Stamp Act of 1765, Mormo, Mountain Meadows and the Beast

These numbers were decrypted using base nine additive sums, the same numerological encryption system used in the Pythagoras base nine alphabet.

Mormo makes prolific use of both to engineer and telegraph this entity’s crimes to a public that is moralized to believe that to understand this code is an abomination when in reality such anti-reason is designed to make people unwilling to perceive the flip side of a triptych con so simple a child could understand it yet so powerful it can collapse a nation where people are held in the grip of it’s moral inequity double bind.

Akhenaten, the tap root of the model for Scottish Rite/Mormo leadership, didn’t moralize Canaan to save the world from destruction. This radical homosexual sermonized inclusive of human sacrifice for production on domestic enslavement via a moral code (Ten Commandments) what purpose was to trap the mind in a guilt trip polarized with elite leadership’s freedom to engage the type of behavior that condemns the mainstream to all sorts of domestic sanctions. The correct idea is such leadership functions 180 degrees from moral society on the inverse hermeneutic, people acculturated to guilt dismissive of elite prevarication in occult affairs such as Mountain Meadows, which means it works!

The numbers don’t lie, but people will lie to themselves when they read them to avoid a perception so candid and intimate they might as well be looking at their own souls, and they are. To know and dismiss this stuff out of mind is understood to be the absence of conscience, the prevalence of which is typically mollified by the American avoidance axiom, “God BLESS America!” God only works through intelligence, and this is in no way a demonstration of the latter. Neither is the Book of Mormo.

If the reader would like to get a bead on reality involving Mountain Meadows, look at the numbers. The most widely recognized signature on any crime involving fraud religion is the mark of the beast, albeit given to describing LDS involvement in human sacrifice against a reward backdrop of paedophilia, plural marriage and outright occult practice of soul abduction, people will balk at reality to avoid having to manifest a shield to throw this off, and such is a pathological state of mind of our modern society. The victim psychopath is addicted to happiness the consequence of which is predation by elite who are preoccupied with death.

This researcher firmly believes the Mormo church was Britain’s response to the Tax Act of 22 March 1765, and the numbers make this more real in connection with two other dates, 6 April 1830 (LDS formally organized) and 7- 11 September 1857 (Mountain Meadows Massacre). In a rational world, there should be no connection between these events, but as has been stated in repetition, in contrast to what appears on the surface to be a philanthropic mission, Mormo is in no way a normal religion.

Mormo itself is a word used to convey the concept of punishment demon, their inevitable preoccupation with blood atonement a red alert for anyone in discovery with this immense crime syndicate. Mormo is punishing the revolution and anyone they come into contact with who attempts to withdraw from them. In this way they are wired to make progress on repatriation mission creep, those who oppose them be damned, the preeminent example of which is the Mountain Meadows Massacre and their literally thousands of SKIRTS victims since (eg Sylvia Marie Flores; San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, DA mike Ramos). esi_mm time data2

In the brief analysis above, 6 and 2 repeat on dates keyed to the Stamp act of 1765. 62= 8, number of Orion stars and encryption, hence 88= base nine additive sum 7, Scottish Rite Free Masons.

999= 666 in the occult, which of course is self exclamatory.

Mistake? Misunderstanding? Made it up? No. Reality, the denial of which is a pathological fixation on the macabre.

Our society is sick. It is sick, because reality has lost it’s value, domestic bliss the new social paradigm, and this is how it’s being formulated, on human sacrifice, the idiot culture that’s come up around this as much a part of it as the elite who have programmed society to walk itself willingly into spiritual oblivion.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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