Zionist Jew Synarchy

For the record, Torah and Talmud Judaism identify with the same God entity, the snake, the evidence for this their mutual cobra curls and black and white threads symbolic of the black and white lipped cobra.

The correct name for this is bifurcated Judaism, and one to the other, they polarize the public on Jew supremacy cum synarchy. Gentiles (Goyem) collaborate led to believe they are identifying with God’s chosen people. That God is the serpent, Jews collectively the Brotherhood of the Snake.


Triptych psychology transcends all animal species on the planet. What this means is there are three behaviors typical to all life forms: impulse, restraint and some form of self programming that in humans is understood to be a conscience.

Each species is unique in how the triptych presents, the concept to be understood coefficient manifestations are species specific, and in the case of humans, language magnifies the complexity of this making it possible to generate coefficient constellations which accounts for variability.

We can broaden this concept to a relationship dynamic that, using knowledge of the triptych, formulates a composite entity that carries itself as a ghost in the foreground of which it’s component parts posture independent and therefore project the appearance of separateness and authenticity to any public. This is a magic show of sorts, the point of this to empower a little cabal seeking to control it’s otherwise naive audience with a trick of perception, or a lie.

Welcome to the spin source of magic and mysticism the formation of which is a political tool so powerful yet so simple the paradox of this goes completely unnoticed in the mainstream, it’s practitioners likewise unseen, yet they walk and commit their heinous crimes in broad light of day unseen by the public, and of course I am referring to Redlands LDS Temple President Gary Evan Baugh, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos, Sheriff John McMahon and the Sun Telegram, all of these and four others involved in the sadistic ritual slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores.


In it’s simplest definition, synarchy means to rule by two or more individuals or parties. more correct to the circumstances being described in this blog:

“Synarchy…is ‘government by secret societies’, or by a group of initiates who operate from behind the scenes. It is an analogue [coefficient] of ‘theocracy’, or rule by a priesthood.” ~ Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

Synarchy= 2 (duality), Triptych 3, hence the 23 of Atramental Lodge 23 the encryption of which= 13= 4= Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka= Orion. This is the Synarchy that rules the US via unit identification linked to national and international alphas Scottish Rite and Illuminati, respectively.

Synarchy presentation upon the local public is a triptych scheme the lesser component of which is Order of the Nine Angels. This model adapts itself to the local culture via membership that has capitulated the rule of law favorable to occult METRIC prescriptive of theocratic domination, Crypto masquerading as principled leadership, which is is not, the nine parts of which are: 1) LDS (and B’nai B’rith, Watchtower, Lutheran churches), 2 a banker, 3 judiciary, 4 politician, 5 district attorney, 6 police/fire, 7 education, 8 businessman’s association, and 9) media.

A naive sentimental minded person will ask, What’s the point? A forensic minded person will recognize the cabal, it’s predisposition to attempt to control the public in abeyance of the rule of law, and the potential of the rise of a crime syndicate that really doesn’t give a fuck about people so much as aggrandizing it’s desire to possess and control resources.

If you are familiar with the India Trading Company, you know merchants entered upon slave trading by purchasing human products from African indigenous with trinkets and such. They needed collaboration from the indigenous to walk off with population uncontested. Thus initiated, traders simply commenced kidnapping the inevitability of which was a seemingly inexhaustible resource for human trafficking not much different that today, eg Mountain Meadows (Brigham Young),  Laurie Lynn Partridge (Spencer Kimball), Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner (Thomas Monson), Paige Johnson, Crystal Hall, Brittany Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer and Karen Swift (XI-U), and Elizabeth Short, Cheri Jo Bates, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands ONA).

Today’s collaborators are gentiles, and they preform whatever is required of them by their syncharch Jew masters in this case pledged via debauchery which against the backdrop of a moral society would embarrass and likely get many of them killed were the public to know what they were doing, all of this in exchange for Jew owned and controlled money, jobs and local power and prestige the moral order subverted by malevolent and violent METRIC predator, bifurcated Judaism.

Allow me to clarify something here. Jew prevarication via cabal+ gentile collaborator= institutional malevolence the products of which locally were SKIRTS projects Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores.

The current local ONA unit looks like this:

Gary Evan Baugh

Mayor Carey Davis
DA Mike Ramos
Sheriff John McMahon; fire
businessman’s association

Sun Telegram

This ONA model duplicates regionally, so it really isn’t difficult to know who is controlling asset snuff raptors on the street examples of which are William Suff, Richard Allen Davis and Joseph Edward Duncan III. There are others that are not in prison currently servicing ONA’s need for victims at a rate of two+ per county per year nationally.

There SKIRTS projects are among the most successful debauchery projects on the region. These serve a couple of purposes. Debauchery pledging builds solidarity among cabal cohorts. SKIRTS black mass populates national communities with black mass bloodlines.

LDS isn’t a religion. Mormon AKA Mormo is an elaborate theatrical con the back drop of which is Orion Genesis 6:2 black mass breeding. Their county victims average 1/one (13) curbside Artemis and 1/0ne (13) Selene black mass rendition annually. Nationally the numbers rise to 3000+ each. Mainstream media will not do investigative journo in this, because they are owned and operated by the same Zionist Jews who own the synarchy cabal much as a farmer owns a herd of sheep.


Anyone in the San Bernardino county area reading this, do you believe you are not a part of this? When Baugh’s ONA cabal perped Sylvia Marie Flores, they telegraphed this to the public placing Flores’ body on a straight line cartographic lined up on a University of Redlands off campus student housing location, the the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

LDS snake Godman Baugh was leadership on this Artemis curbside rendition, his little snake demon cohort populated with Davis, Ramos, McMahon and others. Anyone having knowledge of this crime and likewise not vetting the official story is a 101st monkey collaborator. The fact you may have ignored this doesn’t change the reality you had a civic responsibility to compel leadership to prove they were in no way involved in this.

Gullibility is not an excuse for insouciance, mother Teresa and her dream about her meeting with St. Peter the example of what to expect for posturing the lie of self deception.

I know Baugh was involved in the Flores SKIRTS rendition. I know he collaborated with Davis, Ramos, McMahon and others in fulfillment of maintenance on their METRIC pledge and commemorative on the Redlands temple build. FUCK these monsters. They are playing pseudo Jew Brotherhood of the Snake rewarded for their part with resources in perpetuity long as they remain solvent with their regional/national Scottish Rite and international Illuminati masters in the UK.

These aren’t people. They are psychopaths, their Jew handlers sociopaths, and the only way they are keeping their jobs is regularly fucking and murdering children, the San Bernardino party culture a part of this by default.

You don’t read a headline like 23 Year Old Prostitute Slain in San Bernardino and walk off without having been recruited to the Brotherhood of the snake.

You don’t then try to bury your avoidance at the drive through kiosk at McDonalds without having been recruited to the Brotherhood of the snake.

You don’t suck down your fetus flavored Pepsi or Coke without having been recruited to the Brotherhood of the Snake.

You don’t walk away from Flores without yourself having become more snake-like, every slithering moment you chase your tail in circles in avoidance of your part in abeyance of your civic responsibility to vet these predators forming the coils of your own person snake ideology of victim psychopathy and passing this anti-hero along to your children.

You don’t have a life, fuck heads, unless you control it and can protect your loved ones from synarchy triptych predators like Gary Evan Baush, Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon, Sun Telegram and others just like them.

Certainly just because you didn’t follow up on the Flores ritual slaying does not dismiss your obligation to your community to maintain a shield from such predation, your false belief that the official record serves this purpose, which it does not.  You see, bifurcated also means divide and conquer which you are both when you walk away from monsters like this unchallenged.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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