METRIC Rendition

SKIRTS Rendition

SKIRTS rendition is an engineered 7 point hijack abduction (Identify, Stalk, Kidnap, Rape Torture, Sacrifice, Traffic), the kidnap itself featuring an astrology cartographic and numerology phenomenon on the victim.

The SKIRTS abduction process was developed for repeated use, hence a canned (CAN) racketeered human trafficking scheme that initially presented in the American public in 1857 via Mountain Meadows.

Mountain Meadows was 30 years in the making, 11 September important to this event as the Orion Constellation played a role in a specific alignment over this region of Utah that would not reoccur for decades. This alignment was significant to making Mountain Meadows a commemorative human sacrifice event carried out in full light of day, the victims helpless to prevent this.

The lesson on Mountain Meadows is is how they operate today. Let them in, and their elite Melchizedek commence soul marrying all the females in your household, including children. An explanation for how they get away with this appears at the end of this missive.

The Mormon church is an Orion construct on the surface, an eugenics black mass project in the backdrop. LDS elite SOP is inverse hermeneutic principled on Genesis 6:2.

LDS elite believe Orion gave them special powers to pull this off, albeit typical of occult coercive magic, the only real evil this astrological event did was to provide a boost in confidence and focal point for a kill project that took the lives of 140 innocent Christian men, women and children. LDS attacked these people via false flag because they were Christian as a way of declaring theocratic supremacy.

Children who survived the Mountain Meadows massacre were farmed out to LDS families in Utah. Brigham Young and his entourage of co-perps were never brought to justice, although the US eventually prosecuted and executed a patsy for this crime to mollify the public. Young was a sociopath the equivalent of whom was Judah Benjamin.

Mountain Meadows is the end point on a 1748 (2, Genesis 6:2 triptych encryption) mile geo-cartographic of a lighting bolt originating at Kirkland, this image identified with Zeus, hence the God referred to in Genesis 6:2, the women in this passage LDS Eve abductions. Elite Melchizedek are the sons of God, a self-empowerment trip for apath serial SKIRTS predator alphas.


METRIC Rendition

Metric implies the use of a standard of measurement. Standard measurement is means of reproducing a process. Metrical structure applied to domestic terrorism involves a process that involves a cabal network, agenda and pathological adherence to a pledge that punishes redaction.

The METRIC rendition is any covert activity involving a person or group targeted for domestic terrorism by the cabal perp and follow the SKIRTS rendition protocol. A typical rendition event will be staged on a calendar numerologically anchored on a date of importance to the cabal network and the crime scene identified with a Mason cartographic compass and square, typical.

This type of rendition is institutional/corporate and relies heavily on cohort participation outside of any religious obvious religious organization the purpose of which is to punish silence a TI or do trauma bond with the public, hence this phenomenally horrific felony criminal enterprise is identified with elite Freemasons.

If the reader is aware of the circumstances of the Cheri Jo Bates abduction/sacrifice (Riverside), a Mason kill, Jeff Mitchell (Sacramento) was the same type of crime. Bates was cloned, her double Sabra Elise Johnson. Mitchell will likewise be cloned, Scott Jones his handler before he was killed.

FBPO Mason law enforcement organizations networked throughout the state doing these crimes. As I stated before, they do not give a fuck about getting caught and will magnify medieval on anyone who opposes them unchecked by authority, because there’s no constitutional leadership to hold them accountable. Mason cabals subordinate and control the state and federal constitutions.

Cabal operations are maintained locally via city and county administration cohorts, and League of California Cities (CLOC/Prague) is their state of the art manifestation upon the public.


In typical circumstances, if a targeted individual perceives others to be indifferent to injustice, and the group perceives the TI to be unable to respond to an attack, the group will capitulate, the TI paraded as a trophy to hold the mainstream in check. This institutionalizes the apath and sets a precedence for a secondary group targeted for control

LDS elite periodically will revisit Mountain Meadows to maintain a mystification grip on their membership and the public. Once capitulated, apaths are very difficult to restore to to psychological normalcy.


Mountain Meadows was no accident. This was carefully engineered and well executed commemorative false flag attack on Christianity. For the stupid who refuse to understand this, the victims were Christians, a title LDS have subsequently given themselves to keep their charade going in perpetuity.

This horrific event was intentionally sensational, unnatural, vivid, harsh, shocking, explicit and dramatic ANAI beyond the imagination. Gordon B. Hinckley encrypted a black mass SLC cartographic in one of his 1999 Mountain Meadow’s commemorative speeches, signal language he was confirming solidarity within his leadership group and at the same time reasserting shock upon the public to maintain an apath grip on the mainstream.

In your own mind, speak to the issue LDS elite have somehow made Mountain Meadows okay via mistake/misunderstanding, this church from hell nonetheless commemorated on a lurid involution to the death of Christianity.

In reality, no matter how fucked you are psychologically, to identify with this organization invented by Talmudic Jew rabbis, you are yourself also soulless, in this researcher’s opinion.

LDS Melchizedek elite are the Dracula’s of our day, any imagined regard you have for humanity not a whole lot to brighten the days past of their three hundred thousand victims between 1900- 2000. They take two victims per US county per year, the three thousand of these for breeding, the others sacrifice curbside by their ambush and stealth flight raptors.

Arrogance, vigilantism, terrorism These are the hallmark of Mountain Meadows, LDS notorious for acknowledging this via charm offensive and their straw man prevarication backed up with their extensively networked Jesuit modeled Danite felons and the use of children to masquerade victim when they are perpetrating crimes.

LDS don’t allow former felons in their church, because these are savvy and would be able to identify and alert on LDS racketeering.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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