Cheri Josephine Bates Timeline Brief

This is probably one of the more horrific crimes of our day, the monsters that did this among the most well respected and least suspected Mason/LDS elite in the San Bernardino and Riverside communities, the same city/county and religious administrations that snuff perped Sylvia Marie Flores 2013, the latter an ONA commemorative in connection with the Redlands LDS Temple on 5th street.

Zodiac (Orion X) is a California Mason rendition application collaborated between police, county/city administrations and the Mormon church throughout the state, the Orion constellation the origin of their bearded Aphrodite occult preoccupation with black mass rendition and curbside sacrifice of young women.

The bearded Aphrodite views women competitive with Orion mission creep based on birth chart cartography not for any mystical significance, but to pledge and maintain pledge agreement with subordinate Masons and LDS. The birth chart cartographic marks the targeted female as a game animal.

Bates was bred, sacrificed and cloned by these demons, the only reason people not responding to these horrific circumstances they baited satiate and unable or unwilling to vet the perps. Bates perp owned a Sabra. Not to difficult to identify, since there were only 200 of these in the US in 1966, this name also the clone’s first name, Sabra Elise Johnson, 21 years hence.


30 October 1966, abducted

31 October 1966, body discovered 3680 Terracina, RCC

30 April 1966 three Mason (Zodiac= Orion X letters to Bates father 30 April 1967, one to RPD 1 November 1967

NOTE 1  three letters= three days between 26 April and 30 April telegraphing a midpoint date of 29 July

NOTE 2  26 April through 1 November 1966= 189 days the midpoint of which= 29 July, the 94th+ 1= 95th day with 94 days remaining through 1 November

NOTE 3  189 days= 27 weeks; 2 and 7= Genesis 6:2 and Masons, 7 an Orion encryption for 8 stars and 8 encrypted additive sum for all; 88= additive sum 7/Masons, an Orion construct same as the Mormon church

NOTE 4  LDS ancient great societies are encryption constructed from the names of the stars in Orion, the easiest of these to perceive Mulekite from Betelgeuse and Mintaka

NOTE 5  29 July is important, because Bates was cloned between 30 October and 3 November 1986, gestation taking this to 29 July 1987, the birth date of her biracial clone, Sabra Elise Johnson.


California Scottish Rite Masons did Bates in collusion with Mormon church leadership and LDS/Masons networked county wide, including RPD. Zodiac was a RENDITION APPLICATION, not a person singularly.

Bates was HUGE, because she was targeted as the 132ned SKIRTS rendition Riverside County abduction victim commemorative on Tau 123 (Pythagoras Triptych cipher) between 1900- 2000. They take two per year per US county.

It’s likely Bates was confirmed at 14 in 1962 upon entering high School. Scottish Rite/LDS are doing this. It’s their Genesis 6:2 protocol on the inverse hermeneutic.

Riverside Police Department, Detective Simmons, refuses to acknowledge he has received this information. In abeyance of the rule of law he will not acknowledge this to protect his FBPO from involvement in corruption, which is racketeering.

At this point, Simmons will do everything in his power to keep this information out of the reach of the public inclusive of controlling press release via Riverside Press Enterprise what corporate controlled media likewise will not respond to this information, for obvious reasons. These entities are tightly wired to a shut up agenda with periodic news release only to keep Bates name alive in the mainstream, a commemorative reminder they pulled this off street side and that the public is too stupid to perceive this.

San Bernardino administration Sheriff John McMahon (transport/investigation) and DA Mike Ramos (official record) asset serviced Sylvia Marie Flores without so much as the bat of an eye form the public, the reality here this location is the model for insouciance throughout the state.

This is beyond a wake up call. Far as the California Masons are concerned, citizens in this state acculturated to human sacrifice and at will cloning and willfully and intentionally acquiesce to these events by default, the Masons/LDS able to say people were informed about this via their public telegraph but did nothing to end it.

Sabra Elise Johnson is Cheri Jo Bates clone and, as previously stated, her perp team involved a person that owned a Sabra. Police won’t deal with this, but detectives will lie for their bosses leading the public to believe this was a solitary madman. It was a network of    Mason/LDS madmen, Bates not their only victim.

To say that the people that do this are sick is an understatement. They are METRIC sick and among the most prolific convert serial killers of the day. They kill for entertainment and in this case to prove Satanic preeminence upon the human race via cloning, which is an attack on the Divine.

That’s not to say people of this era aren’t comparable with this nightmare, since they are do nothing to end it. The correct idea is sapiens are full spectrum psychopaths that play themselves ether end of the baseline METRIC through empath, the battle featured involving Bates METRIC (organization, pledge, fraternal brotherhood) v victim.

This is a game for the California Masons. Core protocol dictates they attack and kill young women as game animals. The reason for this is they hail to Akhenaten (Moses lie) and his prevarication involving homosexuality, in this case the radical version of this hostile toward the divine for making  them unable to breed among their own.

Elite Masons only advance the bearded Aphriodite, these orchestrating much of the kill on the public with asset support from sycophant membership such as conpensated psychopath San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon and psychopaedomorph DA cohort, Mike Ramos.

McMahon and Ramos et al snuff perped Sylvia Marie Flores commemorative on their coveted 2.7 mile ONA geo-cartographic anchored on the Redlands LDS temple. This project has been the works since early 1940s and is identified with such notable events and persons as Mountain Meadows, Elizabeth Short, JFK, Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis, Sylvia Marie Flores and Wallace Brownlie.

Astrological cartographics on Partridge and Flores form the base of the ONA logo, two UR students to have been the upper left and right X. Flores was one of three to have been rendition to commemorate this phase of introducing ONA rendition and human sacrifice activities to inland counties. Bates research (2015) caught RPD Detective Simmons by surprise placing him between a rock an a hard place trying to figure what he should do to press information into the Bates investigation. He chose to ignore it. Spokane is ignoring it (Partridge) the reason for which is obvious.

Pay attention. This research is the product of civic minded people that want to put a stop to this the only thing stopping them overwhelming numbers in the local population that just do not give a fuck.

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