Mormo and Hecate by the Numbers

Forensic intelligence spots this stuff, the sentimental mind unable to process due to certain indulgences (toxic fast, indiscriminate sex, degenerate entertainment) which prevent people from thinking.

The Mormon church is a black mass eugenics crime syndicate. There’s no doubt whatsoever how LDS elite spend their hours. SKIRTS abductions are state of the art, and simple minded Americans accepted these circumstances with Mountain Meadows and the DC act of 1871.

This slow-witted population is why elite Jews refer to the mainstream as a herd animal, their METRIC satellites Scottish Rite and LDS a part of the process of making sure America stays down with sub-normal intellectual development in perpetuity.

Bearing in mind fraternal METRIC organizations are themselves educated to this ideology, Americans to Barney (limbic) and Big Bird (Phoenix), here’s a closer look at what you are actually dealing with.

LDS/Mormo Triptych Encryption




Mormo= Mormon+ Moroni

Mormo was the companion of Hecate.


Relief Society
953956 1639527

Hecate= Relief Society

Mormon/Moroni+ Relief Society
= Mormo+ Hecate


Goyem possess very little – if any – forensic intelligence. That’s why they are considered a herd animal and easily manipulated and preyed upon by Jew/pseudo Jew elite, eg SB227.

Elite Jews DO possess forensic intelligence, and they make prolific use of this to prey upon the mainstream that does not. Simple> Goyem= feeder species.

If you raise your children on Barney and Big Bird, you will get an idiot for an adult. Raise a comparatively stable child on triptych psychology and you get an individual that thinks. Jew elite know this. Shill perps Scottish Rite and LDS know this as well, and they pledge secrecy via human sacrifice and the child sacrifice debauchery ritual to maintain solvency with their alpha in the UK. Outrageous? Again, Mountain Meadows.

Why do they do this? They will tell you it’s the will of their God. In reality it’s the will of their doped up elite. It always has been. They get lot’s of it and big bucks to turn a population into an idiot species. It’s all game for a fuck and a buck.

In Keeping with Lewis Carroll and Gracie Slick, former acknowledged mainstream affect is that of a dormouse, the latter advising the public to feed one’s head. America’s fall from preeminence was a baited affair, the stuff of this generation’s losses dietary and pharmaceutical toxins, indiscriminate sex and a willingness to self destruct via child sacrifice abortion, and degenerate entertainment.

LDS will play themselves pro-life and respectful of Jesus, their elite having acknowledged they don’t follow the same Jesus as Christians. Okay, so what Jesus do they follow? They don’t  say, but this entity is inscribed on their temple at Nauvoo, the inverted pentagram. The backstory on their alleged pro-life advocacy is Mountain Meadows. These monsters front conservative, the backdrop of their US operation black mass eugenics.

LDS Black Mass involves annual tandem SKIRTS abductions in every county in the US. These are identified from birth records, one Artemis, the other a Selene. Artemis is sacrificed curbside, Selene bred black mass to their elite. This is what happened to Jessica Haslam and Sierra Lamar. Hecate (Relief Society) facilitates.

San Bernardino Mormo cohort Order of the Nine Angels did Sylvia Marie Flores. Four of nine perps in that project were San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos, San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon and Redlands LDS Temple President Gary Evan Baugh. These monsters network with superior Court via Bob Habel who told me to take out my last will and testament.

You think you have local government principled on the rule of law in your region? You don’t, and dislogic satanic leadership proves it. Vet records and you will understand what such means to your lifestyle and the safety and security of your herd families.

They don’t take Hecate with a subsequent rise in feminism and women thus predisposed to sorcery. That’s why the pro-life movement. 1900- 2000 these ghoul posers culled/sacrificed well over 300K each Artemis and Selenes. 100 years sentimental bred by elite you figured was watching your back to protect you. Not happening.

Triptych Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Triptych= three fold. There are three behaviors typical of all people: impulse, restraint and conscience, the latter transcendental (coaction).

Working with coefficients, impulse, restraint and conscience formulate the triptych hijack: con, double bind and radical activism, an example of which is Yom Kipper. America’s formulation is the idiot phrase God BLESS America! Same triptych psychology, much less lethal Barny/Big Bird version.  God BLESS America, y’all! You get the picture.

When you educate your children to understand triptych psychology, they learn to vet a con. Let a triptych predator get one up on you and you are too overwhelmed to fight them off.

Since Triptych predators identify with the snake, Mormo is in fact a snake deity, it is correct to understand that the con= bite, double bind the coils, radical activism being eaten by this predator. Know that some Jews do in fact covet Goyem child blood letting and consumption typical also of LDS and Scottish Rite elite.

For your information, the snake makes it’s way into your home vie the black and white lipped cobra bearing (black and white threads) LDS missionaries. Your choice. Once over the threshold they own you, the reality here the names of all the females, children and adults, are handed off to Melchizedek elite who secretly soul marry them in Mormo temples of death.

Triptych psychology is very powerful information for children, and the lack of this and instruction in civics is the reason the US is abdicating to fraternal METRICS Mormo and Scottish Rite.

Forensic intelligence lacking in the mainstream, the US is at this point quite fucked and lovin’ it.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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