Response to> California Masons seek distance from Masonic Fraternal Police Department after arrests, Sacramento Bee, 7 May 2015


This duplicates what I expect will be Sac Bee having censored my comments to one of their articles today.

Corporate media will not publish against local administration in keeping with the alternative government of the Communitarian Phoenix that that has lofted after the collapse and fires of previously unsuccessful communism and socialism.

I read this article and thought how easy it is to throw people off the trail of occult administrative perps via news propaganda, which is what this article is. California Masons are manufacturing their defense against allegations they are in fact involved in human trafficking for torture networked with the Mormon church.


Disinformation psyop. Masons ARE involved in occult activities in California and have been via Scottish Rite and LDS for over 100 years. Their FBPO is the connect.

People don’t want to hear this, and certainly these monsters never expected to get caught involved in SKIRTS rendition asset servicing human trafficking for torture for the LDS, examples of which are Jeff Mitchell, Sacramento, one of their own, and Sylvia Marie Flores, San Bernardino, via DA Mike Ramos, and San Bernardino County Sheriff, John McMahon.

Fact is they are doing it, are very active in Southern California, and have a Redlands ONA project they just celebrated 2013 with the commemorative sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores who they pinned on a snuff patsy. Ramos and McMahon ran cover with an official albeit manufactured record doing their part to keep the business going.

Think Haslam/Lamar and you have the correct idea. I was reporting this stuff back in 2011 and was told by then Det Danny Oliver he’d shoot me if I didn’t shut up. The idea was he and his POP partner, Det Briton, were supposed to have provoked a deadly confrontation using argument as a pretext to silence me.

Briton knows who I am. He’s a pervert Sac County sheriff. Dept knows who I am. HR responded to my written complaint and withdrew Oliver’s threat, albeit he remained one of the most respected officers in the department until someone blew his smart ass head off during a traffic stop.

Public is in some kind of a stupid funk with authority where they never vet what they are being told which makes these kidnappings easy pickin’s for occult operations throughout the state.

They are very good at it, and when confronted they threaten retaliation by death, which is a medieval response characteristic of Illuminati.

I expect Sac Bee probably will not print this. I’ve had some contact with their reporters who flee reality in keeping with highly orchestrated official release characteristic of corporate driven news very similar to what’s going on with the California Masons and police and sheriff. Tip of the ice berg.

California Masons are running a micro Iron Triangle inclusive of pledging secrecy on human trafficking for torture. Like I already said, they have been doing this over 100 years in California, Jerry Brown one of their prize dracs (SB227).


On an aside, Policing has become inverted from how it was 20 years ago. These days sheriff are terrorizing vigilantes, FBPO METRIC predators eager to pounce for the thrill of it.

I recall explicitly Oliver’s remarks which I told him not threaten to shoot me to which his partner, Det Briton, stationed 90 degrees right for a tactical assault blurted out, “THAT’S ASININE!” in my right ear. Oliver then repeated his threat. I was seated in my own home when they did this, Briton having cased my apartment for witnesses before they attempted their rendition. They came to my home to allegedly talk about my having reported online Scott Jones was involved in Jeff Mitchell’s occult death.

Thing is they had snuff satellite on Mitchell and played his death off to an unknown assailant what person(s) may have in fact been Oliver and Briton themselves. They also had satellite on Haslam and Lamar, so there’s no question who perped these occult crimes. Court hearings to prosecute alleged perps is a carnival side show.

Sycophants make up the largest population of Sheriff deputies, Jones himself very likely an aspiring bearded Aphrodite. This is what they do, and they do not tolerate information activism which should alert the public they are opposed to the Bill of Rights and serving another political God than our own constitutional Republic.

Even in denial of these circumstances, Masons are not a constitutional organization. They are Luciferian and manufacture whatever propaganda is necessary to hoodwink an ever gullible, poorly informed and insouciant public. Their political application is the hijack triptych. This is very powerful, because mainstream is not accustomed to thinking in paradox.

Jones brought in a team from Nevada to attempt to bait opportunistic for yet another attempt to take my life while in Sacramento. This networked to San Bernardino and county’s attempt to stage a coup on my family there which I held off with a complaint alleging Mason involvement in human trafficking. Orange County was dealing with the same problem. ALL of this is Mason inspired. Freemason elite are a felony racketeering organization, and they have absolutely no regard for the rule of law, none.

San Bernardino pulled this off perfectly lined upon the Mercury retrograde 2014 and even sent Superior Court (Bob Habel) as a last ditch effort to assert authority, they facing a complaint alleging felony attempt to kidnap orchestrated by the California Masons. They were using Adult services and their rendition assets networked from the Oakland Scottish Rite to pull this off. Second rendition team attempted what the first had failed to do, and they are still at it, Ramos and McMahon currently doing stupid hoping my death will relieve them from all the publicity I am putting out. FUCK them.


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