Friendly Feeder Species and the Seprent Predator


The Mormo/Hecate cum Mormon church is a hijack scheme, the perpetrators closely allied w/a foreign government people are not aware of. In this case, Mormon leadership takes it’s orders from the UK. People are unaware of this, because they don’t vet their circumstances to understand the motivation or character of those with whom they associate. LDS initially offered plural marriage and subsequent access to children which although this was outlawed late 1800s they faded to elite specialized kidnappings for breeding which they have been doing ever since, a recent example of which was Sylvia Marie Flores (2013). They do not give a fuck about getting caught. It’s as much a game of their stealth prowess to evade justice as it is to pull off a highly orchestrated SKIRTS project in the first place, and in sheriff John McMahon’s case, they’ll sacrifice their own people (deputies) to protect FBPO felon leadership typical of a Mormo/Hecate construct. In this regard, the mainstream is a friendly albeit stupid feeder species for these demons.


LDS bait and con their rank and file membership into baptism, indoctrinate in supremacy and destruction of virtue, mentally masturbate sentimentality and groom individuals predisposed to sociopathy on their Joseph Smith/Peter Pan METRIC, people seduced to their masquerade the same way Eve was fooled by the serpent. People don’t like to hear this, but fruit in the ancient world was progeny, the tree this entities family class, in this case the human species. A sentimental person will reject this outright, one who reasons pursue the tack. If Mormo is the serpent in Genesis 3, Eve is Hecate, a transformation of ideology the narrator desired people to understand lest they fall to a similar fate. In reality the Story of Genesis is like Pecos bill. One gets the child-like version to open the mind, the back story more complicated circumstances one’s mind can handle in maturity. The real and pressing problem here is people baited to and living out their Neverland fantasies aren’t maturing.


People believe it was a simple country boy that formulated the Mormo/Hecate church. While this may appeal to the sentimentality of the simple minded, reality is this Peter Pan wouldn’t have needed to bait membership via polygamy and paedophilia had this been an authentic and Divinely inspired faith. Overseas wealth and a couple of decades of narrative labor ahead of Joseph Smith even having been invented put this project into motion, and the very same people who imagined it commemorated it’s success and determination to make itself a permanent fixture in the American mainstream via Mountain Meadows, the latter of which LDS leadership compulsively dismiss out of mind via their masterful mistake and misunderstanding thesis. Sadly people are born, live out their lives and will die blissfully stupid, they believing that if they ignore what is easily perceived as an immense racketeering scheme will not harm them personally. Fact is people like this do not actually believe in God in the first place, LDS a good hiding place for a personal hijack if their own. Mother Teresa had a dream about this in which she herself was told she did make it into heaven hard as she worked to make it appear as though she was a virtuous person. She wasn’t. She lied. She became a nun to avoid being killed by the Nazis and stayed with it because it earned her notoriety. End of life she was worried there may actually be a hell, and St. Peter introduced her to it. He made her go back to earth.

For those who just aren’t getting get the really big picture, sentimental feeder species feed predators ones.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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