Redlands ONA Predator Cohort

esi_ona pred  cohort3
ONA subordinates to Scottish Rite Regionally/Nationally and Illuminated Masons internationally and is one of the three primary elements of occult synarchic government in this region.

This horrific Mason culture club practices SKIRTS black mass renditions and is responsible for the abductions and killings of young women in this location since 1947. Leadership is transient, the organization itself staffed by current administrations that pass along their rites and privileges to subsequent leadership.

This highly secretive occult organization has marked it’s territory with a 2.7 ONA geo cartographic logo TDC University of Redlands off campus student housing and lined up on the location where Flores body was dropped, the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

Many of their rendition projects are identified at and followed from birth and handled through the public schools via LDS assets that guide targeted individuals to their untimely death.

Thomas Monson’s been called on the carpet in London (15 March 2014) alleged to be teaching false doctrine. LDS is false doctrine, the back story on this church from hell their actual and real involvement in eugenics sentimental breeding SKIRTS black mass.

LDS elite are prolific serial killers, their victims young women they ritually sacrifice curbside, others they take for breeding black mass, their eugenics work directed at manufacturing such bloodline products as Ben Swann, Jimmy Fallon, Pastor Steven Anderson and Sabra Elise Johnson.

LDS derive their concept of Adam and Eve having bred the human race 6000 years ago from the rein of Akhenaten, this homosexual pharaoh’s domestic partner, Nefertiti, actually a male, they using surrogate breeders for Akhenaten to produce his bloodline. These surrogates were sacrificed at the birth of the fetus to eliminate discovery on Nefertiti.

SKIRTS black mass is Genesis 6:2 (2) driven by Orion/Mason (7) cohorts internationally. 27 is their call number, the same 27 featured in California Governor Brown’s SB 227 which is mandated medically assisted child sacrifice, since infant vaccinations have death fall of six per one thousand vaccinated.

League of California Cities is an ONA affiliate.


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