Henry Makow/How They Control the World

This is my response to Henry Makow re How they Control the World 15 October 2015.

It will come as no shock to Crypto such a missive should appear to the local culture for the simple reason this puts their SKIRTS campaign in full view of the public. They covet this type of exposure, because it makes them more powerful as dracs for people to know what they are doing without attempting to shield themselves from these horrific crimes. This is referred to as coercive magic (Aleister Crowley), and the more attention they get with no response from the public confirms their effective acculturation to the macabre of human sacrifice.


15 October 2015

@ Henry

You possess a lifetime of knowledge about this enterprise I couldn’t possibly acquire in my own, but my knowledge about this is increasing exponentially as I read and study on this issue daily. My take:

Bifurcated Judaism- Crypto/alpha core
Illuminati- international
Scottish Rite- national, North America
ONA- regional
LDS- county

Fraternal Brotherhood- paedo/paeder (catalyst)

Rank and file recruit to Crypto from the street. This puts their targeted leadership population in the mix with the mainstream making it difficult for others to perceive their recruitment. Were they to outright recruit for pirating, the public would stop them. LDS do the same thing, which is how they got Travis Alexander. I am confident Jodi Arias would not have been his first victim.

Once in the system, persons identified with a predisposition for sociopathy are taken higher, their METRIC acculturation a simple process of exposing them to successively greater felonies the ultimate tools of which are paedophilia, paderasty and child sacrifice. Once photographed snuff standing around a child that’s had his/her heart cut out alive, they are confirmed in perpetuity under threat of death for redaction.

From there we are ruled by pirates, people in the mainstream unable and unwilling to formulate in the collective mind the reality that they too have been duped, every office of domestic infrastructure occupied by evil willing to do more evil, the rule of law be damned, the ultimate reward for the elite of which is sex with a child, paedo or paeder.

1988-89 I taught in a public school and worked with a Melchizedek administrator that used a dead rubber chicken and a rubber face mask in his disciplinary meetings with kindergarten and primary (grades 1-3) students and complained about this to district administration. They did nothing and in fact magnified occult presentation on my own classroom inclusive of assault by staff upon one of my male students that were shielded from investigation and prosecution by the local DA. In other words they retaliated on my written complaints on children typical of medieval ruthlessness. I learned a decade later my FREE MASON attorney was a part of this.

This administrator bears no need for identification. He is currently the principal at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, the location identified with murder of Sylvia Maris Flores, this victim placed key in the Redlands ONA geo cartographic as a telegraph to the public that this crime and others like this was in fact engineered and perped by LDS controlled ONA under Scottish Rite leadership. This can’t be erased. They laid this out so perfectly it can never be removed as a forensic.

Scottish Rite/LDS recruit on a script that this is the true church setting the expectation for control of one’s will subsequently programmed with LDS METRIC which nullifies one’s intelligence. They don’t take felons, because these would immediately perceive their crimes. In  fact, LDS is an immense crime syndicate in human trafficking for selective breeding SKIRTS black mass, and since Cheri Jo Bates (Riverside, 1966), human cloning.

These monsters have no fear, because they perform their occult tasks on a triptych METRIC. They do what they are told and protected from accountability by Scottish Rite administration networked throughout the state. Scottish Rite is alternative government, this felony oriented occult fraternal organization singularly responsible for eugenics SKIRTS nationally and throughout North America, every one of it’s elite members the equivalent or greater than Ted Bundy in their willingness and desire to kill to maintain solidarity and a grip on the resources the parent organization provides in exchange for the services of their perversions.

Reform triptych issues in their hijack, by this time people so acculturated to the abuse they no longer even think about it. Planned Parenthood damn near took us to selling human fetus at the meat counters of our local grocery stores. Certainly, Sierra Lamar (Northern California, 2012) demonstrated how they collect their body parts for the elite. She serviced Dick Cheney’s need for a new heart the primary research thesis on this macabre project to determine if the heart of a young woman would produce any noticeable changes in the behavior of an adult male predator. Here’s the local culture> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.

To the 97% and righteous of our society, these circumstances are unimaginable, so they ignore them comfited by the the official record of administrations that are themselves racketeers in some of the most heinous crimes known to man, human character a foreign language to these Molochs (3) Molechs (2). Not making this up:




To advance the brotherhood, these demons train their children on the same METRIC. Bundy took his first victim at ten trained in stealth by his CIA uncle, and is the model for Scottish Rite/LDS penetration upon an otherwise naive and insouciant public.


Local ONA Administration

Gary Evan Baugh, LDS Redlands Temple Admin/Alpha
Mayor Carey Davis, San Bernardino Mayor/ONA Rendition Asset
Mike Ramos, San Bernardino District Attorney/ONA Rendition Asset
John McMahon, San Bernardino County Sheriff/ONA Rendition Asset
Ted Alejandre, San Bernardino County Office of Education/ONA Rendition Asset
San Bernardino Sun Telegram/ONA Rendition Asset

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