Mason Prevarication in the Local Education Culture

This is an example of how Free Masonry works on the dark side of humanity.

People eventually will come to understand how dangerous these circumstances are, but not likely before this Satanic organization has attempted to wipe out another five billion people on the planet in keeping with the elite’s demand that world population immediately drop to three billion from the current seven which plagues their resources with human need for survival.

The following is a true story. Characters will not be named in order to protect innocent people from being harmed, the location also not identified, since this would invoke hostility and possibly rioting and retaliation on school staff not involved in these circumstances.

The anti character in this narrative is a male high school coach. This individual provided guided weekend recreation tours with his male students that sometimes involved female peers.

Imagine high school 1970. 16-year-old male. Physical education. Teacher 45-ish, this relationship conflicted by theft perpetrated upon the student by an unknown party, the teacher subsequently assaulting the student during an argument.

The student threw off the assault, the teacher then attempting to press charges which failed; the police investigation produced witnesses against the teacher that confirmed the student was acting in self defense.

Meanwhile, this same coach was dating high female high school students clandestine and cause one of them to become pregnant at graduation a year and a half later. This female was a peer of the male of the PE staff assault.

The female was Christian with mixed values regarding the life of the unborn fetus and chose to bear this child to birth but needed a patsy to cover her relationship with the coach, enter her high school peer who had earlier been assaulted by this same person.

In order to hide the pregnancy, this female sought out her male peer having targeted him coached to do so by the physical education teacher, baited him to sex to blame the pregnancy on him, and then tried to have him killed making the relationship appear to have been one of misfortune, she left with a child to care for with no connection to the coach.

This Coach was a Free Mason, his influence in these circumstances not limited to the assault incident but networked with the Mormon church which subsequently made contact with male victim’s family unknown to this individual’s parents this had anything to do with the assault. The male student was thus tagged as game, the point of this blood atonement in perpetuity.

There’s unimaginable complexity on these circumstances inclusive of one of this individual’s own children coming under the scope of Free Mason human hunting schemes based on astrological phenomenon in this child’s birth chart culled from hospital records by the Mormon church. She was subsequently targeted based on her astrologically featured status as a leader.

What’s to be understood here is while rank and file Masons are generally honorable and do not pose a threat to society or the rule of law, there are those who progress through the Mason hierarchy who do pose such a threat, this narrative an example of the latter. For the record Masons typically do not end up in prison, for obvious reasons.

Masons do not consider themselves to be occult: however the argument there is many Free Mason satellite organizations do in fact pursue occult activities influenced by Mason infrastructure if not outright ideology, examples of which are Scottish Rite, Mormons, Order of the Nine Angels and FBPO organizations.

Contrary to what has been documented to confirm ONA emergence 1960 in Wales, this organization is in fact a hybrid Scottish Rite/Mormon confab and is very active in SKIRTS rendition in the US characteristic of LDS involvement in same manifest as the black mass in perpetuity.

The Mason crafts are a METRIC which trains the mind singularly upon certain behavior that is acceptable to esoteric developmental progress, this providing auxiliaries with a model upon which to base their own organizations. The opportunity for Masons is their elite can likewise create new organizations with occult presentation engineered to slowly acculturate the mainstream Satanic.

The public is missing these circumstances addicted to the Neverland utopia that has come to characterize the US, the constitution be damned.

This high school event is typical and in no way isolated as people would like it to be. This researcher has personally witnessed such affairs unfold right under the nose of school administration, the perps within and protected by what appears to be covert relations between elite teaching staff and leadership.

Rank and file teachers keep their mouths shut to maintain employment, the social climate in such circumstances so thick with conspiracy one feels it’s weight just breathing.

Indeed Free Masonry works on the dark side of humanity, rank and file Masons so preoccupied and addicted to their Peter Pan status and trinkets they capitulate thinking and themselves become insouciant on the civic affairs of the communities in which they live.

Fact is Mason philanthropic projectors are a front to elite involvement in racketeering trafficking in human sacrifice. The lower organization may have honorable purpose, albeit these people are willingly misguided in the affairs in which there betters are involved.

Man characteristically imagining happiness without due consideration for vetting and circumventing a hijack will walk headlong into trap from which escape is impossible.

Masons present to the public in organization that is tightly wired to a developmental proletariat, which means they recruit people of low to average intelligence, but core mission creep is not to improve mankind as they would have people believe.

Elite Masons, examples of which are Scottish Rite, Mormon leadership, Kahal ONA and FBPO, recruit people they can manipulate, are in fact predisposed to subversion of the rule of law, and have absolutely no regard for the civil rights of the people they attempt to destroy in a due bill relationship with their occult masters.

The real and pervasive problem with Masonry is organization recruits and promotes people of low character who rely upon status to validate who they are, one of the problems with this these fledgling Satanists are not really tested or competent in many of the jobs in which they serve, the consequence of which is a slow degradation of domestic infrastructure.

Elite Masons know how this works, their lessors ever dependent upon them for survival in their domestic affairs, people of character and intelligence the natural enemy of Masonic METRIC protocol, hence one of the primary reasons Scottish Rite Free Masons institutionalized SKIRTS black mass via the Mormon church and have developed this to at will rendition and human sacrifice via Mason hybrid, ONA.

By identifying, targeting and attacking intelligent females they control the radiation of the public’s ability and willingness to think. What people don’t understand is females are the nexus for domestic IQ and that without these to contribute to both the gene pool and to challenge civic issues the mainstream population likewise diffuses into chaos leaving us with mental health featured incompetence and lack of character as that which is demonstrated by the coach’s weekend liaison with a female high school student. She was 18, so the sex was legal, but this was a huge breech of an ethical boundary which Masons do not regard.

In Redlands, California, Masons have orchestrated one of the most horrific institutions imaginable, the Kahal ONA which is responsible for the abductions of Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores, San Bernardino sheriff John McMahon and DRAC cohort DA Mike Ramos so dirty on Flores they stink when they smile.

The mainstream lives on the dark side of humanity when people so preoccupied with their play pen lifestyle do not, are not, and will not perceive nor problem solve issues not of their immediate concern, and God help anyone that wanders into a Mason inspired domestic terrorism enterprise, enter ONA’s orbit around it’s unsuspecting victims doing this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO (Baa aa). Mutton.

This stupid society has become an easy prey species, forensic intelligence so lack in the public it’s amazing we still even identify with the rule of law principled on the constitution.

Good people whom do not understanding these circumstances are being destroyed, those who do understand this and not sharing it as a civic duty as responsible for this destruction as the occult perp organizations.

God is not going to rush in and save humanity. In fact, humanity has shut the door on his own salvation having become unwilling to analyze or reason counter intelligence on these circumstances.

Jesus is not going to save, man having placed greater value in his self-image than his fellows and in repetition the manner in which he values his own self over that of humanity.

Christian error is huge in this regard, neither the Father (conscience) nor the Son (redemption of sins) held in regard by those of secret combinations be they self serving or METRIC connivance, Masons are an example of the the absence of the latter, narcissist independents the former.

Lewis Carroll said it well, “treacle” (sentimentality), Gracie Slick repeating this (paraphrased), “FEED YOUR HEAD, IDIOTS!” Do this or continue to live in the dark where the predators can see you but you can’t see them.

It’s really that simple, but believe it or not, this is beyond the collective mind of the mainstream ungodly acculturated to a lifestyle bred and indoctrinated sentimentally detached from it’s survival, hence the dormouse that spends most of it’s life asleep.

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