San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon and Felon Cohort, DA Mike Ramos, Involved in Interstate Racketeering and Trafficking for Torture, Sex and Human Sacrifice


This is the reason we knew drac cohort San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos were lying when they alleged to have identified the person who killed Sylvia Marie Flores. Their prep is a snuff raptor, the kill itself racketeered via Scottish Rite, LDS and the Redlands Order of the Nine Angels.

The Flores rendition was partly engineered off Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974), specific lines of longitude alignments projected south to Redlands from northerly LDS property intercept points to locations manifesting point of abduction and one point confirming cartographic alignment. The third southerly point, the body drop location on almond Ave., was key to lining up occult SLC on a UR off campus housing location, the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

All of this was engineered off the Partridge abduction, the reason for this elaborate kill Partridge and Flores in possession of birth chart cartography representing the left and right halves of the inverted pentagram on the Redlands 2.7 mile ONA geo=cartographic. Partridge and Flores were nothing more than Goyim game animals for these METRIC monsters and their statewide county administration network of occult rendition perps. Brittany Drexel is featured in Spokane location as well, which confirms McMahon and Ramos involved in interstate racketeering and trafficking for torturer, sex and human sacrifice.


esi_flores spokane

1 LDSC/5322 N Evergreen Rd., Spokane, WA 99216
2 LDSC/5322 North Evergreen Rd., Spokane, WA 99216
3 LDST/13608 East 40th Ct., Veradale, WA 99037 ‎
4 JE FERRIS HS, 3020 East 37th Ave., Spokane, WA 99223 ‎
5 LDSC/808 East Sitka Avenue, Spokane, WA 99208 ‎
6 North Sante River, Brittany Drexel
7 LDSC/4195 Kirby Whitten Rd, Bartlett, TN 38135

BLACK LL> Jack in the Box/495 N D St., San Bernardino, CA 92401
BLUE LL> LDSC/23300 Old Lake Dr., Moreno Valley, CA 92557
PURPLE> Sylvia Marie Flores/27206 Almond Ave., Redlands, CA 92374

a LL BLACK/Flores abduction, Jack in the Box intercept @ 5 LDSC, 3 LDST
b LL BLUE/LDSC Old Lake Dr., Moreno Valley intercept @ 5 LDSC, 7 LDSC Bartlett
c LL PURPLE/Flores body drop, Almond Ave. intercept @ 5 LDSC, 6 North Sante River

McMahon and Ramos are starters. They enforce the law, the back story on their involvement in occult rendition best described by their FBPO affiliation with the Scottish Rite and LDS. If the law dictated to line up and shoot six citizens daily, these fucks would do it. Again, they do the law. They don’t have any personal ethics, this proven locally on Flores.

People believe this is impossible. Do have a closer look at Brown’s SB 227. That mandate dictates that all school aged children in California shall be vaccinated. Californians are stupid. They don’t know the back story on the vaccinations. Reality is the death fall from infant vaccinations is six for every one thousand vaccinated.

Now do the math. There are two million people in San Bernardino county.

With a certainty there is something missing from mainstream intelligence that for the lack of this projects such as Flores go forward without so much as a flinch in the public conscience. People don’t get it. They don’t remember it. They never knew it even happened let alone local elite administrative leadership was involved in this as a commemorative kill.

People lack suspicion or any sense of intrigue except what drama plays itself out within their walls, the perpetrators and victims in those micro-events held to accountability by the perpetrators of the grander ones that are the exclusive rite of the elite. The elite know forensic intelligence in the public has been minimized if not completely stunted via superficial sources of information which generally dismiss occult goings on as superstition accompanied by stigma.

There was no response from the public on Sylvia Marie Flores. Just the sheriff department grandstanding tyranny, the racketeering perps themselves addressing the public masquerading policy enforcers, the juxtaposition of brotherhood upon the rule of law moronic to those who perceived their lies.

Had there been meaningful oversight on Flores, McMahon and Ramos would have been routed two years ago, and their educator collaborators selling pencils instead of stalking their next victims through the public school system. Reality is there’s no catalyst for character in the public, so there’s no pressing need to pursue a civics motivated confrontation with the administrative predator. the public would only giggle and laugh at the drama.

None the less, reality knocks, sometimes subtle, other time not so subtle to alert those who are paying attention. Peter Pan can go to hell.

This image (below) accurately shows the relationship between Flores abduction/recovery locations and how this was cartographically engineered from Spokane, clever bastards. Spokane was Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974), she for some reason a priority in the development of the Redlands ONA. Spencer W. Kimball took her. Their son is Pastor Steven Anderson.  Sylvia Marie Flores was Partridge’s astro cartographic compliment.

These monsters will never admit this. They don’t have to. The public isn’t holding them accountable, their FBPO so dynamically networked with city and county leadership there is no way this will so much as stir the air they breathe. An insouciant happiness addicted public shields them.

Rank and file Mormos have written off intelligence on the LDS trilogy which in their collective mind is a playpen so stocked full of goodies, why think? Hell, if your are worthy, you can have a Tinker Bell, the Eagles Learn To Be Still playing on the backdrop. Kidnapping+ rape+ sacrifice! Allow me to paraphrase the popular response to such radical info sharing, “LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.”

Notice the three large red Xs in the image, and bear in mind we are talking Mormo church. I will export the letter X from the Pythagoras base nine alphabet to make my point.

6 FOX> X= sixth row, third column= 63= 9; XXX= 999= 666
9 IR

xxxNotice the ONA logo lower right of the image above. This thing was cartographically constructed on the abductions of Elizabeth Short (1947), JKF (1963) Cheri Jo Bates (1966), and Corinna Novus (1986). LDS properties form yet more construction, including Mountain Meadows and Montserrat, of particular interest where Sylvia Marie Flores was placed after they snuff sacrificed her. She’s key SLC TDC University of Redlands off campus student housing and lined up on the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

God damned public is living in a Neverland dream world the consequence of which is institutional predation that celebrates human sacrifice as a pledge process for elite recruitment to populate their ranks with METRIC psychopaths. One person responded to my having shared this information with him, “What’s this got to do with me personally?” My answer, “Not a fucking thing ’till it’s on you, dumb ass.”

Have a closer look at Mormo’s humanitarian project in Redlands then tell yourself life is too all about you personally to figure it out. You are looking directly at their signature on human sacrifice. If these demons are so into human sacrifice, let them sacr8ifice their own.


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