not used beyond their roles to shield occult breeder perp LDS/Scottish Rite. Rendition assets typically don’t get to fuck the victim, for obvious reasons. The more logical reward for their part would be their pederast resources holed up in the San Bernardino mountains.

Since Flores was released dead back to her community, in this case LDS elite got a snuff trophy only, their goal to have taken two others from the UR student body thwarted with two letters, one to the dean of students the other to URPD identifying police perp involved in harassing one of the victims. They subsequently took Flores in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s visit to this region September 2012 but were unable grab the other two without being noticed or identified by parents.

Bearded Aphrodites aren’t into females anyway, the only circumstances where they even consider this for reproduction only, hence SKIRTS. You have to remember, Bellatrix is the enemy of the state, Betelgeuse the condemning hand of Orion AKA Freemason elite. Per the discussion above, again, like it or not, LDS elite are bearded Aphrodites masquerading normalcy, the only other thing Ramos and McMahon would have in common with them after servicing a rendition project such as Flores and others like her.

Regarding defamation, like I already said, Ramos and McMahon are exquisite METRIC perverts, their response to these allegations to attempt to profile me thus via their local raptor contracted out of Oakland, California, with involvement from the FBI. None of this follows law as we know it. In these circumstances, Scottish Rite/LDS are doing what they have always done when caught involved in unimaginable domestic terrorism crimes, racketeering justice and medieval collective punishment to keep the public shut up.

In these macabre circumstances, SRM/LDS elite have convinced their subordinating class they are serving a higher purpose by doing what they are told, asset servicing SKIRTS rendition, for example,  rather than what their conscience dictates, which is the METRIC psychopath, FBPO’s contribution to this Twilight Zone mentality a shield of infallibility favorable to institutional felon preeminence among sheriff, police and city/county administration including Superior Court, Adult services, IHSS and SEIU.

SRM/LDS are prolific and networked throughout the state. They control HUD and DFEH and have a hand in medical resources which is how they research their SKIRTS victims. They identify such individuals from birth charts which show up as Bellatrix leadership and stalk and attack them…in the future. How do you brace yourself against crap like this when 95% of the public is satiating addictions to exotic food, sex and entertainment?

If there’s defamation of character, where’s the hearing? They don’t want a hearing. A hearing would destroy them. Like I said, they don’t follow the constitution. Freemasons are corporate, their control dynamic their 33 policies from hell and assassinations. In the words of San Bernardino Superior Court psychologist, Bob Habel, FUCK them.

People have a difficult time figuring this out SKIRTS so in opposition to their happiness view of the normal world taught them by Captain Kangaroo, Big Bird, Barney and Ronald McDonald. The really complicated language on this is radical rationalism (see above), correct examples of which are Amenemhet (Lodge) and Akhenaten (bearded Aphrodite METRIC), the former the model of moral righteousness, the latter it’s inversion. Ramos and McMahon are the latter, obviously.

While America was doing this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, Thomas Monson did this> Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner. Don’t believe it?


Natalee Holloway triptych ciphers 2, Robyn Gardner 3, hence 23 for Atramental Lodge 23 which is a Mason/LDS eugenics project commissioned on Whitechapel in 1888 with the curbside black mass rendition of Mary Ann Nichols. This Mason/LDS SKIRTS rendition produced TE Lawrence. Also, 23= 5.

In the image immediately above, notice the two bees between the letters C and I formed by the rooftops either side of the LDS temple. CI= Roman numeral for 101, CBEE and IBEE, respectively. Since BEE triptych ciphers 4, CBEE= 100+ 4= 104= additive sum 5. IBEE= 1+ 4= 14= additive sum 5, hence CBEE= 5, IBEE+ 5 and Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner= 5.

The straight line cartographic originates on Aruba exactly mid point between where Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner were last seen and divides the temple equally between the back to back bees in the temple landscape, all by coincidence and mistake and misunderstanding, according to LDS elite.


In the image immediately above, line of longitude (LL) from the north pole south to intercept black (Drexel) and white (LDST Rome) lines, LL falls TDC over LDST Santo Domingo by coincidence and mistake and misunderstanding, according to LDS elite and their SKIRTS rendition mafia attorneys. Drexel cartographic presentation upon Gardner’s abduction site in Aruba networks LDS SKIRTS involvement in the Megan Maxwell, Holly Bobo and Lauren Spierer abductions as well.

HOW MUCH OF THIS IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO WAKE PEOPLE UP, or are people just too fucking stupid to figure it out? God damned bubble brained American pathological happiness addicted to anything they can eat, fuck and party with is as corrupt as Ramos and McMahon are in their involvement in SKIRTS rendition. Is this a win/win match for the local culture? Let’s take a closer look at what win/win looks like in reality.


What the pubic doesn’t know that Ramos and McMahon do is the straight line cartographic formed between Melchizedek controlled Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs and the location where Flores body was dropped 26 February 2013, a 37.57 (13) mile geo-cartographic known as an SLC.


In the image above, observe there are three points between Flores and Finchy (Redlands LDS Temple, off UR campus student housing and Corinna Novis), the housing location targeted for two other SKIRTS rendition victims what birth chart astro-cartographics together from the Orion X left and right on the ONA logo.

In the image below, the inverted pentagram at the base of the ONA geo-cartographic is composed from the composite birth cartographics of Laurie Lynn Partridge and Sylvia Marie Flores. The ONA logo in it’s entirety is the a subject of another discussion, every point constructed from either a LDS property or some horrific domestic terrorism event.


