Decloaking The Freemason/Zodiac Masquerade II

The symbol on the Bates letter to the Press-Enterprise doubles as an oak leaf puzzle and encryption code that identifies the organizations collectively that were involved in the Cheri Jo Bates abduction.

Contrary to what the public has been led to believe about this murder, Zodiac was and remains a Free Mason application and involved individuals pledging fraternal brotherhood debauchery in connection with the entities thus identified. In Bates’ case, she was targeted for cloning.

The elite were on the street during this era of sacrifice partying, and Bates perp owned a fucking Sabra. You would figure the police could do something with that, since there were only 200 of these in the US in 1966. Of course they could, but they won’t, because they know who did this. It was one of their highly regarded Free Mason Elite.

They do have one of the Mason Zodiac killers identified, but they won’t touch him. He and his co-perp wife are members of a nationally syndicated Christian organization. It’s okay to kill at will if you’re pledging Free Mason debauchery.

There’s no rule of law on these monsters, because the Free Masons hail from and are the agency for British Government. In case you haven’t noticed recently nationally, they don’t recognize US policy and are in perpetual mission creep to repatriate.

esi_zodiac orgs1) 32= Scottish Rite

2) Inverted 7+ 3= 322+ Skull and Bones; 322= 7; SKULL AND BONES
12333 154 2655= 543= 3

3) ML (triptych encryption 7)= Orion/UK

4) EV (triptych encryption 2)= Genesis 6:2, Mormon Elite, breeding/cloning

5) AW (triptych encryption 5)= Rigel; leap year solstice/equinox

6) 7E= E7= 515 7= 2+ 7= Genesis 6:2+ Free Masons

This is no mistake or misunderstanding. There are no errors in the triptych calculations. These are the collective organizations involve in the Cheri Jo Bates slaying and others like her, every one of these perped by a California Free Mason cohort, people standing around watching stupid today as they were in 1966, 1900, 1888, 1857 (Mountain Meadows) ad nauseam ad infinitum.

That crap like this goes on and people stand around watching like they don’t have a clue partly explains why the mainstream is thought of as a sheep. It’s the same fucking behavior. Six wolves attacked Bates, the herd looking on at the crime scene the following day.

Has it occurred to anyone situations like Bates, Partridge, Novis, Flores, etc., might be the reason the organizations above do not want you to carry guns? Do you believe if any one of these young women had been armed they could have been taken? I don’t think so. The point of bringing this up is typical of a bearded Aphrodite BDSM mentality, they want you to see it coming and stand there and watch, which the pubic has proven it is willing to do regardless of how the victim will die.

America is sick, very sick. Want proof? Take a close look at leadership: San Bernardino County Sheriff, John McMahon and Mason cohort DA, Mike Ramos. Think you have quality administration with these two SKIRTS preds? Think Sylvia Marie Flores and you have the correct idea. Flores, Bates and others are identified with their coveted ONA project anchored on the Redlands LDS temple, albeit people living within the 2.7 mile ONA cartographic don’t have a clue, either. They are eat, fuck and party stupid.

SKIRTS rendition has obviously become very easy for these occult mind fucks. They picked Flores off in broad daylight stealthy placing her body keyed to the Redlands ONA early the next morning lining this up on a snuff patsy they allegedly linked a rape a decade earlier. No one is vetting Twilight Zone official record.

There’s a rendition plan engineered from a birth cartographic linked to Partridge 39 years earlier, key location on a geocartographic what combined astrological cartography forms the base of the Redlands ONA logo anchored on the Redlands LDS temple, this project further identified with Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, an idiot rapist with a 90 IQ doing all this damage, according Free Mason cohorts, compensated Sheriff John McMahon and psychopaedomorph DA Mike Ramos.

Yep, the public in this region is stupid. CONfirmed. DOUBLE BIND executed on some half wit snuff patsy, and RADICAL ACTIVISM documented via official record and corporate controlled media participating in a SKIRTS curbside commemorative Eve kill, and of course the perps are all about the civil rights of the victim so the public doesn’t rout the perp agency.


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