Laurie Lynn Partridge DRAFT

xxxxx4If you’re sentimental you are wasting your time here. Such a mind is lost on reality and couldn’t navigate it’s way around a McDonald’s restaurant, Planned Parenthood child sacrifice abortion clinic or other degenerate entertainment venue.

If you are of a forensic attitude and look for truth oftentimes fronted against a backdrop of genius prevarication with macabre; if you’re skeptical and your mind just doesn’t accept the superficial and theatrical presentation of a con, do continue reading. You won’t be disappointed.

Laurie Lynn Partridge was a Scottish Rite/LDS SKIRTS black mass abduction orchestrated between the Spokane sheriff’s department, DA and Mormon church. Also, she disappeared on a Mormon boundary, the perps likely LDS Danite raptors posing as Missionaries.

Free Masons (Free My Sons; Scottish inflection) is an occult Orion construct principled on Genesis 6:2/inverse hermeneutic, today’s most prolific manifestation of this boy’s club from hell Scottish Rite Free Masons, the Mormon (Mormo) church, Order of the Nine Angels and a plethora of satellite affiliate organizations including Watchtower and the Lutheran Church, Purple Gang, Stern Gang (raptor resource), etc.

For the record, Scottish Rite Free Masonry bears no relation to Scotland but rather taps the identity and reputation of an otherwise durable and dignified society in order to give it’s own organization an upright backbone uncharacteristic of a snake.

In the simplest words possible, and with as much alert as one can muster in a brief message to the public, SPENCER W. KIMBALL (former LDS President) orchestrated the Laurie Lynn Partridge kidnapping with help from the Scottish Rite/LDS staffed Spokane sheriff’s department and district attorney, all of whom were then and remain today networked via Free Masons. Likewise, Jack the Ripper and Zodiac were Scottish Rite/LDS projects, each one a rendition application serviced by many perps.

Kimball was the Spokane perp, and he took Partridge as a breeding project typical of Mormo prevarication with SKIRTS black mass. By the time the church acknowledges this their elite will have perfected a mistake and misunderstanding thesis so charming no one will want to hold them accountable, the problem one of sentimentality for triptych cons and a pathological detachment from their victims.

For the unaware, Mountain Meadows is the Scottish Rite/LDS mark on Mainstream America, they having proven their Mason hijack triptych magic show on their lesser evolved and gullible public. Mason elite are self-appointed Nephilim sons of God, according to them, their abduction projects the daughters of men referred to in Genesis 6:2 on the inverse hermeneutic.

By the time the public catches up with this horrific crime, LDS will have gone through another one of their reformation campaigns to shake off the Partridge abduction and the 3000+ others that disappeared with her nationally (one per county) in 1974, ever simple minded Americans of a mind set to let them get away with this so their happiness stupor remains unfettered by reality.

Very simple. Detective Rickets knows about this, because he was made aware of Kimball’s involvement in 2011. He’s done nothing to inform the public but has orchestrated yet more complexity in keeping with maintaining a shield on the perps. They are now manufacturing yet more back story in which this abduction will become so convoluted the pubic will remain ignorant and as vulnerable as ever. And of course the point of this mystification is acculturation to the macabre of kidnapping for torture.

Briefly, and as stated often in the past, the Satanic rituals these ghouls subscribe to have no other purpose than to pledge their elite to felony racketeering in perpetuity. There is otherwise no significance to the numerology and cartography than go into engineering such crimes except to keep the public too confused about the occult artifacts of such crimes.

People spend an ungodly amount of time trying to figure which of their demonic entities were represented. There are only two: bearded Aphrodite Snake entity, Mormo, and mood goddess triune, Selene. It’s actually a little more complicated, but this nonetheless zeroes in on Partridge and her LDS perp, Spencer Kimball.

Rickets is also is the nexus for His Scottish Rite cohorts sending a street theater rendition team at this researcher in retaliation for having informed the public about Partridge and later Thomas Monson’s involvement in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner abductions. He’s a pervert.

This creepy sheriff detective is the caliber of Eagles song writer, Don Henley, who authored occult product Learn to Be Still, a song about occult abduction and human sacrifice which many in the public maintain is one of the Eagles best ever.

This researcher threw an Eagles collection in the trash when the lyrics of this song was understood. FUCK the Eagles. FUCK Don Henley. FUCK Scottish Rite cohort, Detective Ricket. And FUCK LDS rendition drac, Thomas Monson. @DRickett, your Sacramento sheriff cohort Scott Jones racketeered hit failed, ass wipe, and you lost one to his punishment retaliation on his own deputies like he did Jeff Mitchell, Danny Oliver.

Free Mason elite are racketeering felons, one of their more prolific operations in the US their SKIRTS abduction projects networked with the Mormon church and the official offices of public administration that are supposed to be preventing crimes like this.

Instead they are a part of an immensely networked human trafficking crime syndicate, and they have no intention of ending this. Why should they when they can bullshit the public nude, people waking around believing they are clothed, the perks in fuckabilly heaven getting it on snuff with whomever they target.

Not surprising, Kimball fathered a child with Partridge, her infant delivered black mass and handed off to a surrogate to raise under the name Steven Anderson who today is known as Pastor Steven Anderson of the New Faith Baptist church in Tempe, Arizona.

There are others: Lewis Carroll/TE Lawrence, Thomas Monson/Harold Green, Harold B. Lee/Jimmy Fallon, Ezra Taft Benson/Ben Swann. Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner were LDS SKIRTS black mass trophies commemorative on the Mormon temple build in Rome. Here’s America and the reason Free Masons are getting away with this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.

Where is the mind of a society thus acculturated and so detached from reality people will not end this? The American collective mind has capitulated coached to do so by the very same entity that presented on Eve in the Garden of Eden, Mormo.

Free Mason craft is their prolific use of coercion on the charm/offensive, their Canaan addictions to date practiced at will on a public so preoccupied with itself no one knows for the better they are being preyed upon daily by these METRIC sociopath monsters.

Masons are expert liars, and they network with other expert liars to pirate whatever they want from whomever they want for however long they want, the examples given their primary reward for treachery- the SKIRTS black mass abduction. What better reward than to fuck any targeted individual desired in exchange for one’s soul in perpetuity ad nauseam ad infinitum.

People will fuck before they will feed themselves which is what makes sex such a powerful pledge dynamic, particularly among pederast and pedophiles, these the core of elite leadership among the Free Masons and everyone of their satellite organizations.

Partridge is nearly a perfect enigma, the parallel enterprise this macabre kidnapping public discussion that will become a part of the LDS denial statement to both preserve the church from discretionary collapse and continue to con the public on it’s philanthropic masquerade. If one can imagine forgiving Ted Bundy for his crimes, and there are people who would do this, you have the correct idea about how the blissful public regards the LDS church. Americans aren’t just stupid, they are pathologically stupid.

The easy way to confirm the reality of these allegations is credible DNA blood analysis on Taryn Chambers, Laurie Lynn Partridge’s younger sister, and Pastor Steven Anderson. This will end the LDS controlled drama which has shrouded this racketeered human trafficking for torture felony crime in mystique and has subsequently been followed by no fewer than a whopping 120 thousand victims that have disappeared down the same LDS rabbit hole since.

For the record, Bundy had a known 30+ victims of record, albeit private researchers have estimated his kill was closer to 220, many of these believed to have been snuff documented for use as case study by Hollywood directors to empower them to make their movies more realistic.

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