Current Order of The Nine Angels (ONA) Occult Administration, San Bernardino, Califiornia



Alpha LDS President, Thomas Monson

1 Mayor Carey Davis (Adam Sutler)

2 DA Mike Ramos (Creedy)

3 Sheriff John McMahon (William)

4 LDS Temple President, Gary Evan Baugh (Lilliman)

5 County Supt of Education, Ted Alejandre (Dennis)

6 Businessman’s Association (Surveillance)

7 Sun Telegram (News Anchor)

8 Medical/Kaiser, (Delia)

9 Deputies (Creedy’s Assassins)



Elizabeth Short
Alpha Perp> George Albert Smith, Kinsington affiliate, hence Dahlia

Cheri Jo Bates
Alpha Perp> David O McKay, Daedalian affiliate

Laurie Lynn Partridge
Alpha Perp> Spencer W. Kimball, John L. “Bud” Carroll/Baptist Youth Ministry affiliate

Corinna Novis
Alpha Perp> Ezra Taft Benson; Initiated John McMahon

Sylvia Marie Flores
Alpha Perp> Thomas Monson; Monson also perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner



Danite (admin liaison with ONA alpha Jesuit  equivalent)

Purple Gang/street raptors and patsies (Purple Gang or equivalent)

Stern Gang/street raptors and patsies (Stern Gang or equivalent)

Others subordinate

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