Kahal II

This is complicated but not impossible to understand. The narrative is a start and undoubtedly will undergo revisions before thoroughly understood but in the meanwhile guide the process of describing a covert local political network so dirty it’s inhumanity is unfathomable in the minds of ordinary people.

Because people can’t imagine what’s going on, they dismiss this out of mind too complicated and demanding of their time to understand. Without realizing it, they are also capitulating on their civic oversight responsibility to look for and check tyrannical government.

Like it or not, SKIRTS rendition is so much a part of this administration’s identity (Scottish Rite, Mormo, ONA, etc.) it’s not possible to operate without it, the only meaningful value these monsters have in common their desire to kill, fuck and METRIC pledge their way to preeminence, because these behaviors are easily baited from the mainstream, and they are likewise as easily rewarded with fraternal brotherhood resources.

The other part of this, the reform triptych, lofts scum to preeminence and criminalizes character typical of pirating.


For simplicity, it makes sense to describe two local groups, Kahal council and subordinating administration, the latter inclusive of administrative freaks like Mike Ramos and John McMahon.

SKIRTS rendition primarily functions to service Mormo mission creep to remove Novus Eves from the gene pool and breed these to elite via black mass.

The effect is demoralization upon the public, culling leadership DNA, providing a hostility target for bearded Aphrodites and attacking the reproductive intent of the Divine.

Fraternal brotherhoods are the medium through which such malingering takes root, the catalyst for participation willingness to bait to pirating the reward for which is generally access to resources.

The way this appears to work locally is the local organization, a subordinating fraternal brotherhood, petitions the Kahal council (Scottish Rite satellite councils, LDS presidency, bishopric, etc.) for possession of Gentile owned assets otherwise constitutionally prohibited.

This petition could be a demand for land holdings, savings, employment and even usurpation of domestic/business relationships the end result of which is asset forfeiture and control of the targeted individual.

The Kahal council confirms assets to be forfeited, the petitioner responsible for finagling/racketeering the heist on the targeted entity. This is expanding into public services such as CPS and adult services and appears to be the tap root of child trafficking and resourcing occult need for products for SKIRTS black mass and human sacrifice kind of the same way they do abortion.

This is a guess, but it is this researcher’s perception occult auxiliaries such as the covert Redlands Order of the Nine Angels and it’s subordinating affiliates, Watch Tower, B’nai B’rith and Lutheran church and street-side felons, blueprint and carry out the rendition with support from administrative creeps like Ramos and McMahon, the latter himself involved in the snuff kill on Corinna Novis early in his career.

The correct idea is since Gentiles are considered herd animals, these too may be appropriated as property and exploited for profit the perp entity fully protected by county administrative cohorts networked with fraternal brotherhoods linked to Scottish Rite and the Mormo church.

County offices are hugely important to such an operation, since these create and maintain the official records of such malingering the purpose of this to con the public on manufactured justice while in reality these METRIC psychopaths are culling the herd in full light of day.

This system has proven itself over the last 100 years on over 300 thousand SKIRTS rendition victims nationally, every LDS president the perp in many of these events, the public too preoccupied with debauchery bait these monsters use to hold them off.

On a grander scale, this is what happened to Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, the point the public needs to understand you are not immune from such exploitation, one’s arrogance nothing more than irresponsible detachment from circumstances they prey on everyone.

To this end, the public is maintained alternating satiate or in a state of panic and too busy with living to do responsible oversight on the weedy ghoul culture that’s come up amidst a constitutional society that has chosen to drop shields favorable to eating, reproducing and sleeping like the dormouse.

Mountain meadows was a Kahal structured, one of the first human sacrifice projects of record in the US to commemorate Stamp Act preeminence with the caveat money would be collected via tithe rather than tax, Christians made an example of how gullible and stupid they are under press from the Kahal triptych.


Minimally, this is macabre intrigue played against a backdrop of a society acculturated insouciant and stupid. The way out of this is abstain and thoroughly vet the records of any person assuming community leadership inclusive of DNA proof this person is who s/he alleges to be.

Sylvia Marie Flores, Corinna Novis and Cheri Jo bates remain a loud and resounding red alert there is something terrible going in on the backdrop of local politics that if people do not get a grip on this medieval presentation will magnify, such administration expecting the public to go along with whatever macabre that’s institutionalized in the absence of civic oversight.

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