The HAUNT and Numerology Encryption in Crypto Cammo


To understand this, the reader must re-frame what is understood about law enforcement and public administration and be willing to perceive the devil in the details of a shadow government so preoccupied with macabre that normal is considered felony behavior to these mind fucks.

Crypto has a vested interest in maintaining a cloak. Peado/paeder rewards them with debauchery for their contributions to Crypto’s assault on society, the public growing all the stupider every day this felon entity is allowed to get away with this. Of course ONA administrators Gary Evan Baugh, Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon, Ted Alejandre and Sun Telegram are all about denial in these circumstances, in fact, you are terrorizing them just talking about this typical of a Crypto engineered reform triptych.

For the record, Crypto= devil masquerading as angel the correct manifestation of which is numerology and astrology, the latter valued for it’s stealth in planning felony crimes. These two form the METRIC that is known in occult circles as core craft, the purpose of these to map out certain crimes that follow a precise agenda highly coordinated among fraternal assets. This is the stuff they used to perp Sylvia Marie Flores, just she was stalked form the cradle.

This missive explains the haunt and how they practice this skill in full light of day surrounded by otherwise naive and insouciant public that has it’s collective nose glued to the television watching Big Bird reruns.

ONA assets reside in covens. Unlike the madman model of terrorism, these demons share a common space and form what is correctly described as the disposable community. Their signal language is noise, the haunt synchronous movement. If one initiates on a 6:02 AM departure from a garage, a cohort will buzz the neighborhood at 10:25 AM, another strange noise at 11:06 AM, 1:34 PM, 2:06 PM ANAI, all subsequent cohort movement throughout the day synchronized on 8.

Where you have a cohort of 5 or more (typical), these individuals will keep this going for a 24 hour period confirming solidarity to some alpha that is taking notes and guiding the process stealth. Off the mark, they can be killed or abandoned for their errors which is why they are so difficult deal with in the mainstream.

Hear a loud boom at 7:06 AM followed by screeching tires at 10:03 AM? 13 and 13, and this will be followed by other strange noises through midnight. The numbers are their solidarity code. This is how they move on a target.

Imagine you are leaving the grocery store at night and hear a car horn. Next thing you know four cars are simultaneously backing up near your own car in the parking lot, you facing an impending catastrophic accident by mistake and misunderstanding. One of these strikes and critically injures you and remains in location to talk to the police. The other three cars and the alpha flee the area. You lay there dead by mistake and misunderstanding. It’s an insurance payout, the perp then assuming a new identity and moving on to the next victim for Crypto.

You enter a 7/11 and a moment later hear someone clap loudly. You are alert but unaware this noise has been coordinated with six previous, every one of these an encrypted 5. You are being stalked.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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