Discussing this is better left to the literature. Ahead of reading, it may be a good idea to prime your thoughts just a little with a challenge to perceive a troubling issue ahead of actually reading about it. Mormon and Moroni issue triptych encrypted from Mormo.

This is bizarre beyond the imagination, and it is this researcher’s perception that knowing this LDS rank and file automatically dismiss all discussion thereof in avoidance of competition with Mormo great works literature regardless of the reality of the former, which by the way is mind control, just you don’t notice it so much as first embedded in all the handouts they throw at you during your indoctrination.

LDS will swear to be damned they are being persecuted when the issue swarming around them are not only criminal, these triptych cons are notoriously skillful at blaming the neighbor for the dead child the Melchizedek has tucked under his bed. If you think this is funny, read up on Mountain Meadows, a human sacrifice event 30 years in the making the culmination of which was a Mormo kill on 140 Christians by mistake and misunderstanding, according to them.

The concept connect in this missive is Mormo, Mormon, Moroni, Hecate and Relief Society. There’s more discussion involving Persephone, but the literature does a better job of describing the relationship between the latter two. What’s to be understood here is the use of LDS triptych cipher to make these associations using a code akin to numerology. Examples follow.





Relief Society
953956 1639527

Ultimately, the correct idea is Hecate via relief Society is affiliated with Persephone, the latter somehow identified with elite leadership. The explanation for this is the bearded Aphrodite, the idea LDS would even consider this in contravention of their mainstream image. Fact is this is what they do. They are also prolific SKIRTS predators, the point of this an attack on Eve Novus who carry leadership and intelligence in the gene pool in competition with Mormo mission creep.

SKIRTS is a previous discussion, in case the reader is interested. Most are not, so if your feeling lethargy having read this far, congratulations! You are among the 90% so inexorably in a stupor with reality you will not figure this out in this lifetime, although if you are in any way concerned about the currents in domestic or geopolitical issues, this is damn good place to start, my opinion.

As a help, Mormo obviously presents on the inverse from what it alleged to be. People have speculated LDS is an Illuminati movement. Since Melchizedek engagement with the public is right out of Weishaupt’s literature, it is intelligent to comprehend this perception is correct.

Bear in mind Illumination on the inverse hermeneutic is also a darkening process which would follow precisely when the reader eventually understands the Mormo church is in fact a Genesis 6:2 black mass breeding project in perpetuity, the bearded Aphrodites and their Hecates highly motivated to SKIRT rendition young woman they perceive to be competitive with LDS preeminence.

Don’t kid yourself about what you’re reading. LDS are recruit to covert Danite militia, and the elite train their children on the Whistling and Whittling brigade. I’ve seen them do this with impunity, in some cases their behavior pressing a victim to a death fall.  This is the same stuff IDF are trained on which US police are also training on to do do battle with the public.

What dumb fuck FBPO police do not understand is they are being programmed by Mormo affiliate Scottish rite to attack their own people in abeyance of the rule of law same circumstances as prevailed in the Mountain Meadows massacre, and of course to make this work they have to recruit police and administrators who are predisposed to perversion examples of which are Sylvia Marie Flores asset SKIRTS predators, San Bernardino psychopaedomorph DA, Mike Ramos, and compensated psychopath Sheriff cohort John McMahon.

Kabbalah, Free Masons, Joseph Smith and Albert Pike

Free Masonry
Sabbatai Zevi
Adam Weishaupt

Joseph Smith
Orson Hyde
Alexander Neibaur
John C. Bennett


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