Proofs of Conspiracy ad nauseam ad infinitum

1798 Adam Weishaupt’s Proofs of Conspiracy, published

1830 LDS, stalling

1840 Communitarianism, failed

1848 Socialism, failed

1850 Capitalism, failed

1880 Fascism, failed

1890 Zionism, failed

1900 Communism, failed

2000 Stupidism, HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL!


People don’t want to hear it, but Weishaupt’s READ+ SUBSCRIBE+ DIRECT= Mormon protocol. Like it or not, LDS IS an Illuminati eugenics project in the US. Thomas Monson is Illuminati. ALL LDS presidents have been, their quorum high ranking Scottish Rite.

Regardless of his reputation, Weishaupt was a double agent for the Vatican and City of London. LDS great works were put together rapidly which accounts for the use of literalistic symbolism in connection with Orion. Three texts are also parallel to three sub divisions of the Orion constellation: BOOK OF MORMON> Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Book of Mormon; PEARL OF GREAT PRICE> Alnilam; DOCTRINE AND THE COVENANTS> Alnitak, Rigel, Saiph.

We can debate on some of the language, but linguistic analysis of how Weishaupt worded and punctuated his sentences favors my analysis. His thesis articulated institutional Illuminati prevarication stateside the point of this PTB would have a model upon which to fabricate virtually any triptych process that empower the elite to steer entire nations with spies, coercive magic and ruthlessness.

Entertainers bait public insouciance, albeit the fact remains people can see it but refuse to acknowledge this. Too few SYG, these overwhelmed by the larger population that giggles, laughs, gyrates and otherwise resonates to hedonism. This latter group is a beast culture. They are turned on by drama and intrigue and too fascinated by sex to be of any productive use to their own spiritual development or that of the communities in which they live, hence they have psychologically and economically enslaved themselves to false Gods, least we forget polygamy… including the LDS church.


Americans are not politically savvy. They are not motivated to learn about civics. They are self-indulgent, have become addicted to exotic, food, sex and entertainment, and are easily astroturfed for OSRA projects engineered to attempt to bait them to conflict opportunistic for martial law.

This works as a repatriation process, because no immediate and overwhelming military force is required to capitulate the public. People are so wired to their addictions they are sitting ducks for British press into domestic infrastructure, little resistance to a population acculturated to satiation happiness.

LDS has a vested interest in extending a helping hand. If their numbers increase, theocracy will have it’s day, and Britain’s repatriation of the US will go much smoother. In this church you indoctrinate scripted sycophant, your mind made free of any ideas competitive to the Mormon great works. You baptize, take the priesthood and do their study groups providing you with an entirely new perspective on life. Long as you don’t deviate from scripture, you are good.

Penetrate this charade with information, they do blood atonement. Meanwhile, got a child, male or female, their elite take a liking to, arm yourself and that child, because their Melchizedek are coming after him or her via ambush or stealth flight. That lesson is the Amorite and the Inn Keeper.

People read this falsely believing they are looking at a  joke. This is not a joke. Elizabeth Short (1948) was an LDS rendition. Cheri Jo Bates (1966) was an LDS rendition, her DNA used clone another female 20 years hence. Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974) was an LDS rendition. Corinna Novis (1986) was an LDS rendition that used a snuff patsy. Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) was an LDS rendition co-perped by San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos, and sheriff John McMahon.

LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, America! Your addictions have confined you, your perversions defined you. You are stupid and blind, you, your reward for this whatever script you will be required to read, subscribe to and are directed to perform, your constitutional republic be damned.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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