Gadianton Robbers

Bearing in mind Mormon ancient great societies Mulekites, Nephites, Lamanites, and Jaredites are all made up, these names derived from the letters of the names of the stars in Orion, it comes as no surprise Gadiation Robbers should have likewise been invented, in this case a completely imaginary word triptych ciphered to identify with colonial Blue Lodge Masons the implication being these are the tap root of corruption in the US, which is far from reality.

Fact is colonial Masons faded in large numbers, subsequent infusion of Scottish Rite with a new entitlements revitalizing Freemasonry by attracting back status conscious Jews preoccupied with coven administration. With this new identity, 32nd degree Scottish Rite Masons were Illuminated providing them with the entitlements of the aristocracy inclusive of the debauchery pass which if they used this incurred a due bill debt on the basis of a favor for a favor. Since Illuminati pledge death for redaction, don’t deliver on debt and they killed and still do.

LDS is an Scottish Rite/Illuminati confab and will naturally attack Blue Lodge honor to loft itself preeminent in competition for membership and is as much a racketeering scheme as is the Mormon church is itself. Scottish Rite controls who they promote to Illuminati, so not everyone who pursues this level makes it. LDS will draw audience on Gadianton, because it’s something new to assail to make it appear as though they are legitimate. The stupid will believe this magic show. Intelligent people will not.



Gadianton Robber
7 962259
7 669
7 3
7 3
hand of Orion

One can easily see where this is going. Colonial elite knew how to organize to fight Briton for independence. Briton and the Vatican were in a heat to develop a plan to intercept a colonial insurgency they could not put down by sheer force of will. They had to have help from the inside, enter Adam Weishaupt what Mason inspired Illuminati adapted itself well to colonial Mason infrastructure and subsequently lofted vigilante terrorism organization, Mormon church.

Read Mountain Meadows if you have a problem with this assertion. Not surprisingly, most Mormons don’t even know what this was.

People flee this conversation overwhelmed with their own gullibility, the only rational thing they can do to preserve dignity, hide. Every stupid idea this organization came up with is explainable on Orion in connection with astrology and numerology or their triptych code. LDS is likewise melded with Druid mysticism, Gadianton a puzzle based upon a Pythagoras dot to dot to prove this.


Gadianton is one of those made up Mormon words engineered to befuddle membership with mysticism magic and at the same time convey to their elite that understand this code they are on mission even today to disfranchise the revolution and repatriate the US.

Scott Bradley, Hans V. Anderson, Jr., Kate Dalley, every one of these motivational speakers will argue profound insights against the Gadianton Robbers, all based on a lie that makes people lots and lots of money to be had from poorly informed audiences that flock to them for their salvation and to upgrade their faith in an organization the backdrop of which is Genesis 6:2 SKIRTS black mass breeding on the inverse hermeneutic.

For those who are in abject lack of a personal imagination, you are encouraged to take a look at an aerial view of the landscaping layout of the Redlands LDS temple and see if you can spot the fertilized egg and black mass fetus. This location in particular makes it kind of difficult not to perceive the message being conveyed by these triptych monsters. If you are really stupid, you’ll enjoy going to church there. The bishop loves little children and their simple minded parents.

re Mulekite
Betelgeuse+ Mintaka
B (ETEL) GE (U) SE+ (MI) NTA (K) A

Mulekites are their black mass bred bloodlines, abnegation their rejection of the civil rights of their victims. People believe this is LOL OMG LMAO Kewl. Ever heard an idiot laugh? They don’t think. They just laugh.

This is the Mormon church, their Amorite pretense charm and offensive on the double bind the reader’s piece of hell in a nation that once braced itself against crap like this that has since capitulated to eating, fucking, and partying around the clock. Canaan is Illuminati protocol via radical rationalism, people more naturally inclined to feed their appetites, intelligence be damned.

LDS will eventually have you believe colonial Americans were the evil doers of today’s society when in fact Mormon elite are among the most prolific serial SKIRTS predators on the planet, thank you Adam Weishaupt. LDS is a pirate culture. All one can say to that is figure it out or live with the consequences.


This doesn’t radiate without people motivated to fight the corruption. This information doesn’t get passed along, because in today’s America, if it doesn’t have a McDonald’s 20% off coupon attach to it people won’t spend any time with it.

Look around at the people you communicate with. They’re day dreaming. I worked with a SRO that watched the hospital from the second floor of our school where his daughter was dying. Same medical tried to kill my daughter. I got police to get her out. If she was going to die, I was going to be with her all the way there.

My daughter is still alive, because I took her home. She’s an immunization victim. MMR/Sorbitol destroyed her. Before I knew what was killing her, they wanted body parts (brain, liver, kidneys) for their research labs, and they wanted them fresh and on demand. Doesthis bear in LDS treachery? You bet! LDS get their medical/birth data from these hospitals.

re below, Scroll to Alert: Mormon Police Chief…  Gentiles= goy AKA stupid people in case you were wondering. A police chief with this type of attitude is what helped to create the Mountain Meadows massacre, and there has been no improvement in this religion or region in the 158 years since. This crazy SOB is a theocratic Melchizedek sociopath, his flock as it were also his prisoners in what we assume is an otherwise free and open society.


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