Mormo Cometh, Hecate this Monster’s Eve

Human stasis is a balance between visibility and power, or confidence and self-esteem.

Confidence develops as a skill set for meeting our physical needs. Self-esteem develops relationships. We need both to survive.

Stasis can be compared to truth, or the mitigating force in settling differences between sentimental ideology and reality. This is a hot spot in human relations, since stasis tends to be highly variable, truth, it’s coefficient, as unstable.

Sentimentalists need something to think about, Realists things to do. Truth lofts on whatever a given population comes to agree are core behaviors and beliefs converge on a perceived common good.

If we turn this over to democracy or one of it’s coefficients, the common good is whatever the majority decides it is. If the majority is led by intimidation, threats and coercion, then the common good is thus aspected. Also, democracy is subsequently understood to be unstable.

If instead of democracy we use the law to guide behavior and thought, core acculturation will be less variable and more dependent on a predictable standard upon which to base behavior and thinking the benefit of which is more at will freedom and the ability to self-regulate, hence the need for representative leadership only and not the type of dictatorships and monarchies, soft or otherwise, that plagued medieval Europe.

Unfortunately people haven’t been educated to understand these concepts, rather they have been approached by charlatans whose primary motivation has been to enslave them to one form or another of tyranny, theocracy or corpocracy, the inevitability of which has always been exploitation.

People have subsequently come to believe that dependence upon a regulating entity equals survival and that without this they are doomed to one form or another of oblivion, enter the Mormon church what hijack of human intelligence was engineered to capitulate one’s personal conscience to the macabre of occult prevarication with the inverse hermeneutic and to inevitably aggrandize a highly specialized leadership dynamic democratically prejudiced against heterosexual male leadership.

People to understand this outright would immediately get this pseudo faith routed from the planet for all the destruction that has issued in it’s wake. As stated earlier, LDS leadership is quite different than what people have been taught to understand, the point of this to bait and subsequently force capitulation the application of which was manifest in the astrologically featured Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Perception of the sentimental v real duality in these circumstances is key to likewise being empowered to begin to ask questions of LDS leadership for which these covert radically homosexual demons will have no pat answers, rather they are scripted to address the more simplistic issues of the day and to dismiss their transgressions out of mind on the mistake and misunderstanding thesis.

How they get away with this is as simple as a technique they have mastered and tested in repetition ad nauseum ad infinitum, their masterful use of the charm offensive modeled by the snake in the Garden of Eden. If you’ve read and understood the narrative, the snake and Eve democratically decided against Adam, this one of the most overlooked inverse concepts in biblical literature. Today, the modern manifestation of this dialogue in the inverse hermeneutic is Mormo and Hecate AKA Mormon, Moroni and Relief Society.

People will naturally take issue with this allegation not realizing the back story on LDS involvement in SKIRTS black mass eugenics. As stated above, this church from hell is a practitioner of the inverse hermeneutic, their occult manufactured labels Mormon, Moroni and Relief Society numerological triptych encrypted from Mormo and Hecate, leadership formulated likewise in the bearded Aphrodite.

To pull this off, LDS leadership is taught to regard it’s membership benevolent. This disarms public alert, seduces sentimentality and baits an otherwise simple minded public to to enslavement in which rank and file Mormons are pressured to conform to scripted narratives which describe who they are psychologically, intelligence that attempts to discover reality punished by ostracization and blood atonement.

This is why LDS do not allow felons in their ranks. Such are experienced with the skills and relationship maturity that perceives Mormon felony racketeering and the use of subtle forms of coercion to maintain a grip on church members.

True to their sociopath profile, LDS leadership charm is a theatrical performance used to disarm the public, their offensive virtually any behavior which contravenes stated ideology in connection with Christianity on the inverse hermeneutic the historical proof of this Mountain Meadows and more recently Ezra Taft Benson’s acknowledgement they do not follow the same Jesus as Christians.

The Mormon cum Mormo great duality is thus understood to be both who they allege to be openly to a largely gullible and sentimental public and who they actually are when performing their eugenics rendition projects stateside and internationally.

Thomas Monson perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner in full view of the public with absolutely no redirect to his ONA rendition team, LDS who are aware of this allegation not even batting an eye toward culpability programmed on the idea this METRIC sociopath is a god man, which he is not. He’s a serial killer beyond any known to man and typical of Mormo preoccupation with mayhem and death in keeping with the nature of the bearded Aphrodite.

Locally, recently, San Bernardino, a largely Scottish Rite and Mormon administration, ONA perped Sylvia Marie Flores with asset support from Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos. There were others in this snuff kill, but these two were key to holding off the public with official investigation and documentation circumventing ONA preeminence in this macabre human sacrifice project.

Human stasis is a delicate balance between fantasy and reality eloquently demonstrated in Genesis 3 in the Serpent’s dialogue with Eve. Mormo is this serpent, Eve his target for rendition commensurate with this monster’s desire to have her permanently removed from her role as both the bearer of children and socializer of mankind.

In full court press and gaining momentum with five million members internationally, people everywhere are subsequently subordinating to the bearded Aphrodite, this monster’s trans-humanism and the permanent removal of intelligence from the human species via culling the Eve Novus examples of which were Holloway and Gardner.

In nutshell, people are going along with this in a sensibility stupor induced by the charm offensive of a snake. Be forewarned, Mormo commeth, Hecate this monster’s Eve.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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