SKIRTS/False Flag Domestic Terrorism

We know San Bernardino Administration is populated with the scum of the region. These ghouls don’t advance to community leadership based on a principled resume, although this fronts a public image most people will take at face value without vetting the sociopath behind the mask.

What we end up with is a cohort of METRIC pledged monsters whose first call to duty is to service whatever occult protocol has been set up to cajole their dreamy electorate to a state of mind tolerant of human trafficking, punishing on female communication and ultimately setting a standard of preeminence for their bearded Aphrodite elite.

These ass wipes make prolific use of creepy side show freaks like Joseph Edward Duncan III to kidnap and allegedly rape and slaughter little boys and Richard Allen Davis to kidnap and allegedly rape and slaughter adolescent girls the point of which is to resource their need for pledge products and at the same time convince the public they are doing their job to make society safe from evil, which they are not.

In reality they are racketeering evil on a public groomed to this future via the mainstream’s obsession with manufactured official records and news propaganda designed to put the mind to sleep, the more theatrical and dramatic, the more numbing upon empathy and dismissive of one’s civic duty to vet these issues for the truth.

For the information of the reader, Duncan and Davis are both still alive on death row, the reason for this they will live out their lives in captivity and relative comfort for their contributions to the occult network herein described. METRICs will tell you these service demons have rights, but in reality this is their payment, a retirement of sorts, for their work servicing ONA’s blueprinted rendition projects stateside.

These once upon a time people cum felons are handled from the street by ONA worker cohorts that develop and implement Kahal approved rendition projects. Big question here is who are the nine angels responsible for all this damage?

SKIRTS renditions AKA human trafficking and kidnapping for torture is a false flag domestic terrorism, the perps in this case the well oiled machinery of San Bernardino administration, their premiere occult project the completion of a 2.7 mile geo-cartographic ONA logo the center point of which is a University of Redlands off campus student housing location adjacent the University itself.

Clunk, clunk, clunk, whizzz… Something’s wrong here, ONA afoot looking for a couple of female Orions they’ll turn curbside to complete the geo-cartographic ONA, students and parents be damned. They handle to location, which means these females are targeted before they even arrive at this University.

Targeting and working out a blueprinted kill an LDS skill making one of ONA’s nine angels a Melchizedek, or the reader can pretend it just doesn’t fucking matter, typical. Another would be the Mayor, since this chief controls the police department. DA and Sheriff are two others bringing the total so far to four. A wild guess at the five remaining in this local culture of macabre would be a school superintendent, Businessman’s association president, a union or county official, a transient international paedophile and theatrical troupe.

Let’s review the possible Redlands ONA cohort:

1) Melchizedek
2) mayor
3) sheriff
4) district attorney
5) school superintendent
6) businessman’s association leadership
7) a county official
8) paedophile cohort
9) a nationally syndicated theatrical troupe

Is there a shadow within a shadow in these circumstances? Do international entities play a role in SKIRTS rendition in the Redlands networked with the ONA? Know it.

Why the attack on women? Very simple. Females simulate communication on issues such as morality and ethics, that without this bubbling in the mainstream bearded Aphrodites and their subordinates can run wild over the population, which is their game.

Bet your bottom dollar San Bernardino will come up with something to contravene these allegations, albeit there will have been nothing meaningful of record to prove authenticity of character. They don’t have any character, and when they need it they make it up.

For example, when this information went public involving Ramos and McMahon in the Flores sacrifice, McMahon set up several of his own deputies for kill he knew he could use to bolster his public image by allowing a condemning investigation to go forward which imperiled the careers of these men.

McMahon sacrificed his own people to save himself from accountability not only in the Flores rendition, but Corinna Novice as well, his deputies going along with this handled into oblivion by their own FBPO appointed attorneys. Does it get any better for the sons of God? Rein in your children, this researcher’s advice.

This is San Bernardino Administration, you, the reader, Goyim, they the elite pseudo Jews having bought into and pledged debauchery to do whatever they like to whomever they like on the authority of their coveted Kahal committees. No?

Try a conversation with either of these METRIC psychopaths. You’ll get ignored, they confident this will blow over with help from their League of California Cities super administration (ref CLOC, Prague). In reality, all indications are the local culture is compatible with human trafficking at this time. This is a problem for some but not many.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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