God will punish, Jesus will save… NOT happening

Humanity has been colonized by a METRIC cult that masquerades righteousness in the absence of examples, the mechanism of which is the lie and the fellowship of which is a cohort of demons and the mainstream gullible, poorly informed, and insouciant audience these ghouls attract.

How does one describe a local culture so detached from these circumstances life has any other purpose than to live a mindless existence acculturated to the METRIC standard of survival, at the will of the METRIC elite and ever accommodating the METRIC appetite for the macabre of the SKIRTS rendition and all that this sick Scottish Rite/LDS institution entails?

People innately perceive and understand morality, because they understand pain, embarrassment and the prevalence of highly specialized groups with which they identify for power. They comprehend ethics and network their values with those with whom they associate for visibility. People know conscience and their preoccupation with evil regardless of their handlers and whatever spin these puppet masters put on them.

Coerced or otherwise, default of conscience is default of conscience, the public so caught up in the Satanic suck of METRIC administration soulless does not begin to describe this morally corrupted community.

San Bernardino can not walk away from Sylvia Marie Flores, ever. Bold, occult, sociopath, mind fuck Satans DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon (initiated on Corinna Novis) committed to exposure of their vocational preoccupation with snuff kidnapping for torture with Flores the only thing holding off the public in these circumstances people distracted by their temporal and fleeting ha ha ha pee ness. Flores is irrevocably and permanently etched in the Redlands Landscape an LDS straight line cartographic of which they are fond of using.

These silly assed bastards only have part of their ONA satisfied (Partridge/Flores) University of Redlands promising it’s share of student sacrifice victims, this community having no clue they are being preyed upon by San Bernardino’s finest even before they apply to this school from Hell. Certainly locally Cheri Jo Bates and Corinna Novis, identified on the ONA death compass, is a resonant warning for those who are alert to these circumstances. Many are not.

This isn’t written to Ramos or McMahon. It’s written to the public as a red flag alert. You have predators among you who do not give a fuck about civil rights. As far as they are concerned you don’t have any civil rights. You are a goyim game animal to these monsters, and they are telegraphing this via Elizabeth Short (1948), Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974), Corinna Novis (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013), to name a few, every one of these a mark on the Redlands 2.7 mile ONA geo-cartographic anchored on the Redlands LDS temple and Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. Flores body was placed key on this macabre logo telegraphing to an otherwise unaware public this was the work of Ramos and McMahon and their elite occult Scottish Rite/LDS administrative cohorts throughout county.

Salvation isn’t coming from Jesus or God. People reject character when they refuse to reason, the Divine when they refuse to analyze, this community currently entrenched in denial of both. San Bernardino city/county administration is a snake ball, residents apparently comfortable with this Hades lifestyle, or they are just plain DNA stupid from the cradle.

God BLESS America! nor midnight candlelight payer vigils work in these circumstances. You get it or you not, the latter a seemingly prevalent predisposition in a community that has no clue your DA and sheriff traffic in human sacrifice.

Now then, San Bernardino, HOW CAN YOU FUCKING MISS THIS? Bearded Aphrodites m-a-s-q-u-e-r-a-d-e normalcy which means their family life is a charade and enough of a convincing theatrical performance they have you believing they are for real, the backstory on this enterprise they are collapsing domestic infrastructure while you stand around watching clueless.

Your JAG judiciary is isn’t going to help you. These METRIC freaks are a part of it. Who do you figure did Cheri Jo Bates? It was some METRIC fuck masquerading righteous the community willing to do the stupid act hoping this nightmare doesn’t touch them. That’s not Jesus or God. That’s Satanic freaks like Mike Ramos and John McMahon and their gullible audience of followers identified with SKIRTING 23 year old prostitutes and anyone else they take a liking to for the hell of it.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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