Star of David (Orion) Preeminence in LDS Manufactured Religion 1830; LDS= Subversive Retaliation on the Stamp Act of 22 March 1765

SOD Preeminence in LDS Manufactured Religion in 1830 puts the Zionist movement in the US BEFORE it was acknowledged as a subversive operation late 1800. The reason for this is these political predators do not wish for their Mormo project to pancake on evidence LDS elite knows will end their humanitarian masquerade in perpetuity.

What is patently clear here is Mormo’s Zeus geo-cartographic traverses a period of time during which this religion from hell perped human sacrifice claiming mistakes, misunderstandings, and innocence, all the while continuing to develop their SOD geo-cartographic in plain sight well into 1900 and with little fear this would ever be perceived by the public.

This is probably the most singularly condemning information online, since even their METRIC membership can not look at this and deny what they are seeing was engineered to their spiritual capitulation via denial of reality fully commemorative on human sacrifice and God only knows what else they are doing backstage. They killed Old Bishop in the same manner, just to do it and get away with it, these events discussed to present on the psyche mollified by Mormo’s notoriously METRIC laden literature which is acculturation to human sacrifice.

This parallels Thomas Monson’s ascent to leadership not as a man of God, but but like every other occult president before him as bearded Aphrodite masquerading normalcy against the back drop of the process LDS elite use to identify and handle such demonic characters to preeminence, the METRIC protocol. One has to be a monster in one’s soul to be a leader in the Mormo church, and they look for and cultivate this phenomenally horrific absence of character in their selection process, that and the fact leadership is bred to this fate via black mass.

Mormo came in with a plan initiated 6 April 1830 (LDS officially organized) what subsequent developmental milestones manifest 1831 (Garden of Eden dedication, Independence), 1838 (banking, Kirtland) and 1840 (JS Homestead, Nauvoo). These dates and locations form a geo-cartographic map of a 1700+ mile lightening bolt people had no clue was created by these events, the strike point of which is Mountain Meadows. Knowing this changes Mormo’s denial of culpability in human sacrifice, the fact being Mountain Meadows was an engineered sacrifice event 27 years in the making. 2 and 7 are Genesis 6:2 and Mason 7 (Orion), encrypted.

To hit their mark in 1857, and this researcher is saying Mountain Meadows was in fact a well engineered human sacrifice event, Much planning would have to have been done to make this possible taking the time line to no later than 1800. Mormo= punishment demon, very likely the LDS church engineered in response to colonial resistance to the stamp act of 22 March 1865.

22 March 1765 to 6 April 1830= 65 years 15 Days, or 2 and 6 (base nine additive sums).

22 March 1765 to 10- September 1857= 92 years 5 months 1 day, or 2 and 6 (base nine additive sums).

British leadership got it’s stamp tax, just it was collected it in a more profitable manner, the Mormo tithe.

What this researcher is saying is the LDS church was created in response to a colonial issue that triggered a revolution that earned the US it’s sovereignty, albeit America subsequently baited back to Britain via a con attributable to triptych politics which Americans are clueless to understand not because they are stupid, but because they have been acculturated not to think via Scottish Rite Masons.

Think Mormo is in no way involved with the Masons? See for yourself:

Kirtland, Independence, Nauvoo and Mountain Meadows, 1830- 1857 (lightening bolt):

sod21SOD/Orion construction points:<a

sod22SOD/Orion construction points, intercept lines:

sod23Construction of the SOD/Orion geo-cartographic:

sod24The completed SOD/Orion geo-cartographic:


The Origin of Mormo’s identification with Orion:

LDS have used other properties to align and tighten this up as an exact duplication of the Orion SOD geo-cartographic, but this is close to what is actually the finished product.

Britain came at the US subversive via this government’s Mormo project the tax they were hoping to take from colonials given up gladly to be able to identify with a religion that guaranteed sex with children, plural marriage and even a planet of one’s own in the after life, LDS elite simultaneous attacking the mainstream stealth ISO/IDO female leadership competitive with repatriation mission creep. Novus females contribute hugely to intelligence DNA. Mormon elite hunt them down and kill them even today at a rate three thousand per year in the US alone.

San Bernardino Scottish Rite/LDS rendition assets, Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos, affiliated with the Redlands Order of the Nine Angels, a Mormo auxiliary geo-cartographically anchored on the Redlands temple and Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, perped Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands, 2013), official records falsely attributing this horrific crime to a snuff patsy. Upon this information reaching the public, McMahon subsequently set up several of his deputies for a public kill so he could sacrifice their careers to make himself appear to be an ethical sheriff, which he is not. He’s Mormo black mass bloodline, one of this demon entity’s local dracs.

McMahon and Ramos perp 23 year old prostitutes like William Suff, and God only knows they are doing male children typical of bearded Aphrodites, and just because they are Scottish Rite/LDS METRIC predators, they are not held countable for their crimes.

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