Mountain Meadows Blueprinted Alnilam Nader at Sunset; the Amorite and the Inn Keeper

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The Mountain Meadows Massacre occurred 7- 11 September 1857, this horrific human sacrifice crime committed by LDS.

An ancient Greek day marker was chosen for this event which was previous day sunset 10 September on location. Alnilam on the belt of Orion was on the Nadir at sunset. This is the mark of Free Mason prevarication with astrology. They do this to blueprint their crimes carrying on as though they are as shocked as everyone else all the while they are perpetrators.

Mountain Meadows was an astrologically featured assault on Christians not only of the day but globally as a human sacrifice event commemorating Genocide of same, Mormo masquerading identified Christian in order to con the public confidence what consequence upon the host is inevitable subversion of Christian society via debauchery baiting, human trafficking in black mass products and genocide.

Be certain that Mormos identifying themselves as Christians, they most certainly are not. That’s part of their con. Mormo philanthropic/humanitarian projects are a front to the darker operations which this pseudo religion is pressing onto the mainstream stealth. Mormo elite are servicing repatriation 180 degrees to the rule of law, the best way to describe what they are doing the story about the Amorite and the Inn Keeper:

In this story, an Inn Keeper was visited by a former tenant, an Amorite, who was seeking a room for the night. The inn keeper had to turn him away explaining he now had a daughter who occupied this patron’s former room. The Amorite went away. The next morning the Inn keeper’s daughter was gone, too.

People don’t understand that once Mormo is over the threshold and have the names and ages of your female children, Melchizedek elite marry them in secretive temple ceremonies sealing their souls (they believe) to whatever priest has taken them for marriage. Missionary black and white is the same METRIC color scheme worn by Rabbis, Torah and Talmud alike, and is symbolic of the black and white lipped cobra, the Book of Mormon substituting for the missing fang(s).

All this is doing is setting a precedence for paedophilia and their otherwise stealthy SKIRTS back mass abductions committed nationally at a rate of 3000+ victims per year. They actually take two per US county, but they only use one for breeding. The other is sacrificed curbside and left for public view, county rendition assets, typically Scottish Rite/LDS sheriff departments and district attorney resources used to manufacture an official records alleging snuff patsies do these crimes. It’s a fucking racket.

Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands, 2013) was asset perped by Order of the Nine Angels affiliates, San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos. McMahon may also have had a hand in the Corinna Novis ONA snuff rendition (Redlands 2013) for the hell of it.

McMahon is a Scottish Rite/LDS METRIC bearded Aphrodite masquerading normalcy typical of drac administration, so he d0es what he is told and likely periodically dips into the herd for a male child, and certainly female prostitutes typical of radical homosexuality. Such a kill was featured in Heat, Waingrow (Kevin Gage) McMahon’s alter ego. Other organizations involved in these activities are Watch Tower, B’nai B’rith and the Lutheran church, none of these Christian organizations.

sod mm nadir

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