Want to believe the official patsy record developed by the people that perped the crime? Go ahead. It’s a lie. It’s a lie, because without it LDS can not perpetrate on the public with the public’s consent, which is the point of the SLC telegraph. LDS elite are TELLING the public they did this, part of their magic show the cultivation of acculturation to SKIRTS black mass, people in the mainstream, even their own rank and file membership, regarded as little more than uncultivated beasts.

The reader is no doubt familiar with the word goyim. This word is synonymous with goylem, or more correctly golem. A golem is a hedonistic person AKA gentile. Gentiles are intentionally bred, educated and acculturated stupid, Torah and Talmud rabbis alike responsible for pressing this mentality into a public manufactured for eugenics and genocide, LDS involvement in this their hallmark Mountain Meadows human sacrifice theater (1887) which set a precedence for Mormon black mass operations in the US and a current example of which is Sylvia Marie Flores.

Uncultivated, how? LDS religion is a lie. Their bearded Aphrodite elite know this. It’s a lie that keeps their eugenics project going in perpetuity, the mainstream programmed on their psychotic version of happiness not having a clue what they do in the backdrop of this demonic church from hell.

SKIRTS motivation is an attack on hetero female leadership, their radical gay community having lofted an administrative masquerade that recruits it’s own to the detriment of the simple minded mainstream that just doesn’t have the will to think and the consequence of which is this future and victims like Elizabeth Short through Sylvia Marie Flores ANAI. The numbers are huge, over 300 thousand between 1900 and 2000 in the US alone.

FUCK psychopaedomorph San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos and his compensate psychopath sheriff cohort, John (Jack the Ripper) McMahon. Let them take that to a defamation hearing. These two do asset service for their SRM/LDS masters, neither one of them fit for public service principled on a constitutional republic, albeit they are otherwise well suited to their current service the genre’ of which is METRIC psychopath for a buck and very likely a periodic rouse with a male child. They are evil. They celebrate evil, and for this reason they co perped Sylvia Marie Flores to maintain solvency with their SR/LDS masters.

As police get more involved in these circumstances the message to the community in which they serve is they are becoming enforcers for corporate policy the purpose of which includes servicing whatever entity or population has been targeted for rendition.

Bearded Aphrodites have no tolerance for Bellatrix, virtually any scheme imaginable to attack and destroy these their first priority inclusive of recruiting only weak minded weasel-esque sycophants to populate their ranks, entitle them, and commence wielding power born on feelings of fear to justify their insatiable desire to kill 23 year old prostitutes in commemorative and pledge ceremonies, felon snuff patsies a dime a dozen in the All American City!

This is San Bernardino’s finest. These are the finest metric predators that Freemasons can produce, a destructive duo thematic on the drama of comedy (Ramos) and tragedy (McMahon), the public lost in the abyss of a dark spirituality created via gullibility, insouciance and what can some might construe as self-willing stupidity.

There’s another issue here buried ‘neath the obvious City of San Bernardino guiding principle, “… to be strong and prosper” – an occult micro iron triangle composed of business/education officials, city administration, police and very possibly military.

These are very dangerous circumstances unchecked by vetting and oversight what first and most immediate work would be to attempt to understand why this city uses a vision statement closely resembling Leonard Nimoy’s Star Trek idiom,”Live long and prosper.”

Could it be Flores was satellite snuffed? This is not an impossibility under the circumstances. They would have had image surveillance on her through her abduction, the record of this SKIRTS kill now in the possession of SRM/LDS elite and shielded from discovery by occult administration’s official albeit manufactured records.

shinRegarding the image immediately above: 1) number correspondence with name= triptych encryption, and 2) the Trishulsa lofts with City of San Bernardino guiding principle, “… be strong and prosper” in connection with the Leonard Nimoy idiom, “Live long and prosper” and Hebrew letter Shin.

Shin= Trishula linking with Zeus and the power of the Gods. LDS used a similar geo-cartographic in their 1887 Mountain Meadows attack on a Christian wagon train traveling through Utah to California, an event 30 years in the making which LDS summarily dismiss as a mistake and misunderstanding persuasive in the detached and emotionless affect of sociopaths.

Silvia Maria Flores was one of their human sacrifice commemoratives engineered well in advance of McMahon’s first term appointment in the absence of an election, which is hijack triptych.

I remind people often they have to think to figure this out. They yawn, stretch, giggle, laugh. Some will bristle. 5% ask questions, 95% in some kind of happiness bubble and do not appear to be in this world, psychologically. The correct term for this is grazing and thus the reason people in the mainstream are refereed to as a herd animal, more specifically sheep, by the elite.

Again, regarding a defamation issue, the public has a right to criticize leadership. What these two assholes are doing in response to this criticism is criminal. These monsters are not only perping human trafficking for torture, they are retaliating medieval on research that is clearly pointing to not only both them but their racketeering network, too.

There is no part of this research the writer do not believe it true. No part given to reckless or wanton judgment. Every part of this has been researched in detail, whatever emotionally loaded words convey frustration the natural expression of civics minded people confronting a state of mind that has no regard for morality, ethics nor truly humanitarian public interests.

These demons view the public as their personal regional herd the same way priests are taught they have control over their clergy, just in the former case the priesthood is an administrative METRIC predator with an appetite for debauchery pledging and human sacrifice of 23 year old prostitutes and any other young women they can pick off at their will.

This fight is directed at administration and any covert networked entity thus predisposed to share their macabre pleasure which includes University of Redlands and the local school district superintendent. These are the people that are involved in this, in my mind anyone to dismiss this out of mind to preserve reputation is doing hyperbole typical of occult entities to avoid taking responsibility to end this. They don’t want to end it, because this is what they do. This is who they are. This is Redlands/San Bernardino County, California.



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